Election Aftermath

I originally wrote this as a comment on a Facebook post one of my family members put up, in which my family member said that, should states secede, anyone in those states should lose their citizenship, along with all government benefits, such as Social Security, Medicare, etc.. Another family member responded that she hoped Republican-leaning states would secede. Her attitude was ‘good ridence -we are far better off without them.’ The first family member then responded that secession would lead to civil war, so she hoped it would not happen.

I tried to post the following in response, but Facebook decided this reply violated their Terms of Service. I believe my family members have the right to hear my opinion, so I decided to open this reply to the public. This contains information, and perspectives, that our social media powerhouses do not want you to see.

As you read it, understand that it was originally written as a Facebook comment – and not for publication. As such, it might sound a little more emotional, and a little less polished, than most of my writings. That said, every factual claim is easily verified, and frankly, I think we should be emotional in these times, so I think the emotional edge is fitting.

Anyway – that is the context. This is the reply Facebook blocked…

We may well be in a civil war anyway. According to the latest Reuter polls, 37% of voters believe Donald Trump won the election, including 77% of Republicans, and 10% of Democrats. Only 55% of the public believes the vote was ‘legitimate and accurate,’ which indicates the level of distrust people have in the results.

And all of a sudden now CNN is reporting on Hunter Biden’s crooked business dealings – dealings which Hunter Biden’s emails and text messages say his father was deeply involved in. We knew about those business dealings a year ago! But of course until last week CNN called them fake news…

Without Covid-19, Trump wins the election. If the media prints legitimate news (such as Hunter Biden’s business dealings- which we have known about for a year), Trump wins the election.

And we DO have evidence of rampant voter fraud – which the media is treating the same way it initially treated the Hunter Biden story. The media says there is no evidence of ‘widespread voter fraud.’ That is actually accurate. The fraud was centered in only a handful of precincts in only a handful of states. Widespread fraud would be foolish. Most of the states are not competitive enough for fraud to make a difference.

We KNOW there were at least 130,000 fraudulent ballots in Wayne County. We KNOW that enough underage voters, dead voters, and out of state voters, voted in Georgia to change the results. We KNOW there was rampant fraud in Philadelphia.

But the Governors of several states, including Michigan, violated election laws, changing how elections were conducted in ways that made fraud impossible to rectify. The problem in Michigan, for example, is not one of determining that at least 130,000 votes were fraudulent. It’s proving which, of all the votes counted in Cobo Hall, are the fraudulent ones. And why is it impossible? Because the absentee ballots Michigan used cannot be tied back to the person who cast them. Once they are removed from the inner envelope they all look the same.

And the courts are, rightfully, saying that unless you can prove WHICH votes are fraudulent, you have no cause to throw any specific ballots away, and no means to change the election.

Bill Barr, in a speech about this, said, “To date, we have not seen sufficient evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the results of the election.” The mainstream media jumped all over that.

What Barr was saying, if you take him in context (his whole statement is available on YouTube and I invite you to look it up) was two fold: 1) fraud was localized rather than widespread, and 2) the nature of the fraud make it impossible for it to change the results of the election, even where it can be proven to exist.

And why? Because the people who perpetrated it were smart, and they did it in such a way that even where the fraud can be proven to have occurred, no specific votes can be proven to be fraudulent.

And why does our media report things in such a biased fashion? Because China does not allow any media house to produce content or sell content in the Chinese media market unless that media house voluntarily submits to Chinese government censorship in both the Chinese media market, as well as in their home (aka OUR) media market.

In other words, CNN is censored by the Chinese Communist Party. And China does not even try to hide that fact as they know that none of the mainstream media outlets will report it.

So the economy was booming, and suddenly Covid-19, which originated in China, hits us. Note that China shut down all travel between Wuhan and the rest of China while lying about human to human transmission, and while keeping travel between Wuhan and the rest of the world open. That is a smoking gun that China wanted Covid-19 to escape China.

Suddenly we were told that we have to shut down our economy or 1.5 to 2.5 million Americans will die. We shut down our economy, and then produced a vaccine five times faster than one has ever been produced before. In the meantime, we told the American people that if we did everything right we might be able to keep the death toll down in the 200,000’s.

Then when the election starts in earnest, the same media tells us that having kept the number of dead down in the 200,000’s is proof of complete ineptitude.

I’m sorry, but SOME of the American people are smart enough to see through that.

In the meantime, hard proof of Hunter and Joe Biden selling out the American people to the Chinese government emerged, only to be suppressed by the Chinese censored media, until after the election. Polls say that 6% of Biden voters would have voted Trump had they known about this before the election (1/3 of Biden voters did not know). Likely, other Biden voters would have decided not to vote, rather than putting a traitor in the White House.

In other words, had the Biden story been reported properly, Trump would have won the election.

And now House Democrats are urging Nancy Pelosi not to seat 126 House Republicans on the grounds that they signed a letter backing a Texas lawsuit against the states that illegally changed their election processes in ways that allowed fraud to take place, while making any remedy to correct that fraud impossible. What do the Democrats want to do with these 126 Republicans? Kick them out for conduct unbecoming and then try them for insurrection.

Jailing your political opponents for fighting a rigged election is the kind of thing banana republics did. Now we are talking about doing it here.

Now perhaps secession is a bit extreme. Perhaps civil war, or a violent revolution is a bit extreme. But understand that the calls for such things are no longer fringe. Overthrowing the upcoming government of the United States is suddenly a mainstream movement.

And that was avoidable. We could have had a transparent election, in which individual ballots could be tied back to the person who cast them, and in which election observers were permitted to observe the election and the vote counting, even in places like Cobo Hall.

Instead we had what we had, and now people like Rush Limbaugh (who is admittedly partisan, but by no means fringe) are telling their viewers that there is no peaceful solution to this.

Now, I am not calling for civil war, secession, or revolution, but there are a lot of mainstream voices who are doing exactly that. Mainstream.

Now – did China target the United States specifically? It sounds a bit myopic to claim that they did. The virus did, after all, hit the whole world. It could be that China just did not want to have the only economy that suffered from Covid-19 (when they discovered it), and so they did what they felt they needed to do to ensure that it infected the rest of the world.

But our economy is the only one that is larger than theirs, so the notion that they would not take a special interest in our country, and in our election (the virus coming in an election year) is naïve.

Based on this, I believe that Biden/Harris ticket represents a Manchurian Candidate (perhaps the book should have been titled ‘Wuhan Candidate’?). I believe that, and there are very few Republicans who would disagree.

If we are going to calm people down, we need to start taking voter fraud seriously, and need to start taking steps to safeguard our elections.

I differ from many other Repuicans in that I still think it is possible to save our country from tyranny without some kind of civil war or revolution. I also believe that while a civil war might be feasible (with both sides having similar military and intelligence capabilities), I am under no illusion of a revolution against our military and intelligence services (along with our police agencies) being in any way possible. Long before any shooting started, the government would lock up everyone with a concealed carry permit, for example – taking the most revolutionary thinkers out of the game at least long enough to seize their guns.

What is possible, is to expose what happened, and to wake the American people up to the fact that we are no longer a Democratic Republic – and that we will never be one again unless we demand change, in a very vocal way.

So yes – taking away our freedoms, refusing to abide by our Constitution, and now taking away the legitimacy of the vote – your party has made my party angry. Some of us are itching for a fight. But don’t pretend that we are the crazy ones. Your party has been fighting for four years. The only thing that has changed is that the Republicans have decided to fight back.