Communism and Political Islam – A Dual Threat to Our Country

When I was my son’s age, I read the book, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  In it, the Emperor of the Universe wore a pair of rose-colored glasses that enabled him to see ‘reality’ how he wished it to be, rather than how it really was.

We Americans also tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses, and particularly in relation to our own country.  We view law as something that passes at either the local, state, or national level, and we view the passage of laws as something that occurs in a specified process at each level.

We Americans tend to blow off ideologies that lack adequate support to be passed into law, but there are ideologies that do not believe the passage of law to be necessary, nor even helpful.  Leon Trotsky, as one example, said, “It is not necessary to pass laws.  All that is necessary is to have power, along with the willingness to use it with brutality.  Whatever we enforce – that is the law.”

When we see ideologies like that embraced by ANTIFA, understand that, like Leon Trotsky, ANTIFA does not believe they need to pass laws.  They believe they simply need to take power, and to enforce whatever edicts they want.

To understand Trotsky, it helps to contrast him with Lenin and Stalin.  Marx called religion ‘an opiate for the masses,’ but rather than using this to eradicate religion, Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky believed in using religion to give the masses their opiate, such that the masses would be easier to control.  Trotsky believed that the people should be taught to worship the communist ideal itself, whereas Lenin and Stalin both believed the people needed a ‘god’ in the form of a person (which is why they erected giant statues and murals of themselves).

When Lenin died, Stalin’s followers worshiped Stalin, so Trotsky could not effectively poach his followers, whereas Trotsky’s followers worshipped communism as an ideal, and Stalin, being a communist, could poach Trotsky’s followers.  In this way, Stalin came to power and Trotsky was exiled to (and later assassinated in) Mexico.

During the revolution itself, Trotsky was a monumental figure.  The Soviets, at his direction, would take over a piece of land, and start enforcing whatever Trotsky thought appropriate.  If that piece of land later fell, Trotsky would leave spies in place to take notes on violations of his edicts, and when the same piece of land fell to the Soviets again, he would round up everyone who had violated his edicts, and execute them.

Trotsky also believed in group guilt.  If a particular town or village was not supportive enough, he would line up every man, woman, and child, and would then have his men walk down the rows counting.  Generally speaking, every tenth person would be told to step forward (sometimes it was as many as every fifth person).  These people were then lined up in front of their fellow villagers, knelt down, and one by one, shot in the back of the head.  The message was clear – fear equaled control.

Trotsky viewed the passing of laws to be a complete waste of time, and particularly since under the Marxist ideal, there was no such thing as a ‘government’ to pass laws.  To Trotsky, communism did not need to be passed into law – it simply needed to be enforced as law.

The Soviets were active in a number of other countries, and particularly Germany’s Weimar Republic, where they formed a group called ‘ANTIFA,’ which stood for ‘Anti-Fascist,’ to stand against, not only the fascist movements in Germany, but also against the Weimar Republic, which was relatively a free market system.  The thing people need to understand about ANTIFA is that they don’t hate fascists, so much as profit.  They consider fascists to be sell-outs, as though like ANTIFA, fascists believe in central planning, fascists want to maintain private profit to incentivize production, whereas ANTIFA, being communist, views profit as evil.  People often like to pretend that ANTIFA is only against fascism, but really ANTIFA is against profit, and in so doing, they are against free markets too.

ANTIFA is, similarly, the paramilitary arm of the communist movement in the United States, very much in-line with Trotsky’s vision.  While rational Americans debate how to run our country, ANTIFA is focused solely on taking power and enforcing edicts.  ANTIFA does not care what the law says.  As far as ANTIFA is concerned, they are the law – or at least they will be once they gain sufficient power.  And it’s not just ANTIFA.  America’s communist movement is well funded by communist China (which picked up the pieces as the Soviets collapsed), encompassing the entire Critical Race Theory movement, BLM, and a host of other groups.

ANTIFA is not very big (yet) across most of America, but where they have numbers, they are a real threat to our country, and even where they do not have numbers, they are growing.  ANTIFA in America ignores actual fascism, focusing instead on combating the police, and all things free market.

One of the great ironies of communism is that it actually works when done within the confines of a free market system, where people can come and go as they please.  There is absolutely nothing stopping people from living within communes in a free market, other than the desire to do so.  As such, groups like ANTIFA are not pushing for communism so much as they are pushing to make communism compulsory.

Similarly, people can freely follow Islam in the United States, in ways that are completely compatible with our secular society, but to do so they need to follow Islam as a personal religion, and not as a political mechanism to be enforced upon others.  If someone wants to look at Shariah Law as a personal code of conduct, and at Jihad as a personal struggle to live by Shariah, none of us should have any problem with that.

