Critical Theory is a Critical Failure

Three terms you need to know are Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, and Critical Justice Theory. These three concepts are critically important to how the United States, and international agencies, operate. They are also all bullshit.

The ‘theory’ part of Critical Theory is the belief that if you can fracture a society into a bunch of identity groups, all of whom believe they are oppressed by the society at-large, you can get a society to tear itself to shreds. This theory was cooked-up by Frankfurt School political philosophers, after World War One failed to turn the Western World communist. These political philosophers realized that the Western World’s wealth, built on individualism, prevented the Western World from adopting collectivist ideologies, and rather than reject collectivism, they devised strategies to destroy the Western World.

The rest of Critical Theory involves the process of creating identity groups, and turning them against Western Society, and particularly against the United States of America.

Critical Theory posits that people form hierarchies to gain, and then to maintain, power over other people. According to this view, the Western World created a world hierarchy called the ‘Western Patriarchy’, and through this Western Patriarchy, the Western nations ruthlessly oppressed the rest of the world. Capitalism is considered an economic form of colonialization (there is even another school of economic thought called the Anti-Colonialization School), and the Western powers (particularly the United States), have used, and continue to use, free markets to steal wealth from other parts of the world. According to this belief, our wealth represents the ill-gotten gains of this theft. We have supposedly created a whole series of systems to maintain our power, and all of the systems and frameworks of our society explicitly maintain the oppression of the non-Western world.

Critical Theory says that individualism, the concept of justice, free markets, the scientific method, the concept of ‘proper’ language, the belief in ‘truth’ or ‘evidence,’ and a myriad of other things, are all Western concepts created and maintained to oppress non-Western people, and non-Western societies.

Critical Race Theory is an American adaptation of Critical Theory, focusing on race. According to Critical Race Theory, all aspects of American society were created by white men to oppress women, and non-white people. Private property rights, the presumption of innocence, the concept of hard work, the freedom of speech, the right to due process – everything our nation is about – these are all things that white men created in order to build and maintain power over anyone who is not white, and particularly over black people. Everything – every system, every belief, every construct of our nation – all of it is white supremacy, and evil to the core.

Furthermore, if a person of color accepts any values from our system, it makes them a traitor to their race. To become more pure in terms of who and what they are, POC are told to totally reject every aspect of the American Way of Life, and to do whatever they can to force American society to transform into a Marxist utopia of fairness and equality.

To the Critical Theory and/or Critical Race Theory proponent, there are only three kinds of societies: white supremacist societies, societies oppressed by white supremacists, and Marxist utopias. We supposedly cannot find any Marxist utopias only because the Western nations oppress the rest of the world, as well as anyone who is not a white male within their own societies.

Critical Justice Theory is the concept of Critical Race Theory applied to law. Critical Justice Theory spun out of Harvard Law School in 1973, when a professor named Derrick Bell wrote (and began teaching from) a book titled, Race, Racism, and American Law. According to Derrick Bell, the American legal system was created to perpetuate white supremacy, and every aspect of what we call ‘law’ is racist to the core. Derrick Bell left Harvard to become the Dean of the University of Oregon School of Law, in 1980, and between 1980 and 1987, students at Harvard Law School battled the university to build Harvard Law School around Derrick Bell’s teachings. In 1987, Harvard created what it called Critical Legal Studies, and today at least 20 American universities teach aspiring lawyers and judges that the entire American system of ‘justice’ was created to perpetuate white supremacy.

The most important thing to remember about these concepts is that they cannot be disproven, as they reject all frameworks that could be used to disprove them. Reason, logic, evidence, truth, objectivity, the scientific method – these are all said to be aspects of the Western Patriarchy, created to perpetuate the oppression of POC. Listening to reason, or accepting the legitimacy of evidence – that’s allowing the system to continue oppressing POC.

What matters to those who believe in Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, and Critical Justice Theory, are the anecdotal stories from those who are oppressed. Those who are oppressed but who deny their oppression are acting white and are looked down on even more than are white people. Larry Elder’s movie, Uncle Tom, shows how such people are treated. Critical Race Theory is a religion, and people like Thomas Sowell, and Larry Elder, are the equivalent of blasphemers.

The mainstream media is run by people who believe in Critical Theory, so we get our news almost entirely from people who do not believe in reason, logic, evidence, truth, objectivity, or the scientific method. What we call ‘news’ today has nothing to do with anything that is actually going on, because none of that matters. What matters is to take the anecdotal ‘truths’ of oppression and anti-Americanism, and to shove them down our throats until we believe them. Every time an unarmed black man is killed by the police, that is proof that our entire system of policing exists to hunt black men, and that is 100% unassailably true even if it only happens nine times a year. Today, even when an armed black man is shot by the police, it is 100% unassailable proof that the police hunt black men.

Understand that before Jacob Blake was shot in the back by a police officer, he went to the home of a woman he had previously raped, in violation of a personal protection order against him, stole her car keys, and attempted to abduct her children (he is the father but he did not have custody) by taking them in the car he was stealing. When the police arrived, they tried to arrest him without lethal force. He fought three of them off, and was tazed twice before walking around the car he was stealing and attempting to take a weapon from the car. Some argue that Jacob Blake may have been trying to get into the car to leave the scene, and that is indeed possible from the camera angles. In that case, he may have been using the car as a deadly weapon against police officers, and he was trying to steal children he did not have custody of, from their mother.

Jacob Blake is not the victim of police brutality. He is the victim of his own actions – actions that gave the police no choice but to shoot him. It was a justified shoot…

Yesterday, Joe Biden met with Jacob Blake’s father to apologize for the fact that police officers protected the woman his son raped, and her children. I guess #Metoo is dead?

