To Postmodernists – All Speech is Hate Speech

PragerU ran a tweet some time ago that read: “The next generation is being indoctrinated by the left.  PragerU is fighting back with short videos on social media.  Join us.”  Someone with the name @all-american girl replied with:  “Can this be reported to @Twitter as hate speech?  This is dangerous propaganda.”  PragerU’s reply today was:  “So ideas you disagree with are now considered ‘dangerous propaganda’ or ‘hate speech’.”

I thought about it for a moment, and I realized that the answer to PragerU’s rhetorical question is ‘yes’.  Ideas @all-american girl disagrees with are indeed considered hate speech by @all-american girl, and to @all-american girl’s credit, she is being consistent with her postmodernist beliefs.

If you are not familiar with postmodernism, you can read a primer here.

What PragerU, along with the rest of the world, needs to understand, is that to the postmodernist, there is no reason for different identity groups to communicate with one another, except to perpetuate, or to gain, power.  As such, anything someone in a position of privilege says could be considered ‘hate speech’.  To the postmodernist, PragerU’s videos defend systems those in positions of privilege use to maintain their dominance over society.  PragerU supports the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, economic freedom, and political freedom, and if those in positions of privilege have these freedoms, they will use them to perpetuate their power over others.  As such, postmodernism aims to end the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, economic freedom, and political freedom.  Not only that, but if someone in a disadvantaged group says anything that denies the existence of their ongoing oppression, or that defends the freedoms used to perpetuate oppression, that person is acting as a traitor to their group, and whatever they say is also ‘hate speech’.  Anything anyone says that in any way differs from postmodernist ideology, has the effect of perpetuating existing power structures, and is by definition ‘hate speech’ to the postmodernist.

Imagine watching or reading the news through the prism of postmodernism.  Facts and truths are inherently subjective, and as such, news articles that fail to perpetuate the correct ideology are simply not true.  Anything the postmodernist does not like can be defined as ‘fake news’, making anything the postmodernist does not like ‘hate speech’ that must be suppressed.  To the postmodernist, the entire world is an echo chamber, and anything that does not echo correctly is ‘hate speech’.

The great irony of postmodernism is that it was created by angry white men in Germany and France, and that by locking themselves into what those angry German and French men said, postmodernists don’t even give themselves free speech.  Postmodernists have to stay locked in the box angry white men created for them, or they become perpetrators of ‘hate speech’ themselves.

Freedom, to the post modernist, is oppressive.  Equality is the only goal, and equality must be enforced through oppression.

Postmodernists do give themselves the right to claim victimhood, and since the only speech they allow is that directed toward the oppressor, no claims of victimhood can ever be questioned or denied.  Victimhood is a subjective state, entirely at the whim of the victim, such that any accusation is proof that victimization occurred.

I saw another tweet today, also related to PragerU, where someone named Emily (@EmilyLindin) said, “Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.”  If Emily is a postmodernist, this stance makes sense: if a woman feels like she has been sexually assaulted or harassed, she has been.  The accused need not be proven guilty, as the accusation itself is proof.  Due process does not exist under postmodernism – only punishment does.

The best part of postmodernism is it’s ability to recruit: as soon as someone claims to be a victim, they become a member of the postmodernist movement.

The postmodernist views the world through a prism, in which their ideological beliefs are assumed to be true, and any facts that disagree with their ideology are assumed to be false.  Any news that does not conform to their ideology is by definition fake.  Any speech the postmodernist does not like is by definition  ‘hate speech,’ and ‘hate speech’ is assumed to be a form of violence.  Not only does the postmodernist believe that anyone who disagrees with them is wrong; they go a step further and claim the right to attack those who disagree with them, as a form of self defense.

Postmodernists cannot physically attack people online, but they are not above hurling baseless insults, threatening people’s homes and families, or trying to get people fired from their jobs.  Postmodernists are not above attacking those who advertise on television shows and websites they do not like, in an attempt to dry up the revenue streams of those shows and websites and to take them off the air.  The Daily Libertarian gets attacked regularly online, and since this post calls postmodernists out directly (making it ‘hate speech), it will be attacked even more rigorously than most other posts on The Daily Libertarian.

To the postmodernist, the only truth is their truth, the only facts are their facts, and the only feelings are their feelings.  Anyone who does not fall in line with them is considered an enemy who must be shut down, by any means necessary – and they justify this by labeling all dissent as ‘hate speech’.

So yes – PragerU: Emily does not care if innocent men are fired from their jobs because of unsubstantiated allegations.  Emily does not believe unsubstantiated allegations even exist; any man accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault is guilty as soon as the accusation is made, and any facts that do not support the allegation are inherently false.  All American Girl disagrees with the content you post, as well as with your right to post content, making it ‘dangerous propaganda’, and  ‘hate speech’, simply because she disagrees with it.  To the postmodernist, the fact that you are fighting their ideology makes you the ultimate expression of evil in this world, and they will continue to fight to suppress you, as they will continue to do with The Daily Libertarian.

Welcome to the party!

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  1. Why call them postmodrrnists? The moniker is misleading as this “ideology” is not new.

    1. There are a number of ideologies that have kind of klumpt together under Cultural Marxism. Postmodernism is one of them.

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