America 2.0 – Rule of the Hard Left

The hard left is making a multi-pronged attack against the United States, consisting of 1) climate alarmism, 2) economic activism, and 3) Critical Theory / Critical Legal Theory / Critical Race Theory (for the purpose of this post, I’ll lump all three together).

Just to be clear, I am not attacking all Democrats in this post. The agenda I am going to discuss is held by the hard left, but moderates may only support parts of this, or may not support it at all but support people who do, out of a sense of party loyalty.

Climate Alarmism is just getting started. Michael Moore’s new movie, “Planet of the Humans,” brings up a troubling truth – and one Michael Moore actually gets right. When you total up all of the energy that goes into creating, and then using, solar panels and wind turbines, these things actually use more fossil fuels than we would use if we just continued to use fossil fuels as our energy source.

The primary ingredient in a solar panel is a special piece of glass, produced by taking one part high-quality quartz (which must be mined), and one part coal (which must also be mined). These two ingredients are then melted in a coal-fired furnace, such that they become a kind of glass.

Mining produces a tremendous amount of co2.

Solar panels only work in sunlight, so when it is cloudy, or at night, they produce no energy. Some proponents of solar want to use batteries to store excess power until it is needed. That’s fine, except that those batteries have short shelf-lives, and use a ton of plastic (refined oil) and rare-earth metals (which must be mined).

Speaking of short shelf-lives, solar panels must be replaced regularly – each new one being half coal, melted by burning more coal.

We also have wind turbines. Turbine blades take a tremendous number of resources to produce, tend to have short lifetimes, cannot be recycled, and take a tremendous amount of energy (producing co2), both to build, and to ship to the location where they will be used.

Another seldom-known fact about wind turbines is that they are not really wind turbines. It would be more accurate to call them ‘wind assisted gas turbines,’ as they are built to use natural gas whenever there is not enough wind to operate them. As gas turbines, they are ridiculously inefficient, as they are small (even the largest of them are small when compared to a turbine in a regular natural gas power plant), and they have these giant blades that cause a ton of drag, when being spun by natural gas rather than wind.

Also – ask Texas about the efficiency of wind turbines when they freeze.

The result of all of this is that an energy system run on ‘renewable’ sources uses more fossil fuels, and produces more co2, than does our current energy system, all while making energy unreliable and unaffordable.

The only form of energy that has any chance of eliminating co2 is nuclear, and though there are safe ways to make nuclear power, the Green New Deal explicitly bans all forms of nuclear power. Natural gas is another effective way to reduce co2, as it creates but a fraction of the co2 coal does, and the little co2 natural gas does create can be easily filtered such that it never gets into the atmosphere.

There is a reason the only energy solutions that can address co2 levels are being banned: reducing co2 levels is not really the goal.

The estimated costs of Joe Biden’s ‘clean energy’ solution is $2 trillion a year, which we will pay for through energy taxes. The cost of energy production will also skyrocket. Germany, at one point, produced half of their energy on wind and solar, and saw their energy costs quadruple. We’ll pay at least four times as much for energy as we do today, and will pay $2 trillion a year in additional energy taxes on top of that.

It is important that the reader understand exactly what I am saying. We are going to pay $2 trillion in taxes a year, just to make energy prohibitively expensive, using energy sources that are unreliable and that burn more fossil fuels than just using fossil fuels would burn.

Michael Moore is a climate alarmist, though so he does a great job exposing the scam that is ‘green energy,’ his solution is even more alarmist than the Green New Deal. Understand, then, that once we are spending $2 trillion a year making energy unaffordable, we’ll then have to spend even more money solving the impending climate calamity we are already starting to be told that the Green New Deal is going to cause.

This is obviously an attack on the American economy. The purpose of that attack will start to become apparent as we look at the next prong of the attack against the United States: economic activism.

