FAKE NEWS on Ukraine in USA Today

Here is a fascinating article from USA Today on the scandal over the Ukraine. It makes two very compelling claims. One is that everyone, and everything, in Ukraine, is corrupt. The article literally says that there is no reason to be in Ukraine other than to make money off of corruption, and that everyone in Ukraine is corrupt – that corruption is baked so deeply into the political and business scene that it is institutionalized, and nothing gets done without it.

Corruption in Ukraine has been in the news before. You might remember that a couple of Trump’s campaign workers (including Paul Manafort) were charged with lobbying for Ukraine without filing the proper paperwork.

The other claim is that Hunter Biden is an exception to this rule – that after Barrack Obama put Joe Biden in charge of our relationship with Ukraine, Burisma Holdings hired Hunter Biden, on a trip he took with his father, onboard Air Force Two. Hunter Biden joined Burisma’s board of directors, and though EVERY BUSINESS AND POLITICAL TRANSACTION in Ukraine is corrupt, and though Hunter Biden had absolutely no relevant experience to sit on Burisma’s board (other than his relationship with his father – who was in charge of America’s relationship with Ukraine), that this one act was the only clean thing in Ukraine’s modern history.

And furthermore, USA Today claims that when Joe Biden forced the President of Ukraine to fire the General Prosecutor (who had been hired a short 13 months earlier to clean up corruption) for investigating Burisma Holdings, not only did that have nothing to do with the fact that Hunter Biden was on the board of directors, but it does not in any way suggest that the Bidens may have done anything wrong.

What is unclear is what, other than taking a paycheck, Hunter Biden did for Burisma Holdings, and it is illegal in Ukraine to sit on the board of a company unless you have a legitimate role within that company.

According to the sworn affidavit by Viktor Shokin (the Prosecutor General Joe Biden had fired), one of the things being investigated was whether or not Hunter Biden had a legitimate role with Burisma Holdings.

USA Today pretends that Joe Biden did not put undo stress on Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, but Joe Biden bragged ON TELEVISION that he gave Ukraine an ultimatum to fire this prosecutor. Note too that Joe Biden says the replacement was ‘somewhat solid,’ when in fact that replacement was in office for but two months.

So in a country where corruption is the only known business currency, and where the Bidens look as dirty as pigs in a mud puddle, we are supposed to believe that Hunter Biden is perfectly clean, and that his father’s ultimatum had nothing to do with his son.

How stupid does USA Today think we are?

Apparently we are pretty stupid. Half of Americans now want Trump impeached and removed from office – in spite of the fact that nobody seems to know what law he broke.

Now.. Before you go away and read that STUPID USA Today article, I want to bring up three more important points.

The first is that Trump is the head of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of Government. His job, quite literally, is to execute and enforce the law. If it looks like Hunter Biden May have broken Ukrainian laws, and/or that Joe Biden in any way used his public office to help his son out, Trump would be derelict in his duty NOT to have it investigated.

On that point, I would like you to imagine, for just a moment, that it was Donald Jr being investigated, and that Donald Trump withheld a billion dollars in aid to quash the investigation. Imagine what USA Today would print if the shoe were on the other foot…

The second important point is that Trump was having the Bidens investigated outside the public eye. The ONLY REASON the public even KNOWS there was an investigation is because of a whistle blower report that the head of the House Intelligence Committee – the very Committee building an impeachment case against Trump (headed by Democrat Adam Schiff, who does not even try to conceal his bias) helped write.

That’s right – as crazy as it sounds, the person in charge of the House’s investigation helped write the supposedly damning piece of evidence, himself.

If someone was being charged in court of law, and the prosecutor helped create the key pieces of evidence being used against the accused, not only would the court case be thrown out, but the prosecutor would be disbarred. Think about that for a moment, and then tell me your opinion of Adam Schiff.

It seems a little odd to accuse Trump of investigating Joe Biden for purely political purposes, when Trump’s investigation was being done outside the public eye. If the investigation had no merit – if it were purely a smear campaign – wouldn’t Trump want the public to know about it? Smear campaigns DO NOT WORK unless they are done in front of the public eye – kind of like all of the ‘investigations’ against Trump have been.

And finally – the third point… This is the most important point, so please read carefully…

We found out earlier in the week that the NBA signed a contract with the Chinese Government in which the NBA would be all over China, playing games, having games televised, selling merchandise, etc., and in return the NBA agreed to have all of its employees follow Chinese censorship in regards to what they say to the American public. This proves something I have been saying for weeks, which is that our media houses all have essentially the same contracts the NBA signed.

The NBA/China scandal only made a splash because Beijing overlooked sports media in their censorship, and so sources like ESPN broke the story, but I can guarantee you that ESPN never crosses China again, unless something happens that forces China to stop censoring our media.

Now.. Why is Chinese censorship over American media relevant? Because Trump is engaged in a trade war with China, and China is really hurting. China cannot wait for the next election to end the trade war, so it is in their best interest to either have Trump removed from office, or to weaken him to the point that he is willing to sign a trade deal he would otherwise never sign.

China really does censor our media, and, in fact, China considers itself as being at war with the United States (albeit not in a shooting war). China has the power to make this Ukraine thing simply go away, and China can do that anytime China wants (talk about leverage…).

The American Public would never allow the United States Government to censor our media, and yet a foreign power – one that has declared an economic and informational war against our country – openly and actively censors everything we are exposed to.

Now, considering all of that, read the USA Today article I linked at the top of this article (I re-linked it here so you don’t have to scroll up), and tell me if the USA Today is not printing fake news…

Perhaps more importantly, I have been preaching for weeks now that the Chinese government censors our media, and for the most part, the American public does not seem to care (until it affects basketball and then it is all many care about – but only as it relates to basketball). I want to be clear that this censorship represents a clear and present danger to the United States, and that our government has to make ending the Chinese censorship of our media its single top priority.

What Trump did, what Joe Biden did – none of this is as important as is having a free press that puts all of the relevant information in front of the American public, such that we can make rational decisions regarding how our country should be run. Right now we only hear what China wants us to, and there is no issue in our country that is more important than making our press free not only free from our government’s censorship, but free from the censorship of other countries as well.

Spread this message far and wide. Let us make our government take note that we will accept this sad state of affairs no longer.