A Democratic Death-Cult

We’ve had a rash of anti-Semitic attacks in New York, and the media has been absolutely mute on the political leanings of the assailants. The assailants have been the same group of people that mocked the Covington High School students – the Black Hebrew Israelites (who somehow hate actual Israelites).

It should come as no surprise that when the Democratic Party preaches pro-Islam and anti-Israel sentiments, some of the resulting feelings could be anti-Semitic. The notion that half of our population could be pro-Islam and anti-Israel without some of that spilling over to anti-Semitism is absurd. Most Muslim countries are profoundly anti-Semitic, such as Iran, whose supreme leader is on record as saying that his only regret in nuking Israel will be that many of the world’s Jews don’t live there.

Israel’s Arab neighbors have started seven wars against Israel since Israel’s founding in 1947. The first started the day the UN recognized Israel as a nation, and the most recent is ongoing today.

Ilhan Omar represents the typical Democratic position on Judaism. Her position is essentially, ‘I don’t hate all Jews – only the Jewish ones.’ The rest of the left not only tolerates this view, but celebrates it, and this is par for the course on the left, whose whole notion of how to combat racism is to pit one race against another. Is it any surprise that the left would do the same thing with religion?

The left hates all religions tied to Western Culture, which would be Christianity and Judaism, while applauding all religions not tied to Western Culture. The left’s strategy is sound, breeding racism and anti-Semitism at every turn, and then blaming conservatives for the resulting racist and anti-Semitic attacks.

Thomas Sowell put it best, when he said, “Democrats do not treat black people as equals. They treat us as pets.” The only thing I can add is that to Democrats, everyone is a pet. It isn’t just black people Democrats don’t have any respect for – it’s everyone they do not consider a member of the ‘moral and intellectual elite.’ Democrats don’t want freedom for any group – they want a return to a feudal state, with themselves (but not their voters) as the new royalty.

The left blames conservatives for each act of violence by making an attacker’s race and/or political leanings front page news whenever an attacker can be called ‘white,’ or ‘right-wing,’ and by ignoring the political leanings and/or race of any attacker who does not fit their preferred narrative.

After the most recent attack, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “This is an intolerant time in our country. We see anger. We see hatred exploding. It is an American cancer on the body politic.” What Governor Cuomo left out is that the anger, hatred, and violence is being unleashed by his own supporters.

The political right runs on freedom and opportunity, whereas the left runs on envy and resentment. The political right gains political strength only by improving the lot of everyday Americans, whereas the political left gains strength by pitting one group of people against another. The ‘cancer on the body politic’ Andrew Cuomo refers to is that of the very identity politics Andrew Cuomo believes in, and people like Andrew Cuomo bear responsibility for causing the very hatred that is spilling over in New York.

And if you think the left’s violence is bad now, wait until Trump wins re-election…

Hate begets hate, and in the age of ‘orange man bad,’ with a Democratic Party lurching left faster than it’s own moderates can follow, hate is the only force they have that can unify their party. The Democrats can’t decided whether they want Medicare for All, but they are 100% behind ‘orange man bad,’ and they project their hatred for ‘orange man bad’ onto millions and millions of their fellow Americans – including those who happen to be Jewish (‘not all Jews – only the Jewish ones’).

The Democratic Party is going to split after the coming election, with the new left blaming moderate Democrats, either for forwarding a nominee that could not beat Trump, or for staying home rather than electing an extremist.

We know what happens when the new left gets its way. The kinds of governments they want littered the 20th Century with hundreds of millions of dead people, which means that as violent as the new left has proven to be when it looses, that violence is nothing compared to the violence they will unleash should they win.

The new left is not your parent’s Democratic Party.

The new left is a death cult.