Why You Should Care about the Nunes Memo

Now that Andrew McCabe has verified that the FBI would not have sought a FISA warrant without the Christopher Steele dossier, we can finally start pounding nails in the coffin of the Obama legacy.  The pieces of the puzzle all fit together, into what is, by all accounts, the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history – in spite of the fact that outside of Fox News, the media is doing everything in its power to sweep this scandal under the rug.  The United States of America is no longer a democratic republic, but is a banana republic, in which those already in power try to pick their own successors, the public be damned.  Let’s go through all the pieces.  Note that I am being very careful to stick with things that can be easily documented.  None of the facts I am about to give are in dispute…  Some might question the conclusions I draw from the facts, but the facts themselves are stubborn things.

The DNC was broke in 2016, and on the verge of bankruptcy.  The Hillary Clinton campaign kept it funded with the catch that the DNC understood that she owned it, and working with the DNC, Hillary Clinton beat a Bernie Sanders that would likely have won in a free and open primary.  CNN and the rest of the mainstream media were in on it – CNN was so bad the name should have been the Clinton News Network.  We all know that the primary was rigged, and the DNC openly admitted as much in court, where their defense against having rigged the election was that the DNC picks their candidate and not the Democrat voters.  Somehow, other than the irony of a party named ‘democrat’ abandoning democracy, this happened, and nobody batted an eye.

What is not as well known (but was brought to light by WikiLeaks) is that Fox News was taking marching orders from Hillary Clinton’s campaign too, and Hillary Clinton wanted to run against either Ted Cruz, or, better yet, Donald Trump.  Rand Paul in particular scared the hell out of her, and though she could not rig the Republican Primary the way she could the Democrat Primary, she could influence the media, and she got her wish – the Republican Candidate was Donald Trump.

What did Hillary Clinton say after getting her wish, and seeing Donald Trump win the Republican Primary?  At first she was elated, but when it turned out that Donald Trump was going to play to win, she said, “If that son of a bitch wins, we’re all going to hang from a noose.”  That statement may prove to be prophetic.

One would think that Donald Trump would have been the one Republican candidate Hillary Clinton could have beaten, but she lost.  The real story, however, is that the Obama Administration worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the DNC, with help from the media, to rig the general election.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign, along with the DNC (which was funded by the Clinton Campaign), funded the Steele dossier.  To add insult to injury, Christopher Steele was also a paid informant of the FBI.  The Steele dossier was not credible enough for Hillary Clinton’s campaign to use directly, but it was leaked to the press (the leaks then being used to supposedly corroborate the dossier in one of the worst cases of circular reasoning I’ve ever seen), and a copy was given to the FBI, where it was used as the primary basis to get a FISA court, granting the Obama Administration the power to spy on the Trump campaign, all on behalf of one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The level of bias in the Obama White House was astounding.  We have text messages from the very people who investigated Hillary Clinton, and later started the Trump investigation, actively calling for the election to be throttled, and even going so far as to call for ‘backup plans’ and ‘insurance policies’.  Christopher Steele, whose worthless dossier was the backbone of the anti-Trump conspiracy, himself actively called on taking action to defeat Trump.  The media, which had been helping Trump during the Republican primary, went into full attack mode against Trump (where it remains to this day), while Barrack Obama’s administration began to use the full power of the FBI, the DOJ, and the intelligence services to try and throttle the election.  Trump won anyway, but the Steele dossier was then used as the basis for a special investigator to open an investigation into Russian collusion within the Trump campaign.  The fact that the Steele dossier was complete garbage did not matter in the Obama White House; Trump had very different ideas on where the country should be headed, and the Obama Administration did everything it could to discredit his Presidency, with the media playing along like hapless little puppies.

Loretta Lynch meeting with former President Bill Clinton, in secret, just a few days before Loretta Lynch was supposed to decide whether or not to indict his wife (who was running for the Presidency) only adds icing to the cake, as does the knowledge that James Comey, who supposedly made the decision not to indict Hillary Clinton (I say ‘supposedly’ because the head of the FBI lacks that authority), was working on his speech exonerating Hillary Clinton, while the investigation was still ongoing, and before Loretta Lynch was caught meeting with Bill Clinton to supposedly discuss golf and grand children.

