Is this the End of Globalism, or the End of Democracy?

We saw the high-water mark for the globalist movement during the 2016 election, when everyone thought Hillary Clinton would win.  Now, we have Brexit, a Trump Presidency, and growing populist/nationalist movements throughout Europe.

Note that I am not talking about economic globalization vs. economic nationalism either.  Even the vast majority of people who believe in strong nationhood want free trade.  I am talking strictly about the question of whether the world should be a conglomerate of nation-states, or whether we should view ourselves as a single, global community.

Note too that I am talking about governance and citizenship.  A conglomerate of nation-states is still a global community – just a very different kind of global community than is one with one world-government, and/or without citizenship.   Each nation has a unique cultural identity, and it is prudent for nations to control immigration, such that those who immigrate can be culturally integrated into the nations to which they immigrate.  This notion that the best immigration is that which does not assimilate is preposterous; a nation-state cannot be built of people who have nothing in common, so the desire to have immigration without assimilation is a desire to destroy, rather than to build..

..and the true goal of the globalist movement is to destroy Western Civilization.

I just said something controversial, so let me defend it.  Ironically, those who want to destroy Western Civilization are very open about it until called out directly.  If you tell them they are not patriotic they’ll accuse you of grandstanding, and if you point out that they may love America, but they hate everything America has ever done, or stood for, they will pooh-pooh that as well.  But then they will turn around and talk about how we need to smash the patriarchy, and push to have Western writings, and Western philosophers, removed from college courses on literature and philosophy.  We all know this to be true, as it is in the media all the time (and note that though I linked to a ‘free’ PDF of that article, it was originally published in the Washington Post, where you can read it for a dollar).

You can read my thoughts in the so-called patriarchy here.

The left controls our education system, and our media, and as a result the left is free to actively and openly push for the destruction of everything our forefathers fought and died for, while at the same time denying that they are doing so.  Somehow, it is perfectly acceptable for the left to work on destroying our civilization, but it is not OK to say they are doing so, even as the left comes right out and tells us that this is their goal.  This lunacy would be funny if it were not so very dangerous.

Luckily, public opinion is going through a fundamental shift.  The left has in the past hidden behind political correctness, and the right has in the past recoiled when accused of crossing into politically incorrect dialog.  Today, nobody on the right cares what anyone on the left thinks, and we are increasingly willing to speak the truth, no matter who might be offended.  The left’s only response is to feign outrage, and to throw words ending in something like ‘phobe’ or ‘ism’ at us, when we all know they are misusing those words.  Nobody cares what the left thinks anymore, except the left.  The tide has turned.  Communism and socialism are nasty words again, and the globalists’ influence is waning.

Globalist leaders face a stark choice – either end democracy before America is a part of the fold again, or get thrown out of office through democratic means, as the people in other countries become increasingly emboldened by things like Brexit, and the Trump Presidency.  Without America, it does not matter what the globalists do (they will lose), and if globalism waits much longer, they won’t have control over Western Europe either.  No matter how you slice it, globalism has lost.

I want to be clear.  Before Brexit, I think most people considered the global movement toward a socialist dystopia to be almost a foregone conclusion.  Many conservatives seemed more focused on slowing that trend down than on stopping it, and the few willing to stand against it were called every dirty name in the book until they backed down.  Nigel Farage, and then Donald Trump, proved that one could win an election without backing down (or more to the point, they proved that when conservatives lost, it was largely because they backed down), and now the conservative movement is emboldened.

At the same time, millennials have made an increasingly radical left look mainstream.  Generation Z, which outnumbers the millennials, is decidedly conservative, and with a strong libertarian (lower-case ‘L’) streak.  The voice of the future does not sound like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Rachel Maddow.  Leftists are not ‘cool’ anymore.  The future sounds like classical liberalism, and ‘cool’ is Rand Paul…

The writing is on the wall for globalism, and they know it, or at least their leaders do.  Angel Markel can read the polls, and Francois Holland knows that if he ran against Marie Le Pen again, Le Pen might win.  The popular consensus in Europe has turned against globalism, with the largest parties in most European countries now being nationalist in nature.  Even in France and Germany, the coalitions needed to keep globalist leaders in power are becoming increasingly untenable, and both England as well as the United States have already bailed on ‘the New World Order’.

We were at a crossroads in 2016, with one political party calling for the elimination of borders (or at least the elimination of border enforcement), and the other calling for more tightly enforced borders.  Borders won, and though the left is hoping against hope for a landslide victory in the midterms, the polls say they are not going to get it.  I predict that Republicans will increase their majorities.  Throw in that Supreme Court Kennedy has retired, and that his replacement will be someone just like Scalia or Gorsuch, and we have a Supreme Court that is about to lean decidedly right, and that will probably do so for a generation.

Democrats have no idea just how bad things look for them, as rather than back down from their globalist extremism they instead call for the elimination of ICE.  I keep hearing calls from the left for a return to the Fairness Doctrine in the media.  Can you imagine how different MSNBC and CNN would look if Trump could enforce the Fairness Doctrine on them?!?  The left doesn’t get it!  The left claims that the FBI helped Donald Trump win the election.  Has the left forgotten which FBI agent ran both the Russian collusion, as well as the HRC e-mail investigations?   These claims are patently absurd, and yet the left, completely divorced from any semblance of truth, clings to them as if these claims were gospel.  Globalism reached too far, and began to collapse just as it reached its zenith.  What a rapid collapse it will be!  And pop some popcorn, for you have a front row seat…

I’ll tell you the truth: the Obama Administration worked directly with the DNC, and the Clinton Campaign, to ensure that Hillary Clinton would be the next President.  The Obama Administration got caught with its hands in the cookie jar when Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch, however, and had to ensure that once Hillary Clinton won, her victory was not tainted.  As a result, the Obama Administration took steps to downplay the appearance of illegal collusion between his administration and the Clinton campaign, and then Hillary Clinton lost the election, and the then lame-duck Obama Administration immediately went to ‘resistance’ mode against Donald Trump.

None of that has, or will worked.  Today’s left is done.

Nationalism, the American Way, and the Enlightenment have won.  Now it is time to start building a better world.


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