The Inner-Workings of the Deep State (and the Need to Remove Trump)

One of Woodrow Wilson’s dreams was to create a bureaucracy that could respond to events unimpassioned, with no regard for the politics of the day. Presidents change. Eventually even members of Congress change. But the Bureaucracy Woodrow Wilson dreamed of would continue on, running the country independently of our elected officials.

Woodrow Wilson built what has become the modern bureaucratic state.

FDR expanded this system, as did Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama. George H W Bush was a part of it. He, and his son, expanded it as well.

Eisenhower and JFK warned us of the dangers of this system. Eisenhower warned us as he was leaving the Presidency. JFK warned us in the middle of his Presidency, to be replaced by Lyndon B Johnson, who expanded the system more than any President not named Franklin Roosevelt.

This bureaucratic machine has nothing but disdain for the public, and that disdain is baked into its bones, the whole purpose of the deep state being to separate the running of the state from the will of the people and the politics of the day.

The bureaucratic machine keeps our elected officials in line by letting them profit off their offices, provided they do not interfere in the real mechanizations of power. Joe Biden was thus playing normal politics when he used the Vice Presidency to enhance his own family fortunes, and he was not alone. Even just in Ukraine, there is a long list of politicians and of the politically connected sitting on boards of corrupt corporations. Corruption is, sadly, business as usual, and the bureaucratic machine is perfectly happy with this corruption as long as it keeps the politicians out of the way of the true mechanizations of power.

Just to put the bureaucratic state into perspective.. There are a whopping total of 537 elected officials in our Federal Government. There are, in the meantime, more than two million full-time, unelected, career bureaucrats working for the Federal Government.

The two-million people working as unelected bureaucrats don’t change jobs when one party replaces another as the party in power. In most cases, they do not even change policies, and in the age of Trump, many of these people are working in open resistance to the President of the United States, even as they officially report to him.

These people are also members of the American Federation of Federal Employees, which is one of the largest and most powerful unions in the world. Trump can replace any of the people he appoints, whenever he wants, but firing union members is difficult, even when they are actively working to undermine official US policy. Nobody knows how many federal employees are actively working to undermine the President, but it’s enough that they call themselves ‘The Resistance,’ and they work as an organized, union-protected group. The DNC, which used to deny that any such ‘deep state’ exists, now openly praises the ‘deep state’ for undermining the President at every turn.

We’ve had a ‘deep state’ for 100 years now, so why does this bureaucratic machine hate Trump?

I’ll answer that…

Donald Trump ran on the promise of ‘draining the swamp,’ and he ran with the financial resources to effectively tell the bureaucratic machine to kiss his ass. The machine took him seriously, and their disdain of him is a reflection of that. The machine spoke out against Donald Trump all in one voice, as if it were a sixteen year old girl, saying, “How DARE he!?!”

If you listen to the impeachment hearings, the bureaucratic machine is not even hiding the real reason for Trump’s impeachment. Trump has been accused over and over again of, for example, violating US Foreign Policy – this in spite of the fact that Trump, and Trump alone, SETS foreign policy.

Biden never thought that his corruption would become an election issue. How could it? Who was going to expose him? The Republicans? Most of them were just as beholden to the machine as he was, so no – they would not expose him, lest they too be exposed. All of the Biden corruption was business as usual. He’s no more dirty than Nancy Pelosi, or Diane Feinstein, or the vast majority of the 537 elected Federal employees. Corruption may be the one thing Washington DC does well, and it does it so well that more than 50% of our nation’s wealth lies within 100 miles of our capital.

Enter Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a flawed man, with an ego the size of one of his towers, and a wallet that makes him beholden only to himself.

The reasons the deep state hates Donald Trump are all true. They consider themselves the ‘experts,’ and the ‘true agents of power.’ Trump ignores them, and in some cases Trump conducts the business of the State entirely behind their backs.

What does the deep state say about Trump ignoring them? “How DARE he?!?”

Within the rest of the public, there has been a growing groundswell against the bureaucratic machine going back at least as far as the Tea Party, and really going back to H. Ross Perot’s Reform Party. The machine has been attacking this movement every step of the way, but the movement keeps growing.

The machine’s tactics have been predictable – if the American People are turning against the bureaucratic machine, then the solution is to radically transform the American People, through indoctrination (the Department of Education’s Common Core, and the mass media), and through mass immigration of people with values other than those of the American people. The deep state offers ‘free stuff’ to placate the people away from any desire for actual freedom.

Trump was elected in spite of the best efforts of the machine to undermine him, and the American People have not turned on him enough to guarantee that he lose the next election, in spite of the machine’s best efforts to discredit him. Mass immigration has not helped either, with Trump’s support among immigrant groups growing.

Some people are surprised by Trump’s growing support among immigrant groups, but the kinds of people who choose to immigrate to the United States are by and large the most vibrant and industrious people from the nations they leave. Most of these people come here for opportunity, and most of them are hard workers, pro-life, and Christian. This makes them natural Republicans, so it is no wonder that Trump’s support among these people has been growing. Illegal immigrants may not like Trump, but legal immigrants, and the children of both legal and illegal immigrants, often do.

Against the backdrop of a failed impeachment, with Trump on the verge of winning re-election, potentially by a land slide, the machine has only one choice: Trump must be removed against the wishes of the American people.

And that is why Trump is being impeached. After three years, the machine has not been able to drum up evidence to impeach Trump with, so they are impeaching him, really just for doing his job. Really, I don’t blame the machine. By exposing Joe Biden, Trump has expressed a willingness to expose other people too, and cornered rats generally fight.

How far will the fight go? That is a good question, but I would suggest that Nancy Pelosi is deeply embedded in the bureaucratic machine, that she is third in line for the Presidency, and that we may well have a Republican-controlled House in 2021.

Trump and Pence would be wise to ensure that between now, and the 2021 inauguration, they never share the same zip code…