The United States Constitution: Rest In Peace!

To those who say they have ‘Constitutional Rights’, or that ‘negative rights’ of any kind exist, I ask you to consider the following, as you cast your vote in 2020 (and beyond)…

The goal of the left is not to amend the Second Amendment away. They don’t have the votes, and they know it.

Their goal is to get five SCOTUS judges to agree that the Second Amendment provides for the collective right of an armed populace, through an armed police, and an armed military. In other words, as long as the police and the military have guns, the right of the people, collectively, to be armed, is met.

That interpretation provides no individual right to bear arms. And it needs only five votes to become law.

Amending the Constitution is hard. ‘Reinterpreting’ it to mean something other than what it says is not very hard.

Similarly, if ‘atheist’ becomes the absence of religion (to five SCOTUS judges), then the Freedom of Religion makes atheism the de facto state religion.

Similarly, the Freedom of Speech could be interpreted as saying only that people are allowed to speak. If the interpretation of the Freedom of Speech does not include the content of speech, then you can be imprisoned for saying things the government does not like, and the freedom of speech is gone.

All of the Bill of Rights can be eliminated by five judges, ‘reinterpreting’ the individual amendments to mean something other than what they say.

We have been ignoring the Constitution (and the Tenth Amendment) through this process for well over 100 years. What makes the Bill of Rights special?

The only thing that protects the Bill of Rights is the will of the people to elect only those who believe in a strict, originalist interpretation of the Constitution. Today, that means Republicans.

But even that is not enough. Democrats have already made vote harvesting legal in California, and are pushing to make it legal in other states (in the case of North Carolina, through the court system rather than the legislature). Vote harvesting makes it easy to create however many votes are needed to win an election, and this is why you hear Democrats calling to ‘count every VOTE’ rather than to ‘count every VOTER’. The difference between those two things may be subtle, but it is really, really important, as to ‘count every VOTE’ includes counting the fraudulent ones.

It was vote harvesting that allowed Democrats to sweep California in 2018, including in such Republican strongholds as Orange County: they simply waited until the votes had been counted, and then added enough ‘harvested’ votes to ensure they won. In the case of Orange County, there were more votes than people, and they counted every one…

If you vote Democrat, you vote against the Bill of Rights, and against the Constitution.

Never forget that fact!

And if you never share anything else I have ever written, share this. This message is so important, that while I will make it a blog post, I am posting it as just a Facebook post as well, in the hopes of reaching as many people as humanely possible.

If you want to take the words and pretend they are your own, do it. The goal is to get this read. Knowing who originally wrote it is not important, so plagiarize away. You have my permission.

Spread the word however you can!