Left-Leaning Corruption

Is Donald Trump corrupt? I’m not going to answer that in this post (though I will look at the specific accusations against him), but I am going to look at the corruption of those leading his impeachment hearings, and of those running against him. Let us look to see how corrupt the Democrats are…

Everyone knows that Hunter Biden was paid $85,000 per month to sit on the Board of Directors for the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, and that Hunter Biden had no background in energy, nor any role within Burisma Holdings (other than lending the Biden name to it). Most people even know that Hunter Biden was paid ten-times as much as other board members (those with actual roles in Burisma Holdings), and that Hunter Biden was shuttled back and forth between the United States, and Ukraine, on board his daddy’s jet (Airforce Two), at taxpayer expense, when he was negotiating with Burisma Holdings’ owner (who later fled to Russia to avoid going to prison), to sit on the board.

There is actually quite a bit to the story of Burisma Holdings, and the mainstream media’s utter abortion in reporting it, which you can read here. Suffice it to say that the Bidens reek to high-heaven in corruption, and that the Biden family has made a fortune trading political power for money.

China is waging an economic and informational war against the United States, and actively censors our mainstream media. You can read about that here, and when you do read about it, keep in mind that Joe Biden, back when he was the Vice President, used to take Hunter Biden with him to China, where Joe Biden helped his son sell billion-dollar hedge funds to Chinese officials, with whom Joe Biden was also negotiating matters of public policy. Was that illegal? Perhaps not, but it should be…

Our mainstream media defends the Bidens by saying that there is no evidence that the Bidens broke any laws, and at the same time the same media tells us that even though Donald Trump has not broken any laws, he should be removed from office for allegedly doing something that Joe Biden openly bragged about having done.

Every indication exists that Joe Biden has done everything the Democrats are accusing Donald Trump of, and yet Joe Biden is the Democratic Front Runner to replace Donald Trump as President.

Joe Biden is worth $9 million – a fortune he amassed while working in public office.

California, in the meantime, has spent over $5 billion on a high speed rail project that will cost an estimated $39 billion. Do you know who is in charge of the project? Dianne Feinstein’s husband. Dianne Feinstein is worth $80 million.

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi created legislation that subsidized her own husband to invest in a company that was, in turn, donating to Democratic political campaigns? Nancy Pelosi is worth $120 million.

Jarold Nadler is worth $10 million, and as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, he is one of the people leading the impeachment of Donald Trump. Nadler made his fortune the old fashioned way – insider trading (which is legal only for members of Congress – if you did the same thing, you’d go to prison).

Adam Schiff is the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and is also leading the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. Adam Schiff is worth $2 million, earned through insider trading. Adam Schiff also helped the whistleblower write the report Schiff then used to start the impeachment hearings on Donald Trump.

Can you imagine the public outcry that would ensue if state prosecutors were allowed the write the evidence they would then use against people accused of crimes? For that matter, can you imagine the public outcry that would ensue had Trump done any of the things Joe Biden has done? When Trump does it, we are told he should be removed from office. When Biden does it, we are told he should be elected into office.

I could not make this stuff up. Truth is better than fiction…

Biden’s son made millions selling hedge funds to Chinese officials who were also negotiating such things as trade deals with Joe Biden. China censors our media. Trump is fighting a trade war to end the practices Joe Biden agreed to let China follow – such things as intellectual property theft. Our media, censored by China, hates everything Trump, and keeps defending the Bidens. Is that a coincidence, or is it likely that Chinese censorship would prefer a Biden presidency over a Trump one?

Elizabeth Warren (with a net worth of $8 million – $12 million including her husband) was hired to be the first non-white tenured professor in the history of the Harvard School of Law. DNA testing has proven that Elizabeth Warren is very likely the whitest person on the face of the Earth. Now, aside from the Saturday Night Live worthy moment when the President of Harvard held a press conference, bragging that Harvard had hired a Native American Professor of Law, and named this person to it’s newly created Board of Diversity, and then brought the whitest person on the face of the Earth out as their new face of diversity, consider for just a moment that audacity of Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Native American on a job application in the first place. I’m not going to knock Elizabeth Warren for how she made money – she did not break the law to get rich. She merely wrote books, including La società dei diseguali, with Thomas Piketty, who fraudulently made up the data he used to describe income inequality.

Elizabeth Warren also released three recipes in a book on Cherokee cuisine. One was called “Pow Wow Chicken,” and the other two were plagiarized.

All of the Democrats I’ve mentioned have spent their entire careers in public office, and have all gotten rich at the tax payer’s expense. Trump, in the meantime, got rich before running for office, and has lost about a billion dollars in net worth since taking office, and yet we are supposed to believe that Trump is the one selling our country out?!?

I am not even mentioning corrupt Democrats who are no longer in office. I even gave the Clintons (with a net worth of $225 million) a pass. I also left local office holders (Rahm Emmanuel is worth $14 million) alone.

I did not mention that the Clinton Foundation bankrolled the DNC in 2016, and used it’s control over the DNC to throttle Bernie Sanders ($2 million net worth). I did not mention any of the abuses of power Barrack Obama ($70 million net worth) committed either. I stuck only with those who are either leading the impeachment of Donald Trump, or who are currently running against him.

The ‘impeachment inquiry’ is a charade, showing just how afraid the Democrats are of 2020.

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