Justice Democrats and Parasitic Politics

About a year before starting The Daily Libertarian, I had an opportunity to speak at a Tea Party event on how both the quality, and affordability, of everything in our economy improves over time, except in those industries, like healthcare and college, where government intervenes to make things ‘more affordable’.

The speech went well, and after the meeting a number of people took the time to tell me how much they enjoyed hearing me speak. What I found most interesting, however, was the makeup of the Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party viewed itself as being at war with what they called ‘Republicans in Name Only’, or RINOs. The Tea Party was trying to take over the Republican Party from within, in order to rebuild it in the Tea Party’s image.

I wrote a short piece a couple of weeks ago on how Cenk Uyger named his Internet News Show (‘The Young Turks’) after one of the most brutal, genocidal tyrannies in modern history. Cenk Uyger also founded a political party, called ‘Justice Democrats,’ that is in some ways reminiscent of the Tea Party. Just as the Tea Party was designed with the goal of devouring and replacing the Republican Party from within, so too Justice Democrats are a parasitic party trying to feed on, to devour, and to replace the Democratic Party from within.

According to the official Justice Democrats website, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a real politician, but an actor, who was hired by the Justice Democrats to run for the House seat she now holds. And she is not the only one. Justice Democrat candidates won in 78 primaries, and 26 general elections, including seven seats in the House of Representatives. Other Justice Democrats in the House of Representatives include Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Raul Grijalva, Ro Khanna, Ayanna Pressley, and Pramila Jayapal.

Incidentally – everything I am posting about the Justice Democrats comes from their official website. While one might justifiably call this a ‘conspiracy,’ it is not a ‘conspiracy theory‘.

The Justice Democrats interview as many people as possible, for every election they try to win. Several thousand people interviewed to run for the seat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now holds. In other words, they don’t elect people, but actors, who represent the Justice Democrats rather than the voters. The Justice Democrats then demand 100% loyalty to the Justice Democrat platform.

Whereas the Tea Party was nothing more than a grass-roots organization, loosely affiliated to move the political needle, the Justice Democrats go far beyond that. The Justice Democrats goal is to force all Democrats to embrace their platform, or, as they put it, “If the Democrats refuse to embrace this platform, they’ll continue to lose, either to Republicans or to us.” Rather than being a grass-roots organization of like-minded people, the Justice Democrats are a centrally controlled political machine, and so far, they control seven Congressional seats.

Cenk Uyger is one of the founders of the Justice Democrats, but he is no longer listed as one of it’s leaders. The official leaders, according to the Justice Democrats’ website, are Alexandra Rojas, and Nasim Thompson. In interviews, these two women make it clear that their goal is to radically transform the United States into a very different country, utilizing things like the Green New Deal to balkanize the country into identity groups, which can then be controlled by (you guessed it) the Justice Democrats.

The Justice Democrats say they are for racial justice, but their website makes it crystal clear that their version of ‘justice’ is based, not on equality under the law, but on equity of outcome. Rather than trying to build a country where we are all Americans, and where people are judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin, Justice Democrats want a country where identity group affiliations, driven by such things as ethnicity, are the only things that matter.

Here is how Justice Democrats defines ‘Fighting for Racial Justice’, again – from their own website: “we will continue to advocate and push for justice, equity, and equality in all manner and forms, and will sponsor and vote on legislation to secure the same. We support a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the generational harms caused by slavery and Jim Crow and propose remedies.”

Note the use of the word ‘equity’ with the phrase ‘in all manner and forms.’ Note too that ‘truth and reconciliation’ of ‘generational harms’ means never-ending reparations, based on anything but actual truth. The Justice Democrats promise to seize all economic output, and to redistribute it, with the twin goals of ‘equity in all manners and forms,’ and ‘reconciliation <for> generational harms’ along ethnic lines.

If you want a balkanized state where all groups vie for political power, to steal from other groups, with someone like Cenk Uyger calling the shots, the Justice Democrats are for you. If, on the other hand, you want something resembling ‘E Plurbis Unim’ (our national motto – ‘out of many, one’), the Justice Democrats are your mortal enemy.

The Justice Democrats demand complete adherence to the Green New Deal, which runs with a price tag of at least $9.3 trillion a year. That’s half our total economy. Never mind that a reading of the Green New Deal sounds eerily similar to a reading of the Communist Manifesto – even if we ignore that, think for just a moment of the impact of spending literally half of our total economic output, with the goal of making energy unaffordable. Does that sound like good policy?

Even if we accept the Justice Democrats ridiculous contention that we will all die in ten years, unless we give them complete control over every aspect of our lives, it is not a foregone conclusion that living under Cenk Uyger’s vision of paradise would be preferable (and particularly when he names his show after a genocidal group). Whatever money you don’t spend in taxes will have to go toward rebuilding your house, as the Green New Deal calls for either a complete retrofit, or a complete rebuild, of every single building in the country. Airplanes? Banned. The Green New Deal would even ban the hamburger, on the grounds that cows fart.

One thing the Justice Democrats don’t seem to understand, or to have any gratitude for, is the fact that we live in a world where life has the opportunity to be something other than brutal and short, only because of the efforts of the people who lived before us. While it is true that world history includes a great deal of oppression (and American history is no exception), it is also true that world history, and particularly American history, includes all of the human progress ever achieved.

The only reason our lives are as good as they are today is because of the ‘generational harm’ we call ‘cheap and reliable energy’. We’ve gotten better at creating energy over time, making it both more affordable, as well as less harmful on the environment. The notion that we will make the world a better place by eliminating the very progress that has created a modicum of comfort – that’s absurd. And the lack of generational gratitude Justice Democrats show is breathtaking.

The truth is that the cleanest nations on Earth are also the most wealthy, and when you see oceans of plastics choking out the environment, that’s not caused by straws in California, but by plastics in poor nations. If we want to improve the world, we have to improve the lives of the people living in those countries.

The ability to even worry about a clean environment is a privilege of the rich, and if we want other countries to join us in building a better world, we need to help them develop cheap, plentiful energy, by doing exactly the opposite of what the Green New Deal calls for. For that matter, if we want to have prosperity without war, we need to do the exact opposite of the balkanization of the public Justice Democrats call for. Whatever the Justice Democrats call for, it’s a safe bet we should do the exact opposite of that.

The Justice Democrats are a radical, anti-Constitutional, parasitic political party, that wants to devour, first the Democratic Party, and then our nation, replacing our relative prosperity with a re-dedication to poverty, and a balkanization of the public. We must recognize this party for what it is, and we must act accordingly. No person with any affiliation to the Justice Democrats should ever hold political office, and those currently in office must be removed come 2020.