There is, of course, another side of this story. If we put ourselves in Jacob Blakes shoes, we might ask why Jacob Blake resisted arrest in the first place. Could it be that he was taught Critical Race Theory, and that he believes the whole purpose of having police is to oppress, and to kill him? If the reason the police exist is to kill you, shouldn’t you always resist?

If the whole purpose of our legal system is to throw you in jail, why participate? Thanks to no-cash bail, there is no penalty for not showing up. In many American cities today, the police are playing catch-and-release with criminals.

Did you know that in parts of California, right now, looting is not prosecuted as a crime unless what is looted can be shown to be ‘unneeded’?

We are teaching our children that rioting is a social obligation. Not content with telling our children that free speech is oppressive, we are actually telling them, through the ‘Silence is Violence’ campaign, that they no longer have the right to be quiet. What will the next motto be? Death to disagreement?!?

And in the meantime, the police are tasked with policing a people that is increasingly hostile to the police, and to all aspects of our nation.

One prominent professor is assuring us that what we are witnessing is not a Marxist revolution. This is but a dress rehearsal. The actual revolution will be much bigger, and much more violent. Does the media attack this professor? No – they champion her cause.

How fake is our news? Here is an article from CNN discussing how Donald Trump could destroy Social Security. CNN is running this story in spite of the fact that Donald Trump has never so much as suggested doing anything this article mentions, and has in fact promised to PROTECT Social Security. Since CNN believes in Critical Theory, the truth of what Trump has said is not relevant.

Today, the media is running an article saying that Donald Trump called the Marines who died fighting in Belleau Woods – Marines who helped earn the title ‘Devil Dogs’ – ‘losers’. Should we believe these reports? I’m a Marine – I would be DEEPLY offended by any such statement. But the source is totally anonymous, and the media has a long history of using anonymous sources who do not exist, to push narratives that are not true. In Critical theory, it does not really matter if Trump said these things anyway, so why not lie?

Trump says it is a lie. I believe him.

Donald Trump cannot say anything at all without getting fact checked (by fact checkers who do not believe in the existence of ‘facts’), and Joe Biden, in the meantime, can make contradictory promises IN THE SAME SPEECH and not get called out. Joe Biden told Pittsburgh the other day that the rioting, looting, and violence plaguing our cities is driven by Donald Trump – that Donald Trump is such a horrendous human being that the only way sane people can deal with him as President is by taking to the streets and burning the country down. Biden promised further that the rioting, looting, and violence will get worse unless the public elects him as President. IN THE SAME SPEECH Biden said he denounces violence, but that Trump cannot denounce violence, as the violence plaguing our streets is in response to Trump being our President. Kamila Harris has said that the rioting and looting not only will continue, but that it SHOULD continue for the foreseeable future. She too says that, while also claiming to denounce violence. Such complete disregard for any semblance of objectivity would be glaring, were it not for the fact that our media does not believe in objectivity. To the media, being objective perpetuates white supremacy.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, says he denounces violence, and then he turns around and says that if Trump ever goes to New York city, he’ll ‘need an army’ or he’ll be killed. Only in the world of Critical Theory can threatening peoples’ lives be looked at as a way to denounce violence…

And now we can’t even watch sports without being inundated with Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory.

Critical Theory does not tolerate diversity of opinion. The left now looks at the right as an evil cancer that must be destroyed, and they are telling us to our faces that they are willing to do anything necessary to destroy us. Death to disagreement.

People ask me how this will end. That’s a good question. We’re now teaching children Critical Race Theory in our public schools, and since Critical Theory rejects any notion of truth, objectivity, reason, logic, or evidence, you cannot use those things to fight against it. Those who accept Critical Theory are simply gone, whereas those who do not accept it are considered to be ‘literally Hitler,’ in the words of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who is now, incidentally, the undisputed leader of the Democratic Party (and though some would dispute her having that title, there is no question that her brand of lunacy is the future of that political party).

The gangs in Chicago have a pact to hunt down and kill Chicago’s police officers. The very notion that there should be any such thing as ‘police’ is now controversial.

And all of this lunacy – which I’m just scratching the surface of – makes perfect sense if you simply accept Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, and Critical Justice Theory.

I keep seeing Republicans essentially scratching their heads about all of this. Many of us seem perplexed that the less evidence there is to back the leftist narrative, the more loudly the media backs that narrative. As conservatives, we have a natural tendency to look at the world from an objective, facts based perspective. Our narratives about the world are all based on an objective, facts based world view.

Critical Theory flips things around, starting with narrative, and then to the degree that evidence is used at all, only evidence that fits this narrative matters. Critical Theory is wholly unconcerned with objective reality, as Critical Theory says objective reality does not exist. There are no lies, and there is no truth. All that exists is the struggle for power.

How will this end? I can only answer how it will not end – it will not end peacefully.

I’m guessing Donald Trump will be re-elected. If that happens, the rioting, looting, and violence is only going to get worse. The hard left is not willing to go four more years with what they consider a Cheetoh in the White House.

If Biden wins, I suspect that the rioting, looting, and violence will die down, but Joe Biden only let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders write HALF of his platform, and their supporters are not a patient bunch. I give Biden two years before the hard left starts making ever more radical demands, and if the Biden White House does not comply, the rioting, looting, and violence will come back with a vengeance.

How will this end? I fear this may well be a civil war.

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  1. Thanks for being on the “Critical Theory” early. I agree about a civil war possibility down the road and would love to know how you think that might pan out. Violence is escalating daily on both sides.

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