American Defeat: The Art of War

One of the most pivotal works ever written was The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu breaks warfare down into subsets of five basic rules: 1) Make yourself stronger than your enemy, 2) Make your enemy weaker than you, 3) Know yourself and your enemy completely, 4) choose the proper tactics (based on a complete understanding of both yourself and your enemy), and 5) use disinformation against your enemy. Sun Tzu also said that the ultimate goal was to win the war without fighting at all.

Making yourself stronger than your enemy is often pretty straight forward. You may already be stronger than your enemy, in which case Sun Tzu suggests you attack, with the specifics of how you attack being determined by how much stronger you are. If you are weaker than your opponent, you might divide the enemy into pieces that can be attacked individually, such that though you are weaker overall, you can be stronger in each battle.

Sun Tzu has rules like, “Make yourself appear strong where you are weak, and weak where you are strong,” such that if the enemy attacks, they attack where you can easily repel the attack, and also such that the enemy’s position allows you to strike their weak spots with strength.

With regard to China and the United States, the most important rule Sun Tzu had was, “Control your enemy, and you control the war.”

I wrote an article about a year ago, before anyone had heard of Covid-19, about how China was waging a ‘Non-Kinetic’ war against the United States. This article follows up on that earlier one. Now I am saying that the war is over, and China has won. China won in the most brilliant of ways, according to Sun Tzu – China defeated the strongest nation in the history of the Earth without even fighting.

I’m not going to retread the entire China War article (if you have not read it, you might click the link in the paragraph above), but in a nutshell, our major media houses are globally owned, and China traded access to the Chinese media market (which is several times larger than our own) for the right to control our media. This Chinese censorship is entirely voluntary, but if CNN, just as one example, does not follow Chinese censorship, China shuts all of Time Warner out of the Chinese media market. Time Warner makes a lot more money producing media for the Chinese than for America, and so they have made a business decision to submit to Chinese censorship. Everything we see on all of our major media channels is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

I’ve suspected for some time that China even has such a contract with News Corporation, and through it, with Fox News. Being able to censor Fox News gives China the ultimate advantage, in that they censor the American voice of opposition, and by controlling the voice of opposition, they control American dissent.

Were it not for Fox News, the opposition party would create it’s own news source – one China does not control. By using Fox as a source of chosen opposition, China is controlling both sides in every engagement.

Donald Trump was not someone China could control, and Donald Trump took a hard line on trade with China. Such unfair trade techniques as stealing all of the intellectual property from all companies who do business in China, and using currency manipulation to make Chinese produced goods cheaper, were costing American jobs. Trump was not only fighting back, but he was winning.

Over the past two years, China has been doing two things. One was to dump tens of millions of dollars into the Biden family, primarily through Hunter Biden, but also through other family members, to buy influence over a future Biden Presidency, and the other was to push Covid-19 into the United States, in the hope of making Joe Biden President of the United States.

During the election, the major American media houses refused to report anything about the Biden’s business dealings in China (and other places), and as a consequence, the American people did not know about those business dealings. Fox would touch on them, but the other media houses reported these stories as fake news. Where stories did come out, Big Tech censored many of them.

In the meantime, the mainstream media laid all of the blame for Covid-19 at Trump’s feet.

It is still possible, of course, that Trump may prevail in our court system, with votes that violate state election laws being discarded, and with recounts correcting ‘software glitches’ that counted Trump votes as Biden votes. Even there though, all Team Biden has to do is stall things out in the courts until December 14th, when the Electoral College votes. On December 14th, each contested state will have to choose how to proceed, with three possible choices: 1) use whatever results are current, 2) have the state legislature vote over who to give electors to, or 3) refuse to certify electors, and disenfranchise the state. States would use number 1, and since Joe Biden is currently considered the winner, that’s who would win, should Team Biden successfully run out the clock.

Joe Biden has sold American interests to the Chinese (and others) for money.

Let me be very, very clear in what I am accusing Joe Biden of. Joe Biden and his family have committed treason. That is my accusation.

I keep hearing false equivalencies saying that the Trumps too make money overseas. Yes they do, but what our China-controlled media left out when making those comparisons is that the Trump family has things to sell, in terms of real-estate deals, the building of hotels and resorts, Ivanka Trump’s jewelry business, and what not. The Trumps take part in actual business, with actual services and actual products that they buy and sell overseas.

The Biden family has no real-estate to sell. The only product the Biden family has ever had is Joe Biden’s power as Senator, Vice President, and now as the next President of the United States.

Trump sells real-estate. Biden sells the American people.

Another very subtle difference in this election is that of counting every vote, vs. counting every voter. When you count every vote, you include the fraudulent ones, whereas when you count every voter, you only count the valid votes.

