Elizabeth Warren: Fascist by Any Other Name

In Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ Juliet asks an interesting question: “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Elizabeth Warren, claims to be a ‘progressive,’ but in this article, I’m going to show how her supposedly ‘progressive’ policies show that her style of ‘progressivism’ is really ‘fascism’ by another name – and how her fascism will not smell very rosy, if implemented.

Elizabeth Warren wants a ‘wealth tax‘ to pay for promised ‘free stuff’ to the tune of $3.806 trillion per year. This would double the size and scope of the Federal Government, and I, for one, am not convinced that Elizabeth Warren is finished making ‘free stuff’ promises. Note too that John Stossel’s video (the link above) looks only at annual spending. Elizabeth Warren has also promised reparations for African Americans, for the LGBTQ++ community, and for Native Americans.

How much would reparations cost? In the case of African Americans, the price tag being thrown around is $17 trillion. Elizabeth Warren has not told us how much she would give the LGBTQ++ community, but the ‘correct’ amount to give Native Americans is easy to quantify – it would be the present value of all land ‘stolen’ from them, which is $23 trillion. Is Elizabeth Warren done finding aggrieved groups to promise trillions of dollars to? I, for one, doubt it (though her price tag is more than $40 trillion in reparations so far) – the campaign is still young…

Obviously, a Warren Presidency would be expensive, so let’s take a deeper look at Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Wealth Tax’ idea. Here is how it works..

Let’s say you buy a house for $200,000, and it grows in value 10% the first year. That’s $20,000. Elizabeth Warren is going to charge you 35% of that, or $7,000.

The next year, your house grows 10% again. That’s $22,000. You’ll pay a 35% tax on that, or $7,700.

You’ll pay a tax on the growth of any asset you own – your house, a collectible car, a baseball card collection, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, your 401K – you name it. You’ll pay this tax every year.

Own a business? If your business grows in value, you’ll pay 35% of it. Every year.

In addition to this, you’ll still have your income tax, payroll tax, etc., etc., etc.. And to add insult to injury – let’s say you sell your house for $400,000 thirty years after buying it for $200,000. You’ve already paid taxes on the growth, so you are good – right?

Wrong. Capital gains are a SEPARATE tax, so when you sell your house, or cash out your retirement income, you have to pay taxes on it AGAIN! And Elizabeth Warren wants to raise the Capital Gains tax, such that capital gains are taxed at the same rate as income.

Elizabeth Warren wants to tax the difference between your mortgage and what you would pay in rent, if you did not own your home. If you pay $750 a month on your mortgage, and your home’s rental value is $1,250, she will consider the difference taxable income. That difference is $500 a month, or $6,000 per year. That’s another $2,100 in taxes for the typical home owner.

Speaking of housing.. Elizabeth Warren considers housing a ‘human right’, so in addition to paying more in taxes for your own housing, Elizabeth Warren is going to tax you to pay for the housing of those who do not feel like working.

Luckily for the retiree, Elizabeth Warren wants to expand Social Security, giving retirees another $200 a month, across the board. This is very generous of her, given that her wealth tax will ensure that Social Security will be the ONLY income a retiree has…

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for Climate Change too, and it’s as draconian as one would expect from a fascist. She calls for 100% of all energy to come from ‘renewable, carbon-free sources’ within a decade, while banning all sources of energy that make this possible. She is also all-in on ‘Green Housing,’ promising to tax the public to make every structure in the United States meet ridiculously strict efficiency standards.

My house was built in 1978. It might be cheaper to tear it down and build a new one than to retrofit it. We will be making such decisions regarding every single building in the country, under a Warren Presidency, with the taxpayer footing the bill (and note that this is another cost Stossel did not look at in his $3.806 trillion annual estimate).

Warren will ban all fracking, everywhere, which will radically increase the cost of natural gas. Guess what you heat your home with… In parts of Canada, families have to decide whether to heat their homes in the winter, or eat (here is a video of a mother literally crying in a townhall, as she explains this problem to Justin Trudeau – note that his advice is essentially to suck it up). Elizabeth Warren will bring this to a home near you.

Elizabeth Warren has called for fiduciary duties to be changed such that business managers need to take into account, not only the needs of the share holders, but also the needs of employees, and society at large – as determined by Elizabeth Warren. That would provide her, if elected, with an economy in which the Means of Production are privately owned, but controlled by government.

Here is a little economics class:

Free Market = Private Ownership And Control over the Means of Production

Fascism = Private Ownership of the Means of Production, but with State Control

Socialism = State Ownership And Control over the Means of Production

Communism = Means of Production Owned and Operated by Labor, With No Government/State

As you can see, Elizabeth Warren is an honest-to-God fascist.

