'Libertarian' Defined

We are the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party.  Let us show you the difference between the Libertarian Party, and the Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party, and explain to you why we are a part of the Republican Party

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Libertarian Editorials

With content from some of the best libertarian writers in the country, and in some cases from other countries, The Daily Libertarian helps to explain the world around us through a libertarian lens.

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Libertarian Values

Keep up to date on our political environment.  Learn to view policies through a libertarian sphere.  Too many politicians want to give you things, 'for free', without explaining to you how giving things 'for free' makes you less free.

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Since 1993

One Nation, Under Assault!

With socialists trying to bring the world back to serfdom, neo-Nazis trying to make specific groups less free, post-modernists trying to deny individualism and to undo all the good that came from The Enlightenment, and groups like ANTIFA and BAMN trying to end the Freedoms of Speech and Assembly, the dark clouds of oppression and tyranny are swirling around us, threatening to bring the world into a dark and dangerous place.  With a government that has seized the power to indefinitely detain American citizens, on suspicion alone, with no right to a trial, or even an arraignment, the Bill of Rights has never been in more danger of becoming a Bill of Suggestions.  We oppose any encroachment upon the Constitution of the United States, and we stand against all violations of our sacred rights.  We are the Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party, and we are taking taking this country forward, to make it finally realize our founding ideals fully, to become the Land of Opportunity, with freedom and justice for ALL!


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