The notion here is that we simply don’t have enough natural resources to support the global population at anything resembling our current lifestyle, and that even if we did have the resources, we could not possibly hope to extract them without making the globe uninhabitable for human beings. In other words, if anyone has so much as a crumb more than they absolutely need to survive, someone else must die.

The climate part of this should start to become apparent. In a world where one person having more than the bare minimum they need to survive, means someone else must die, we have to reduce the American standard of living to one where the American people have only the bare minimum they need to survive. We currently have a lot more than that, and as such, it it imperative that we reduce the American people’s standard of living, as much as possible, and as quickly as possible. Making energy prohibitively expensive is a key component of that.

Another key component of this economic activism is to attack private property, such as by making shoplifting (under $1,000) legal, and by making it impossible to prosecute someone who steals something, if they can show that what was stolen was ‘needed.’ We see both of these things starting to occur on the West Coast.

Equity politics is a part of this, as equity demands that we take from whomever has to give to whomever does not have, until all groups (not individuals) are equal. It is important to note that the focus here is on groups, as focusing on groups (not individuals) allows those in office to live in opulence, even as the rest of the population lives like serfs.

Permanent moratoriums on evicting people will be an important component as well, and when the country starts to end the current Covid-based moratorium on evictions, expect to see the hard left fight tooth and nail to make those moratoriums permanent.

Once it is illegal to evict someone for lack of payment, there will be little incentive to pay rent, or to pay mortgages. Every company making money on rental income will go out of business, with the government, by necessity, taking ownership of all apartments and all rented homes. As people stop paying their mortgages, the government will start taking ownership of their homes.

Once the government owns all of the apartments, all of the rented houses, and most of the mortgaged homes, the government will be able to start moving people wherever the government wants people to live. Sky high energy costs will help with this, as it will create a financial incentive to move from a large house into a small apartment. Eventually very few homes will be privately owned, and the public will demand that the government take action against those dirty rich people who still own their homes. Just like that, all homes will be government owned, and the government will be able to tell people where to live – with each person, or each family, having the bare minimum space it needs to survive.

When I was a child, I would hear horror stories about how the Soviets crammed multiple families into single-family apartments, splitting apartments designed for one family into multiple units to house multiple families, as cheaply as possible. That sort of thing is coming soon to a country near you.

I am assuming we will continue to have families. The nuclear family is something the hard left wants to eliminate. The hard left wants to raise your children for you – part of that being to turn them against you.

Joe Biden has promised ‘to end the era of shareholder capitalism,’ and by that, he means passing Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act, which is a retread of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act. FDR sent a team of economists to Mussolini’s Italy, with instructions to formulate a plan to bring Mussolini’s fascism to the United States. The National Recovery Act was what they came up with, and though the Supreme Court found the National Recovery Act to be unconstitutional (FDR tried to stack the court to get around that), Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act will make all American businesses report through departments that will, in turn, report to the President of the United States. Whether or not Joe Biden is really in charge, his administration will have fascist powers.

The hard left does not want fascism, as fascism maintains private ownership of most businesses (on paper anyway – government gets total control), and maintains a profit incentive. The hard left believes profit to be evil, and though they will go along with the Accountable Capitalism Act to get control over the economy, they will immediately move for a complete government takeover, into communism, once fascism has been achieved.

Joe Biden has said he will implement Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing initiative, to take over all local zoning laws, and to force all communities to make changes, until they are all demographically the same. This may not be necessary, should evictions be permanently suspended. Government ownership of all housing is even more control than what the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing initiative would give.

The hard left does not believe in equality, so much as equity. Joe Biden has kind of a hodge-podge position here, in that he says he believes in equality of opportunity, and not equity (equality of outcomes), but he also measures the equality of the opportunity based on the outcomes produced, so his version of ‘equality’ is a back-door version of equity.

Make no doubt about it – the left is in a full-on war against any vestige of free markets.

