Fix the Election System or it’s Civil War

There are several separate questions that can be asked.

The first one is obvious. ‘Did vote fraud occur?’ Yes it did. In Michigan there is clear video evidence of it. There are reports of possible fraud in other states as well.

The second question is also pretty obvious. ‘How many votes were fraudulent?’ If the level of fraud is not enough to change the results, then while fraud is always bad, in terms of the election, it did not affect the results. I think it is more than possible that the level of fraud in Michigan was enough to change the results. It appears the fraud was centered in Cobo Hall (Detroit), and that the level of fraud was about 200,000 votes. I don’t know what the level of fraud was in other states, but only Pennsylvania allowed votes past the close of the election, and it does not take three days to count votes unless someone is adding new ones.

The third question is the hard one. ‘Can you prove in a court of law that enough fraud occurred to overturn the election?’ That’s a pretty big hurdle to jump, and I would be very surprised if Trump can do that. And if he can, it might actually be worse than if he can’t, as it would expose the entire American election system as being a fraud, and would make us, by definition, a banana republic.

I’m all for legal processes, and if Trump wants to challenge the election he has that right, but I would strongly caution people against getting their hopes up.

On a wider level, the Democrats never accepted the results of the 2016 election, and we Republicans will never accept the results of the 2020 election. Both parties agree that our election system is a sham, and by extension any government running under that election system is illegitimate. Since we all agree that the United States is no longer a Democratic Republic, can we have a conversation on making it a Democratic Republic again? Frankly, either we come up with an election system both sides agree on (and with blockchain that should at least be possible), or we have a civil war. There is no third option.

You want mail-in balloting to be the norm? Fine. But every vote goes through blockchain in a way that verifies not only that the ballot counted was also the one sent to someone, but also that it was in fact filled out by the person it was sent to, and that this person is a legal voter.

When someone mails their mail in ballot, they should have to scan it in to update blockchain that the ballot is now with the post office. If you have a smart phone you could do that using your mailbox, but if you do not you should have to drop it off somewhere where it can be scanned. The vote should be scanned when the postal worker picks it up, and every time it is moved thereafter until it gets counted. Any lost vote could then be tracked down – we would at least know who lost it and when. If we can track Amazon packages, we can track mail in ballots.

Use machines as vote counters. There is absolutely no reason why any human other than the person who cast a ballot should ever have to look at it, after it has been cast.

You need a state ID to buy a pack of cigarettes or a beer. Perhaps more importantly, the kinds of voter suppression Democrats are afraid of were done before 1964, BY DEMOCRATS. Democrats using their own history of voter suppression as an excuse to keep our elections from being secure – I’m sorry but those days are gone.

Every vote should be safeguarded by blockchain. They get scanned when they are cast, so scanning them into block chain should not be a problem. There should also be a way for voters to check their vote, as counted, against their vote as cast.

Voter rolls should also be secured by blockchain. When you move and update your residence, it should AUTOMATICALLY update the voting rolls. The same thing should be true when someone dies.

The technology exists to fix our election system. It is high time we use it. It’s that or civil war.