Top News Not in the News

There are a number of big news stories that are either not being reported, or that are not being reported very accurately, by our mainstream media. I thought I’d list some of the bigger ones. It’s hard to say which is the most important, so these are in no particular order. I’ll also try to wrap them all together at the end of the article, and (spoiler alert) – I’m going to blame China.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request from a group called Judicial Watch, a treasure trove of official federal documents from the Obama Administration were released to the public, that show how the Obama Administration created, recruited, trained, armed, and supported ISIS. The rise of ISIS was a stated policy goal of the Obama Administration.

The same documents make it clear that Benghazi was a center point for secret arms transfers to ISIS, and that we allowed our ambassador, and two other Americans, to die in Benghazi, primarily because a rescue operation would have risked alerting the public that the reason we were in Benghazi was to shuttle arms to ISIS – something the American public might have taken into account when deciding whether or not to re-elect Obama.

The way the media tells this story, Trump is an idiot for pulling our troops out of Northern Syria, where they have been fighting ISIS alongside our Kurdish allies for years. We all know that we killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the other day, but according to the Washington Post, Baghdadi was an ”austere religious scholar,” rather than the head of the world’s most brutal terrorist organization.

I invite the reader to consider that Trump would not have had troops in Syria to combat ISIS had Obama not gone out of his way to create ISIS, and that when Trump actually killed the head of Obama’s organization (ISIS, that is), our media tried to spin it into ‘Orange Man Bad’. Note that Trump got ISIS’s #2 guy too.

Americans should be absolutely furious that we had to go to war to stop a terrorist organization we actually created ourselves, but how many of us even know? Our media does not care to tell us.

Let me spell out the seriousness of this: American soldiers died fighting an American proxy-group in a war against Syria that America started. Americans died fighting a group we were supporting while also fighting them. Think about that for a minute before you read further, and then ask yourself if you really want to put Obama’s Vice President in charge of our military.

Did you know that more than two million Ughur Muslims are being held in Chinese concentration camps? If you are reading my blog, you probably do – I’ve mentioned it before. What you might not know is that the use of the word ‘concentration camp’ actually applies here – unlike when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called our detainment facilities on our Southern border ‘concentration camps, literally.’

How bad are the Chinese concentration camps? Ughurs, and political dissidents, are being harvested for organs, against their will, and though you’ll see that I found an article on that from CNN, it’s the most recent article CNN has ran on this subject, and it’s from 2016 (before Trump was President). And while NOT mentioning actual concentration camps, the media accuses Trump of running fake ones. Let that sink in…

As long as we are on the subject of China, how are the protests in Hong Kong not newsworthy? The media paid no attention to Hong Kong at all until the NBA apologized for one of it’s general managers violating Chinese censorship rules on Twitter. Twitter is not available in China either – China was not afraid the Chinese people would see the tweet; they were afraid Americans would.

This brings up another point. Our mainstream media submits to Chinese censorship. Now – China is a sovereign country, and while I find any form of censorship objectionable, I understand that China has the right to censor what its own people see. China, however, goes well beyond that, forcing our media houses to censor what they present to the American market. If an American media company shows anything to the American people that China finds objectionable, China chokes them off from the Chinese market (which is several times the size of ours), and as a consequence, our media is censored by China.

I understand why our media does not report that it is censored by China (China won’t let them report that), but is it not a clear and present danger to allow a hostile foreign power to censor our own media? Think for just a moment about the implications. Can you imagine what the world might look like today had the Nazis been able to censor our media?

Our media would have us believe that Russia interfered with the 2016 election, and of course Russia did. We interfere in elections all over the world, so it not surprising that Russia interfered in ours.

Do you know what the media does not talk about? The fact that Robert Mueller cleared Trump of any Russian collusion. Do you know who did collude with Russia? Christopher Steele, the former British Spy and FBI informant hired by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to dig up and/or create dirt implicating Trump of Russian collusion. As crazy as it sounds, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign hired a British spy to collude with Russia in implicating Trump of Russian collusion, so that Trump’s supposed Russian collusion could be used to discredit Trump during the election.

The FBI then took the Steele dossier, and leaked it to the press. The press reported some of the stories from the dossier, which the FBI called ‘independent corroboration’ of the dossier (in spite of the fact that the dossier was still the only source). The FBI then used the dossier to secure a FISA warrant, which it used to spy on the Trump campaign.

How is Democratic Russian collusion not the biggest news story in the country?!?

Do you know what is leading today’s news cycle? Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman is going to be reporting before Adam Schiff’s secret impeachment hearings that he heard Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine, and that he was so upset by it that he told his supervisor. CNN is literally calling this the ‘smoking gun’.