The third prong is the unholy trinity of Critical Theory, Critical Legal Theory (sometimes called ‘Critical Legal Studies’), and Critical Race Theory. These are all different iterations of the same thing, so I am going to lump them all together under the most commonly used phrase (in America anyway): Critical Race Theory.

Coca-Cola holding a company-wide ‘How to be less white’ training day is an example of Critical Race Theory.

The most important thing to remember about Critical Race Theory is that it’s proponents reject the concept of ‘truth,’ focusing instead on ‘lived’ or ‘shared,’ ‘thoughts and experiences’ held by ‘members of at risk communities.’ In other words, anyone who tries to refute what they say is a Nazi, who can be brutally punished. Facts be damned.

Ironically, the people the left calls ‘Nazis’ do not include people like Elizabeth Warren, or Joe Biden, even though Warren and Biden ran on actual fascism, and, of course, the Nazis were fascists.

In fairness to the hard left, the Nazis were unique in that their version of ‘nationalism’ was ethnic, and not geographic. As such, though Mussolini claimed to be the leader of all people in Italy, Hitler claimed to be the leader of all Germanic peoples, independently of where they lived, and excluded anyone not Germanic, even if they were born and raised in Germany. As such, the hard left focuses on racism when they call someone a ‘Nazi’ or a ‘Fascist,’ and not on the economic system Giovani Gentile created and called ‘Fascism.’ The hard left then uses the terms, ‘Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’ interchangeably, based on the Nazis having been fascists, quite independently of the actual definition of ‘fascism,’ as created by Giovani Gentile. The fact that the logical extension of this would mean Mussolini was not a fascist, as they define it, does not bother them, as they believe ‘logic’ to be a construct of the Western Patriarchy, created to oppress other people.

If you want to know what actual fascism is, I have an article titled ‘Fascism was Socialism 2.0‘ that may interest you.

Also note that the hard left rejects the traditional definition of the word ‘racism.’ The traditional definition involves thinking that there are differences hard-wired into different races, and that these differences matter in material ways that make some races better or worse than others. The left rejects this definition, defining ‘racism’ as ‘prejudice plus power’ instead. As such, only white people can be racist, and since some level of subconscious prejudice can be assumed in everyone, really the definition of ‘racism’ is simply ‘power.’ White people are in power, making white people racist.

I have to interject there, to ask the question of whether or not white people are in power. This is a critically important question, as the left constantly claims to ‘speak truth to power,’ and says that white people need to act as ‘allies to POC,’ without holding any real political views of their own. Joe Biden, for example, has made race and gender the most important qualifications anyone can have, in forming his cabinet.

The political left controls our federal government, our largest state governments, the mainstream media, our schools and universities, the press, and everything else related to passing laws or creating narrative. The only thing the left does not control are about half the state governments, and the Supreme Court – which the left wants to pack such they they will control it.

While most elected officials may be white, the side in power is either not white, or pledged to act as allies to those who are not white. The only white people ‘in power’ who disagree with this agenda view all people as being essentially the same such that race is irrelevant to power. In other words, to one party POC are in power, and to the other party everyone is in power regardless of race.

The left is not speaking truth to power. That is a lie – a propagandist narrative created to control. The left is IN POWER, and is speaking power to truth.

Unfortunately for the political right, most of our elected officials are far more interested in staying in office than in doing what is right. We elect politicians rather than statesmen, and whereas the left attacks ruthlessly, the right generally goes along to get along, lest the left use it’s power to destroy them.

Whatever the case, the left’s definition of ‘racism’ is itself racist, and the left’s solution to ‘racism’ is to attack it with what they feel is a better form of racism. What Coca-Cola did, in teaching it’s employees to ‘be less white’ is just the tip of the ice burg. Expect ‘it is right to hate white’ to become the new mantra, under the moniker of ‘anti-racism.’

If that sounds like double-speak, it is. George Orwell only got the year wrong.

