What Kanye West has Exposed on the Left

Kanye West has become persona non grata on the left.  His crime?  He formed his own opinion.  The response from the left is reminiscent of an old breakfast cereal commercial:  “Silly Kanye!  Opinions are for White People.”

What Kanye has discovered is the same thing other prominent African Americans have discovered in the past: there is a set group of beliefs, all based on blame, that the left focuses on, and nobody who is not white is allowed to have any opinions that run counter to those beliefs.  More importantly, Kanye has discovered that the left has no interest in solving the problems in our inner cities, as if they did solve the problems in our inner cites, the left would no longer be able to get those who live in the inner cites to vote based solely on blame.

The problems in the inner cities are actually pretty easy to define:  the public schools in our inner cities are generally much worse than are the public schools in the suburbs, there are no real economic opportunities in the inner cities, and crime is too high in the inner cities.  If the left were interested in solving the problems Kanye West wants solved, they would try to find ways to help children in the inner cities improve the educational opportunities available to them, they would try to bring economic opportunity back to the inner cities, and they would try to reduce crime.  What does the left call for instead?  The exact opposite of those things – the left wants to ban charter schools to force inner city children to continue going to failing public schools; the left wants to tax whatever businesses remain in our inner cities as ever higher rates, and to replace incomes with government assistance programs; and the left wants to label criminals as victims, and cops as criminals.  The end result of leftist policies?  The schools in our inner cities never improve, economic opportunity never returns, and the crime rates in our inner cites are going back up (after decades of improvement).

The left’s game is an easy one:

  1. Cause a problem
  2. Blame others (usually Republicans) for the problem
  3. Fight any efforts to solve the problem – it is OK to make the problem worse
  4. Run against those you blame for the problem
  5. Ostracize anyone with the audacity to question your narrative
  6. Rinse and Repeat with other problems

Kanye West, by seeing through items one through four, has run smack dab into item five.  The left does not allow black people to think for themselves, or as that commercial said, “Silly Rabbit!  Trix are for Kids!”

Consider what would happen if we actually solved the problems in our inner cities.  With better educational backgrounds, and stronger economic opportunities, the people living in the inner cities would start to acquire actual wealth.  Some of them would move to the suburbs.  In the meantime, some of the people in the suburbs, attracted by all a thriving city has to offer, would move to the inner cities.  People, now more wealthy, would start to look at the tax portion of their paychecks and wish the government took less of their income.  People would start to want more, rather than less, economic opportunity, and would ask for government policies that are more, rather than less, attractive to businesses.

In short, people would become Republican.

Democrats will never allow solutions to our inner city problems, as if those problems were solved, there would be nothing to blame Republicans for, and many current Democrats, suddenly acquiring wealth, would want to keep it and become Republicans.

And it really is as simple as that…

For more on the racism of the left, please see American Apartheid.


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