I want to mention that last piece of the puzzle again, because it really needs to be considered.  Supposedly Loretta Lynch decided to let James Comey decide whether or not to indict Hillary Clinton, because of perceived bias she might have after meeting with Bill Clinton, but James Comey is known to have been working on the draft of his speech before Loretta Lynch even met with Bill Clinton.  How blatant must a lie be before it is exposed?

All of the text messages between Peter Strozk and Lisa Page add context, as do the WikiLeaks e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s illegal server, and from John Podesta’s e-mail account.

The Democrats at the head of the Democrat party people think they are above the law, and they have a political agenda that, by and large, Americans do not want.  Their solution to a public that wants a different America from the one they envision, is to subvert our democratic republic, and to rig our elections.  Their solution is to fight every single thing Donald Trump does in the courts, using whatever judges have the least regard for the rule of law, and to wear vagina hats whenever people stop listening to them.  And the press are so deeply embedded with them that it should make us sick.  Outside of blogs like mine, and the work of people like Ben Shapiro, we have no free press, and when the ‘deep state’ commits wanton acts of subversion against the foundations of our country, the media dismisses it as ‘worthless conspiracy theories’.  The problem is that some of these things are NOT theories.  We KNOW they happened!

Speaking of the media, I have one person who bothers me more than any other.  As such, here is a note to Dan Rather:  I used to respect you, but now when I hear your leathery-smooth voice, I want to barf.  You lost all of your credibility when you wrote your book, “Rather Outspoken,” and came out as an Obama slappy.  You are not objective, so please stop showing up on television – you were fired for a ‘Rather’ good reason!

Now, I’m not a Trump slappy, as anyone who follows my blog knows, but I know a hit-job when I see one, and the Nunes memo spells out in stark terms that what I just described really did happen, exactly as I described it.  Someone is going to say, ‘well it was only four pages – it did not say all that,’ but it added to circumstantial evidence that has been out there for, in some cases, more than a year.  The Nunes memo is the smoking gun that takes the case from one with reasonable doubt, to one where we can clearly state that the highest levels of government, under the Obama White House, were committing high crimes against the state (I’ll let lawyers debate the use of the word ‘treason’).  When one considers that Christopher Steele was a British spy, and that Clinton/DNC money was used to pay Russian officials to give stories about Trump, with no consideration for whether or not those stories were true (the more salacious the better), we have a case of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama colluding with at least two foreign powers (England and Russia) to throw an election, along with the White House using all of the power it had at its disposal to do the same.

What is it again that Mueller is investigating Trump for?!?  Oh yeah – exactly what we can prove Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama did…  Think about the audacity it takes to do something, fail, and then to discredit the person who won on the grounds of the winner doing what you yourself did.  Obama and Clinton think we are dumb enough to go along, and thus far many of us have been, but at some point common sense has to prevail, and the truth has to come out.  I cannot believe that the public will stay willfully ignorant forever; at some point the Democrat party will be held to account.

It should upset everyone in our country that the 2016 election was conducted under non-democratic means, being subverted by the previous administration, with the help of foreign powers.  It should upset everyone that on the way out the door, after attempts to subvert the election failed, the outgoing administration actively worked to discredit the incoming administration in an attempt to throttle it’s effectiveness, and while I’m not a Trump slappy, my hat is off to the man for shrugging the whole thing off and pushing his agenda anyway.  For the most part, outside of Twitter he’s done a pretty good job.

We should be terribly, terribly upset about the election of 2016.  We should be terribly, terribly upset about the corruption at the top of the DOJ and the FBI.  We have taken great pride in electing leaders through democratic means, for almost 230 years.  To find out that we are no longer a democratic republic, but are rather a country where the outgoing president can try to pick his successor, and can use the full power of the Executive Branch to try and sway the election – we are damned lucky that the attempt failed, and we owe it to our Republic to ensure that people are held accountable, and to ensure that nothing like that ever happens again.

