Cenk Uyger, The ‘Young Turks,’ and the Armenian Genocide

This is a photo of Turkey, during the reign of the ‘Young Turks’ that Cenk Uyger named his show after. These are, of course, Christian women. They were also citizens of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, from a predominantly Christian region, known as Armenia.

Led by Talaat Pasha, the real Young Turks murdered 1.5 million Armenians, including the women in this photo, for the crime of being Armenian.

Crucifixion, incidentally, was invented by the Romans, who were trying to engineer the most painful, inhumane method of killing. The people committing an act of crucifixion are attempting to inflict as much agony, misery, and pain upon the people being killed (before they finally die), as humanly possible.

Take a good look at the women in this photo. They were crucified. Some of them are slumped over, and may already have been dead when the photo was taken. Others were clearly still alive, making this the last photo ever taken of them before they died.

Cenk Uyger named his show after one of the most brutal regimes in human history, and nobody bats an eye. His show is, in fact, the largest online ‘news’ show in the world.

Remember the Armenian Genocide the next time you see The Young Turks, and remember that the host named his show after the perpetrators of that genocide.

Note: I originally posted this to Facebook, and it was shared several hundred times. It’s an important message, so I wanted to put it into a blog post as well. I received a correction, of sorts, on Facebook, that I want to also discuss, regarding the authenticity of the photo.

It turns out that this photo was used in a 1919 movie, called Auction of Souls, as shown below. You’ll notice the crease between the close-up of a woman on a cross, and the other women on crosses. This is because the two photos were taken separately. The right part of the photo, which is a reverse of the photo at the top of this article, really was used in that movie, but it’s also a real photo from the Armenian Genocide, and a rare one at that, as the Young Turks did not generally use crucifixion to kill Armenian women.

What the Young Turks usually did was to impale women on large, sharpened poles, with the sharp end of the pole inserted deeply into their privates, and then leave them to die.

Whatever the case, Cenk Uyger needs to be held accountable for naming his show after the Young Turks.

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  1. You should also have noted that he is/was the founding member of Justice Democrats, the organization openly committed to the overthrow of the American Constitiutional system. This organization funds, controls and manages the likes of Cortez, Omar, Sanders and many more that are yet to be openly acknowledged.

    1. I don’t know that I want to do that with this post, but my next post will be on how the progressive wing of the Democratic America has a Balkanized image of America, in which identity groups are the only things that matter, and I can certainly link the Justice Democrats in as a part of that. I can go so far as to call them a parasitic political party that has infected the Democratic Party, with a goal of killing its host.

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