The Daily Libertarian often uses terms like, ‘The Left,’ or ‘Liberal,’ and we would like to take a moment to define those, and other similar, terms.

These terms are obvious generalizations, and we respect the fact that not everyone who generally prescribes to Democrat ideals is the same.  Each person is an individual, and each individual has their own set of ideals and beliefs.  There is, however, a prevalent set of ideals and beliefs on the left, and the left is far more unified that is the right.  When we use these terms, we are using them to refer to this set of ideals and beliefs, and those who prescribe to them.  To the degree that an individual subscribes to that set of beliefs, we are talking about that person, and to the degree that an individual does not, we are not talking about that individual.

We do not mean to imply that everyone ‘on the left’ is the same, and we realize that most ‘on the left’ will fit some posts better than others.