The United States of America: Shithole of the World?

I need to apologize in advance.  With the phrase ‘shithole’ now out in the public vernacular, the phrase is now a part of the upcoming election, and an effective illustration of what the upcoming election is all about.  I’m going to use this phrase freely in this article, even though using vulgar language is something I generally shy away from.  If the phrase offends you, I’m sorry, but our political discourse really has devolved to this.

Do you remember when Donald Trump turned the left’s collective stomach, by referring to some nations as ‘shitholes’?  I wrote an article defending the statement, in which I said that while the word ‘shithole’ is not very nice, the President’s statement is factually correct, and some nations really do qualify as that.

After the Democratic Primary debate last night, I’ve come to figure out why it is that Democrats were so upset about Trump calling other nations ‘shitholes.’  It’s not the phrase that Democrats find distasteful, but the application.  To many in the DNC, our country is the shithole, and as such, for our President to imply that other nations can be shitholes is criminally offensive.   The DNC wants to rise up, almost in one voice, and say, “No, Mr. President – you cannot call other nations shitholes, when in fact we elected you, making our nation the shithole.”

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cortez mocked those who want to ‘fix’ the American system, she was very clear in her intent. She said, “If you improve garbage by 10%, it’s still garbage.”  She was saying that the United States is economically, and culturally, garbage  (aka a ‘shithole’), and that rather than trying to fix what may be wrong with our county, we need to shit-can the whole thing, and start over.

Today’s political left can’t get enough of this kind of thinking.

The left thinks our country is a shithole, and that it should be shit-canned. This is why Megan Rapinoe, the co-captain of our women’s soccer team, will stand for every national anthem in the world, except that of her own country.  Megan Rapinoe takes a knee for our national anthem, because to her, our nation is a shithole.

Two days ago, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives offered $4.3 billion for ‘border security’, in a bill that forbids spending any money to build a wall, or to improve our border facilities.  That bill is dead on arrival in the Senate, who also passed a bill authorizing $4.3 billion for border security, but without restrictions on how the money can be spent.  The Senate bill is dead on arrival in the House.

Neither bill will ever become law.

But wait – there is more!  The Associated Press ran a photo the other day, of a father and his young daughter, face down on the bank of the Rio Grande river.  This photo was front and center in the Democratic debate last night, with Democrat after Democrat using it as evidence that Trump’s policies at the border make Trump responsible for those deaths.

Death is a terrible thing, so of  course those two deaths are a terrible tragedy, but let us put our emotion aside for a moment and dissect how Democrats are using those deaths, politically.  I think you will agree that Democrats are overjoyed about those deaths, and are quite literally dancing on the graves of those two people.

Two people die, trying to illegally cross the border.  The DNC blames Trump for those deaths, and then offers $4.3 billion to ensure that no one else dies trying to cross the border.  At the same time, most of the Democratic presidential hopefuls suggest that we decriminalize illegal border crossings (and note that NONE of the Democratic candidates said ‘no’ to that).

It should seem crystal clear that the $4.3 billion the Democrats want to spend on the border is not supposed to protect the border, but to protect the people illegally crossing it.  Let that sink in for just a moment…

I found it absolutely astounding that most of the Democrats running are all-in on open borders, until I realized that it is because they think our country is a shithole, and they want to shit-can the whole thing, such that they can build a new country from scratch.  Suddenly the calls for open borders make sense.  If most Americans are not going to go along with shit-canning the United States, it makes logical sense to bring in enough non-Americans, who have no regard for any aspect of the American Way of Life, and to give them the vote, such that those who want to shit-can the country, suddenly have the votes to do so.

Don’t vote based on love of country, but because you want your student loans forgiven, you want free college, you want socialized medicine, and you want all kinds of other things, all for free.  The fact that our country does not currently provide whatever anyone wants, whenever they want it, for free – to Democrats, that’s just proof our country is a shithole.

Many Democrats, including the majority of those running for the Presidency, have finally taken their gloves off.  They no longer pretend to support the United States of America, or to show any pretense of being patriotic.  The DNC is, instead, making this election a referendum on the very nature of the United States, so let me boil the election down to it’s most basic question:  If you think the United States of America is the shithole of the world, vote Democrat.  If you disagree, you must vote Republican.