Unfortunately, the Koran does not support looking at Shariah as a personal code of conduct, nor looking at Jihad as a personal struggle.  According to the Koran, all sin and suffering on Earth is caused by impure belief, such that if everyone on Earth could be converted to Islam and forced to follow Islam properly (or could be killed), death, hunger, disease, and all other hardships would melt away, allowing paradise to emerge around us.

Understand that to the true adherent of Islam (the non-moderate), infidels are the cause of all hardship on Earth.  Crime exists because of the infidel.  Hunger exists because of the infidel.  Disease exists because of the infidel.  If the infidel did not exist, nor would evil, making the infidel not only evil by extension, but the cause of all evil in all existence.  Killing the infidel is not only an act of cleansing, but the highest moral virtue a muslim can perform.

Understand too that to the true adherent of Islam, moderate Muslims are even worse than infidels.  Muhammed said that whereas infidels have not been taught the truth, and can thus be converted by the truth, Muslims who do not practice Islam ‘correctly’ have been taught the truth and have rejected it.  The only solution to someone who has rejected the truth is to kill them.

And note that I say ‘truth’ in terms of what the Koran says.  I am a Christian – I reject Islam.

The Koran tells its adherents exactly what society is supposed to look like, how the world is supposed to be governed, and what laws are supposed to be enforced.  As with Trotsky, adherents of this political side of Islam do not beleive they need to pass laws.  According to the Koran, only Allah can legislate, so every law that will ever be needed already exists.  What is needed is to enforce those laws, and when you go to the parts of Paris or London that are primarily Islamic, you see enclaves run as theocracies, where the laws of France are ignored, and the laws of Islam are enforced.

There are those who call criticism of Islam ‘Islamaphobia,’ but I want to separate criticism of Islam as a religion from criticism of Islam as a political force.  In a sense, that can be hard to do, as the religion declares the world a theocracy, and in so doing, the religion is designed to be forced upon the world, as a political force.  Ignoring the fact that Muhammed implored his followers to kill everyone who does not convert to Islam (as well as anyone who is Islamic but who does not follow the religion ‘correctly’) is asinine.  To make matters worse, once Muhammed died, Islam split in two (Sunni and Shiite) over the question of who the correct successor of Muhammed should be, creating two separate groups, each of whom believed the other was full of apostates that needed to die.  

Once Muhammed died, the question of what it meant to follow the Koran ‘correctly’ turned Islam into a death cult.

There have been periods of time where the leaders of Islam wanted Islam practiced in a secular way, such that it could be compatible with the rest of the world.  The current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia wants Islam practiced that way in the future – which is significant given that Saudi Arabia has historically been the primary force of Islamic extremism in the Sunni world (Iran being the primary force of extremism in the Shiite world).

Note that the peace deals Donald Trump made between Israel and various Muslim nations were incredibly significant.  Donald Trump was building a coalition between Israel and primarily Sunni states (even Saudi Arabia was on the verge of joining) that would have stood against Islamic extremism, and specifically against Iran – putting tremendous pressure on Iran to also become moderate.  Once Joe Biden got elected, this coalition fell apart, but had this coalition continued, it may have created a real and lasting peace in the Middle East.

America’s Muslim population is statistically the most moderate in the world, but that too is cause for concern, as the first people Muhammed called for killing were those who practiced Islam ‘incorrectly,’ such that the hard-liners want to kill off the moderates.  If we turn a blind eye to the political side of Islam, we are condemnening many American Muslims – the most moderate Muslims in the world, per capita – to die.

Neither political Islam nor communism will be brought in by legislative action, though legislatures may be used to weaken our institutions, making it easier for these ideologies to grow.  These ideologies will simply be enforced upon us by the adherents of them – against our collective will.  Note too that should America become communist, Islam, along with all other religions (other than the worship of the communist state) will be eradicated.  Islam is being used to weaken the country, but the communists have absolutely no intention of sharing power once power is achieved.

The American people are blind to the specific types of threats we face, as we look for threats through the lens of our legislative bodies.  Some of our state and local legislative bodies may be going off the deep end, but overall the idea that communism could be implemented through legislative processes seems remote.  Unfortunately for us, like the Emperor in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, we are not seeing the threat for what it is, but are, rather, looking at it through rose-colored glasses that blind us to its true nature.  Before we can regain our country, and reestablish our personal liberty, we need to take off those glasses, and take a good hard look at what we are facing, for what it really is.  If we fail in that endeavor, we will not be the emperor, but we will be ruled by one.