The concept of ‘equal treatment under the law’ is antithema to Critical Race Theory proponents, as even if they believed such a thing to be possible, they do not believe equal treatment to be moral. Equal treatment is considered impossible, based on the people within a system being affected by whatever race they happen to be (and then favoring that race), and is considered immoral, based on different people being on different sides of the oppression/oppressor dynamic. Where a member of a more oppressed group harms a member of a less oppressed group, the harm is considered a justifiable reaction against oppression, whereas when a less oppressed group harms a more oppressed group, the harm is considered a hate crime. Who does something is more important to determining the morality of that thing, according to Critical Race Theory, than is the thing done, and what is considered moral, when one person does it, may be considered criminal when done by someone else. Also, it’s not just race. The Critical Race Theory proponents have a whole list of things that they say cause oppression, collectively called ‘intersectionality.’

When you start to list all of the ways a person can be called ‘privileged’ or ‘oppressed,’ the vast majority of people end up on both lists. To a conservative, this makes the ultimate minority the individual, which is the whole reason conservatives throw Critical Race Theory out the window, and focus on individualism instead, but since Critical Race Theory holds logic as a construct of the Western Patriarchy, the fact that the entire society they aim to destroy is also the logical conclusion of their own ideology, does not matter to them.

The ultimate oppressor, under Critical Race Theory, is the United States in general – which is the structure Critical Race Theory was created to destroy. The ‘theory’ of Critical Theory isn’t that the supposed oppression exists, but that if you can break a society down into balkanized groups and then turn all of the groups against the whole, society will collapse. Critical Race Theory reflects the fact that race is a great way to balkanize a racially diverse culture.

The great irony of Critical Race Theory is that most of its proponents are white. Not only that, but POC are only given ‘voice’ if they say the things Critical Race Proponents want to hear. Thomas Sowell, Candice Owens, and other POC who say the wrong things, are hated even more than are white conservatives. As such, this is an ideology in which white liberals tell POC what to say, and then they systemically oppress anyone who does say what they are told to. POC have no freedom of thought in Critical Race Theory, but, rather, they must act as told by white liberals – members of the exact same political party that defended slavery, and that created Jim Crow.

Unfortunately, Critical Race Theory is rampant in our media, which makes it the dominant voice in our country, in spite of the fact that it is otherwise a minority view.

The attacks on our police are but a logical extension of the belief that our legal system exists to perpetuate white privilege, and that the police are thus protectors of a system of white supremacy. Understand that Critical Race Theory does not depend on actual white supremacists. The claim is that the entire framework of the country is a framework of white supremacy, and that the system – the very nation itself – must be completely and utterly destroyed.

The ultimate goal of the hard left is the utter destruction of the United States, and with Democrats taking charge of the Presidency, and both houses of Congress, the beginning of the end is at hand. When you woke up on January 20th, the United States of America was fundamentally a different country than it had been the day before.

Between climate alarmism, economic activism, and Critical Race Theory, the hard left is attacking our country on three fronts: morally, economically, and structurally. If we do not give power to the hard left, we are told that the planet will become uninhabitable, and everyone on it will die. That is a moral argument for communism. Communism lost the economic argument when the Soviet Union collapsed and China began converting to fascism, so the new economic argument is that we don’t have enough natural resources to go around, creating the need for a ‘sustainable,’ rather than a growing, economy. ‘Sustainable’ means the same thing as “To each according to their needs.” Finally, the entire framework of Western Society, and America in particular, is said to be built on racism and slavery, from the ground up. Racism being baked into our national DNA, we are told we need to rebuild the very structure of our nation, from the ground up, throwing out our Constitution, as well as all of the ideals and values upon which our nation was formed.

Serfdom is our new norm, and if you are not a lord, you are a serf.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never! — All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

The word ‘suicide’ covers the platform of the hard left, and since the growth in the Democratic Party is all on the hard left, that is indeed our lot, unless we resist.

How do we resist? I cover that in an article on nullification, which you can read here.

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