It is interesting that the news is not reporting how the public would not know what Lt. Colonel Vindman is testifying, were the secret hearings in any way ‘secret.’ One might think that the public would be interested in knowing that the investigation is being headed by someone (Adam Schiff) who called Trump guilty before starting the investigation, who started the investigation based on speculation about a whistleblower report he claimed not to have seen, but in fact helped write, and that the only thing ‘secret’ about the investigation are the things that might look good for Trump.

The media is reporting that Nancy Pelosi is going to have a vote Thursday formalizing the rules the impeachment hearings will use, but the media does not seem to think it is worth asking why the impeachment hearings started before there were any rules governing them.

The media might also mention that Trump is not being accused of a crime. Instead, the media is reporting that Trump does not need to be guilty of anything to be impeached. Yes – you read that right.

Now, technically it is true that the House can impeach the President without the President committing a crime. The House could impeach Trump if the House does not like the breakfast cereal Trump eats, and the House would be fully within their rights. I would ask the reader, however, to think about how it would look if the news read, “Lt. Colonel Vindman to testify that Trump ate Apple Jacks for breakfast on July 23rd. Reports say that Trump also had coffee, eggs, and a glass of orange juice. This may be the smoking gun that finally ends the Trump Presidency.”

The public would see through an impeachment hearing where the charge against the President was that he ate Apple Jacks rather than Fruit Loops, and one would think that an impartial media would tell the American people what is going on now – that Trump is being impeached for making a perfectly legal call with the President of another country. Somehow, the media would rather report that Trump does not need to be guilty of anything to be impeached, and that we may have a smoking gun proving that Trump did something he was fully within his rights to do.

And never mind that Trump released the transcripts of his Ukrainian call to the public. The ‘smoking gun’ is literally that someone heard what we already know Trump said, and that the person who heard it did not like it.

The specific accusation against Trump is that he threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine re-opened an investigation into Burisma Holdings. That’s not really what happened though. What happened is that Trump asked the President of Ukraine for a ‘favor,’ after talking about how generous the United States has been with Ukraine. This favor was to investigate Ukraine’s role in Russian interference with the 2016 election – something Democrats were once interested in. Burisma Holdings, and the Bidens’ role in it, then came up in an ensuing discussion about corruption.

Let’s say, for the sake of argumentation, that Trump had said, “Investigate Hunter Biden’s role in Burisma Holdings or you are not getting the money.” That would have been almost a direct quote of Joe Biden, from when Joe Biden threatened to hold aid from Ukraine unless they stopped investigating his son’s role in Burisma Holdings. The media could also report that Hunter Biden was being paid ten times the going rate for a company board member, and that his role was strictly ceremonial. Hunter Biden did not actually have a role in Burisma Holdings – he was paid just to have his name attached to the company.

What value, you ask, does Hunter Biden’s name have? Other than his father being Vice President of the United States, his name had no value at all.

Nor did Hunter Biden have any experience with hedge funds, before partnering with two other people who had no experience with hedge funds (John Kerry’s step-son, and James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s nephew – and yes..I mean the mobster), to sell multi-billion dollar hedge funds in China.

There are photos of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden meeting with potential clients, together, in China, and of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden golfing with executives from Burisma Holdings, but according to our media, there is absolutely no evidence of any wrong-doing, and the suggestion that Joe Biden was helping his family profit off of the Vice Presidency, in violation of the Emoluments Clause – that’s just a wild conspiracy theory.

Do you know what would be even more wild? Any other credible theory.

Trump, in the meantime, can’t host an event in one of his hotels, for free, without being accused of violating the Emoluments clause.

In fairness, Trump should not be using hotels he owns for official business. It’s bad optics, even if he does nothing wrong. But consider the double standards at play…

You’ll notice that China is a big part of many of the stories our media does not report. That is not surprising given that China censors our media, and considers itself in a state of war with the United States. Let me ask the reader (and particularly anyone from the political left who is still reading) to follow just a bit of speculation.

How likely is it that China interfered in the 2016 election, and is interfering in the 2020 election as well? How likely is it that much of the media hatred for Trump is based on the fact that Trump is willing to fight back against China, using trade to weaken China’s position, and that China controls our media? How likely is it that China would love to ride-out a one-term Trump, and then to negotiate with a Democrat they can bribe and control, the way they may have done with Joe Biden?

Look at everything going on that is driven by the media, as well as everything the media refuses to cover, and ask yourself, does China have an interest in this?

Ask yourself how deep China might have its hooks in us.

And then ask yourself if you trust anyone the media likes with the Presidency…