Allegations of vote fraud in this election include video of a shift change in Wayne County, MI, where the poll workers coming in for their shifts carried as many fraudulent votes as they could carry. Republican observers were then thrown out of the room as those votes were counted (all observers were thrown out at 2:00 AM – the ballots arrived at 4:00 AM).

Trump will win Pennsylvania through the courts. One county in Michigan had a software glitch that counted thousands of Trump votes as Biden votes, and that software is used in 47 counties in Michigan, all of Georgia and Arizona, and in a number of other states. Democrats claim that the glitch affecting Antrim County, Michigan, is unlikely to affect other places using the same software, but we shall see if that is true.

What we do know is that the Democrats colluded with a British spy, and Russian bureaucrats, to create a fake dossier against Donald Trump in 2016, and that China spread a virus into the United States to affect the 2020 election. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to help China get it’s choice for President, and now the American people are being told we should accept the results of an election China used biological warfare to manipulate, and work to get along again.

Most of the American public is OK with Biden being President, and as a result, China has won the war.

Our one saving grace is the Senate. Without the Senate, Joe Biden cannot ratify a treaty, and cannot stack the Supreme Court. If we can hold on to the Senate (and perhaps flip the House in two years), we can run someone like Trump, but younger and less crass, in four years. Dan Crenshaw is my first pick.

But wait – there will be two Senate runoff elections in Georgia, and Republicans only have won 50 Senate races as of this writing. Since the Vice President is a tie-breaking Senate vote, it is still entirely possible for the Democrats to take the Senate.

What will the Democrats do if they take the Senate too?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants retribution, tweeting, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

Wajahat Ali, a contributing writer for the New York Times, wrote, “You can’t heal or reform the GOP who are now an extremist party. They have to be broken, burned down, and rebuilt. When Biden is in power treat them like the active threats to democracy they are. If those who committed crimes aren’t punished then they will be more emboldened.”

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich Tweeted, “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.” A group to do just that has been formed – the Trump Accountability Project. This group will, according to Michael Simon (a former Obama Administration member) provide “a record of every staffer, appointee, donor, and enabler.”

Brandon Friedman, who was a member of the Obama Administration, and who now works for the New York Daily News, said, “Whether Trump supporters are hostile or misled makes no difference to victims of gun violence, an uncontrolled pandemic and heartless immigration policies – all of which are choices. We should reach out to *those* families long before attempting to reconcile with deplorables.”

Preston Mitchum (a liberal community organizer in Washington DC) Tweeted, “I won’t empathize with, support, forgive, understand, make amends for, reconcile with Trump supporters. Not a single one. He was a proud white nationalist who proudly raised up many white supremacists. That’s who supported him. And I make no apologies for saying this.”

If you are a Trump supporter, understand that many of the Democrats don’t just want to gloat. Many Democrats blame you for all of the evil in the world, and they want to punish you for it. This is a party, much of which is out for revenge against it’s political opponents.

As for the policies a Biden Administration would bring forth? Ilhan Omar said it will be “the most progressive agenda our country has ever seen.” Elizabeth Warren said, “A band-aid approach won’t get the job done. We have a mandate for action on bold plans to meet these twin health and economic crises. That’s what Americans deserve – and that’s what I’ll be pushing for every single day.”

Understand that the Republican Party is not going back to what it was before Trump. Trump has changed the party structure for the foreseeable future. Those who believe in market economics of any kind (Keynesian, Austrian School, or Chicago School) will increasingly vote Republican, as will those who believe there can be a difference between global interests and American interests. The Democratic Party is now the party of central planning and political globalism – a country that refuses to recognize that there is any such thing as ‘American interests.’

If you love this country, you are a Republican. If you love freedom, you are a Republican. The Democrats will find out that there are a lot of Democrats, including in Congress, who are really Republicans, but who do not know it yet.

There are also a lot of Republicans who are quite possibly going to become Democrats. These are people who believe in some vestige of free markets, but who are political globalists. Whether these people stay Republicans, become Democrats, or form a third party, has yet to be seen. There are also socialists who are also nationalists. They are in a similar situation, in that neither party stands for them anymore.

The word ‘equality’ will become more and more of a political football, with both parties pushing for ‘equal opportunity,’ but Republicans using that phrase to forward equal treatment under the law, and improved opportunities for disadvantaged groups (as we have always done). Democrats will increasingly equate ‘equality’ with ‘equity,’ and though they will say they are for ‘equal opportunity,’ they will always gauge the equality of opportunity based on the equity of the results. The Democrats will also stand against those they feel are against their version of ‘equality,’ and as we have seen above, many Democrats will want blood.

We are becoming a one-party state where we are told what to think, and what to do, and where those who disagree or dissent are punished for that disagreement.

We are becoming China.

China has won the war.