All of this is on the backdrop of a European Union run by unelected officials who are actively working to destroy Europe, and the elimination of the freedom of speech through Europe and Canada.  One might suggest a global conspiracy, but that really is still just a theory (albeit one with a lot of circumstantial evidence behind it).

Unfortunately, most Americans watch politics the same way they watch football, with more regard for who wins than with how the game is played, or with what happens next.  One need only google Ami Horowitz to see examples of Democrats supporting Trump policies when they think they are Clinton policies, or Sanders policies, and frankly, a lot of Republicans are not any better.  Most Democrats don’t care that many of the people in the Obama Administration, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and the DNC, belong in federal prison, and most Republicans, if they are honest, would have to admit that if Reagan had done this, they’d stay Reagan slappys anyway.  I have not seen a poll on this, but I would bet that 40% of our public would be perfectly happy with the way the Democrats rigged the election, had it only worked, and another 40% would have been happy had a Republican rigged the, had the Republican then won.  Most of us care about who wins more than how they win, and as sad as that is, we all know it to be true, so now we are going to watch the mainstream media and the Democrat party spend the next two weeks telling us that we are all crazy to make the only conclusion we can make, given the evidence: the election was rigged from the top to the bottom, and the team that rigged was so bad that they lost anyway.  Democrats do not care, and for the most part, the Republican outrage, justified as it may be, is partisan.  We should all be outraged at ourselves, our elected officials deserving no more blame than does the public that elects them.

There is no such thing as ‘democracy’ to the Democrat party, and while I did not support Trump during the Republican primary, the level of corruption being exposed in Washington makes me more and more of a Trump supporter, if for no other reason than the fact that these levels of corruption need to be exposed if we are ever again going to have a respectable republic.  You can stick a fork in the credibility of our federal government – it’s done – but we cannot retreat back into the same corrupt abyss that has been now exposed.  We have to fully bring ‘the swamp’ to light, throwing people in jail (even if that means two former Presidents go to jail), or we lose the right to believe that this kind of corruption is wrong.  I think we all knew there was a lot of corruption in Washington D.C., but if you do not bother to punish those who get caught, you lose the moral right to complain, and we are in very real danger of seeing the kinds of election fraud that forever tainted the entire Democrat party in the 2016 election becoming the new normal.

If you do not support Donald Trump on anything else in your entire life, support him in draining the swamp.  We need to flush this bureaucratic nightmare right down the toilet.  If we fail, it does not matter what comes next; the country is already lost.

UPDATE:   Please note that when Andrew McCabe confirmed, earlier today, that without the Steele dossier there would have been no FISA request, he was confirming the only part of the memo that really mattered.  Using that discredited dossier as the basis for the FISA request was illegal.

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  1. 1. Can you corroborate HRC controlled FOX? 2. The swamp will not be drainable until we have ongressional term limits AND the end of life time sinecure for civil servants, federal and state.

    1. The same WikiLeaks e-mails that showed CNN was taking marching orders from Clinton also implicated Fox News.

  2. “When one considers that Christopher Steele was a British spy, and that Clinton/DNC money was used to pay Russian officials to give stories about Trump, with no consideration for whether or not those stories were true (the more salacious the better), we have a case of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama colluding with at least two foreign powers (England and Russia) to throw an election, along with the White House using all of the power it had at its disposal to do the same.”

    *Steele was also an FBI paid informant.. thought that should have been mentioned here as the FBI seems to be deeper in the hillary camp than most realize.

  3. I’d really like your take on AG Sessions inactivity, is it all due to his folly of recusing himself, is he to afraid to function, if so, afraid of what? Do we have another unworthy AG? etc… thanks, continue to love your insight!

    1. I’ll have to think about that. I honestly had not thought much about Sessions in months.

  4. Now that Andrew McCabe has verified that the FBI would not have sought a FISA warrant without the Christopher Steele dossier, we can finally start pounding nails in the coffin of the Obama legacy.

    do you have a link for this?

    1. Not for the second part of the statement, but I can show you twitter feeds from members of Congress who heard McCabe’s testimony, who say that he did say that.

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