Elizabeth Warren would say that she is a ‘progressive’. Some call her a ‘socialist,’ but Elizabeth Warren herself says she is in favor of markets, and is thus not a socialist. I agree with her – she is not a socialist. But her view of ‘markets’ is the same as that of Giovanni Gentile, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, Antonio Salazar, and other fascist leaders – one in which the only role of ‘markets’ is to provide an incentive-system, but in which the ‘markets’ are totally controlled by government. This is not capitalism, but true fascism, which is also sometimes called Socialism 2.0.

I want to be very clear that I am not equating Warren with Hitler, and when I listed fascist leaders (above), I intentionally left his name off. Adolf Hitler had a very specific form of fascism that focused on race. I am not equating Elizabeth Warren with that, but I am saying that her fiduciary changes would give her totalitarian, fascist control over the economy, and her version of the ‘Green New Deal’ would give her totalitarian, fascist control over every other aspect of the human condition.

I also want to be clear that I am not calling Elizabeth Warren an evil person. I am very confident that Elizabeth Warren would look at herself as a benevolent tyrant. I think she looks at the world around her, and genuinely thinks she could make it a better place, if only she had the power to do so. I also recognize, however, that for every Augustus Caesar there is a Caligula, and that for every Elizabeth Warren, there is an Adolf Hitler. There is an old truism that ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ and based on this, we should expect bad despots to be the norm, rather than the exception, and should demand that our government never have the power Elizabeth Warren envisions.

Elizabeth Warren is also against the Second Amendment.  On the one hand, she says she wants to ‘protect legitimate gun rights,’ but on the other hand, she wants to ban ‘assault rifles’ and ‘large capacity magazines,’ has made contradictory claims regarding semi-automatic weapons, and wants to tax guns and ammo at prohibitively high rates, to discourage ownership.  She also wants to allow victims of gun crimes to sue gun manufacturers – a move that would put them out of business – and she wants to take on the NRA’s right to lobby congress.

Perhaps the most astounding part of Elizabeth Warren’s stance on guns is how she introduces it.  She said, “You’ve got to start with a goal. I haven’t heard anybody else talk about a goal.  What I’ve heard them talk about is here’s one thing we’ll do, and one thing we’ll do, and one thing we’ll do, and then we’ll quit.”

Ironically, Elizabeth Warren does not tell us what her ‘goal’ is, but her criticism of others for doing a little and then quitting gives us an indication that her current focus is but a starting point – and that in the long run, she wants to end gun ownership, period.

On other issues.. Elizabeth Warren wants to abolish the death penalty, nation-wide, and wants to ban minimum sentencing. Elizabeth Warren also wants to end cash-bail. Nobody is going to call her ‘tough on crime’…

Elizabeth Warren wants a $15 minimum wage, and a federal jobs guarantee. She also wants broad family leave, and medical leave, guaranteed by government.

Elizabeth Warren would make all college free, but she would only wipe out some existing student loans. Most Americans would still have to pay their student loans, even while paying more in taxes to pay for other people to go to college for ‘free.’ You can read about how ‘free college’ is a bad idea here.

Elizabeth Warren would end the Electoral College, and allow felons to vote.

Elizabeth Warren wants abortion-on-demand, at tax payer expense, and Medicare for All. You can see why Medicare for All is a bad idea here.

Elizabeth Warren wants to repeal all laws regulating border crossing (all crossings into our country would be legal), and wants to use federal ‘border security’ funding to make border crossing safer. To Elizabeth Warren, ‘border security’ covers the security of people crossing the border – not the security of the border itself.

Elizabeth Warren wants to radically slash defense spending, and to end overseas deployments, and ironically, though she criticizes Trump on China, like Trump, she wants to use tariffs liberally, as a tool to control the behavior and trade policies of other countries.

Elizabeth Warren is intelligent, and combative. She can command a debate stage, and though anger may be the only emotion she shows (I often compare her personality to that of a block of wood), anger is the primary emotion Democrats are going to vote on in 2020. If Warren is the Democratic Nominee, she will attack Trump relentlessly, and though I do not know that her attacks will deplete Trump’s base, it will energize hers.

Elizabeth Warren is a serious contender for the Presidency of the United States, but her policies would be absolutely ruinous for our country. Warren promises everything one could ever desire, all ‘for free,’ but on policy after policy, and issue after issue, her promises end actual freedom.

More than anyone else currently running for the Presidency, Elizabeth Warren is a fascist, and whatever name she wants to apply to her fascism, we must reject a Warren presidency.

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  1. Retraction: This article originally attributed the ‘rose by any other name’ quote to the character of Romeo. It was actually said by Juliet, and the article has been corrected to reflect that.

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