The Diversity Dilemma

Do you know why we have an increasingly racist nation? It’s not rocket science…

What is the single most racist belief someone can hold? That’s easy – it is the belief that there is more difference between racial groups than there is within them.

Every racist belief someone can have starts with that racist assumption.

Do you know what else starts with this definitively racist assumption? Every diversity program in the world.

The belief that racial diversity matters is predicated on the belief that there is more difference between racial groups than there is within them.

We have diversity programs in every college, and in most large corporations. Diversity programs are all over in government agencies as well. Every single one of them is ‘teaching’ the most racist belief a person can have.

We do of course want diversity, but as an ends and not a means. We want rules based on free choice where race is not a factor in hiring, or in admittance programs, and we can roughly gauge the job we are doing by looking for diversity. If a particular employer has 20% minority applicants and no minority employees, that would be worth looking into.

But this notion that racial diversity makes us stronger? That’s a deeply racist belief. Racial diversity makes no practical difference at all, and the reason for that, is that there is far more diversity WITHIN a racial group than there is BETWEEN them. In other words, all RACES are the SAME. The DIFFERENCES are in individual PEOPLE, and those differences have NOTHING TO DO with race.

Socio-economic differences exist, and we see that as we move between neighborhoods, but that too has nothing to do with race (though the driving forces causing those socio-economic differences, such as the War on Poverty and redlining, had everything to do with race).

More importantly, we can solve things like generational socio-economic disadvantages. We can break down tribalism within our society.

Instead of working to solve socio-economic disadvantages, and to break down tribalism, every college in the country, most large corporations, and governments at every level, are ENCOURAGING tribalism by TEACHING our children to BECOME racist.

We have racists all around us, but the vast majority of them have no idea they are racist. They believe instead that they are ‘woke,’ and they believe this because they were taught to be racist. They were taught, in fact, that racism is a positive trait as long as you do not call it ‘racism.’

You can follow our history from the early 70s on (over my lifetime) and see it play out. Back when the country focused on inclusiveness, we gradually became less racist as a society. Membership in racist organizations dwindled.

The flip from focusing on inclusiveness, to focusing on diversity, was like a light switch. The country immediately began to become more racist, as ‘whiteness’ was taught to be somehow bad, creating a natural backlash against this new movement. When you put something like ‘whiteness’ on a poster and carry it around to show the world how ‘woke’ you are, you might as well be recruiting for the KKK. I mean seriously – most of the political left believes in the concept of ‘blowback’ when it comes to terrorism, so what did they THINK would happen when their ‘woke’ version of racism took to the streets?!?

Black Lives Matter? Of COURSE they do! But the very name of the group is tribalist. The fact that it is filled with a bunch of racist ‘woke’ white people does not help, and nor does that fact that it is demanding communism.

Do you really want to be woke? Understand that there is vastly more difference within a racial group than there is between racial groups. Understand that while we are not all the same, the differences between us have nothing to do with race.

We all have different aptitudes, different interests, different attitudes and beliefs – like snowflakes, no two people are exactly the same, but if you believe that the color of someone’s skin somehow defines them, then you are a part of the problem and you cannot be a part of the solution without changing your belief – and since you have likely been taught your entire life to become more racist rather than less (and have likely been taught that your racism is not racist at all), you will likely find a change of heart to be difficult.

Change your heart anyway.

And change it before this explosion of ‘woke’ racism tears this country apart.