China: The Enemy Within

I wrote an article last week about how, in 2015, China declared war against the United States. China has been waging an intellectual and economic war ever since.

Media houses do not make money selling media, but rather, by generating an audience, and then selling that audience to advertisers. Advertisers are not interested in the media itself, so much as in the eyeballs watching it.

China has 1.6 billion eyeballs, and the government of China can turn those eyeballs off at the flick of a switch. China tells our media houses that if they publish things China does not like, China will cut them out of the Chinese market, dramatically reducing their ability to build an audience, and thus, to make money.

China has actually been influencing our media for a lot longer than 2015, but in 2015, China decided to take military control over the South China Sea, turning reefs into what are essentially stationary aircraft carriers. 1/3 of all world shipping goes through the South China Sea, making it the most important shipping route in the world. China defies international law by claiming the South China Sea as territorial waters. The intellectual and economic war against the United States is designed to weaken us, such that we are not willing to defend the Freedom of the Seas in the South China Sea.

That’s a very brief overview, and if you have not already read that article in its entirety, I encourage you to do so.

I also posted a video in which I showed how China wants to make Trump a one-term President, so they can continue their intellectual and economic war. If you have not seen that video, I encourage you to do so.

I posted the China article in a number of left-leaning forums, and the response surprised me. About 60% of the responses downplayed the importance of what China was doing, and 40% openly supported China, saying this was a war the United States needed o lose.

I was not surprised that 60% of those in left-leaning forums would poo-poo China’s war against the United States, but I was surprised by the other 40% of responses. Many on the left want the United States to lose.

We can look at history to see similar viewpoints. The French, for example, bore the brunt of World War One, with 1.4 million French soldiers killed, and another 4.3 million wounded. France literally lost a generation of young men.

Between the wars, France taught that ‘it is better to kneel speaking German, than to stand speaking French,’ and that ‘France is not worth defending.’ French students were taught that all war is bad, including both offensive and defensive war.

The result of all this anti-French passivism was that, when the Germans attacked again in 1940, most French units either fled, or surrendered, as soon as they came into contact with German forces. France did not lack the ability to win, so much as they lacked the willingness.

Flash forward to today, and American students are being taught largely the same things that French students were taught between the World Wars.

How pernicious are the pro-China / anti-American viewpoints on the left? Bernie Sanders recently said that, “China has done more for poverty eradication than any other country in the history of civilization.”

The truth is that China is currently committing genocide in Uyghur and Darfur, and that the reductions in world poverty have come primarily from American investment in foreign economies – or, in other words, from free market reforms (the exact opposite of what Bernie Sanders would prescribe). China, however, wants our youth to believe that China, rather than the United States, represents the way forward, and Bernie puppets this view to his followers.

Trump understands that China cannot defeat us economically, unless we let them, and Trump is waging a trade war against China, to force China to stop waging both an economic, and an intellectual, war against the United States. China is, in turn, controlling our media, such that virtually all of the coverage on Trump is negative.

I am not convinced that Xi Jinping can wait until 2021 to negotiate an end to the trade war, but that is Jinping’s plan, and if Jinping is successful in ushering in a Democrat, then we, rather than China, will cave, and the war against the United States will continue.

If economic necessity forces China to negotiate before the next election, Trump will win reelection. If China holds out until after the election, and Trump wins anyway, the prospect of four more years will force China to negotiate, and China will cave.

The election of 2020 will be, quite literally, a vote to determine whether the United States should remain the leader of the Free World, or whether China should emerge as the new world leader.

Our media has become a bit of a Trojan Horse, turning millions and millions of Americans against our own country, and particularly against our own President These Americans are like Ulysses, running around within our walls, trying to open the gates.

The media claims that Trump is a liar and a racist, but if one digs into each supposed lie, and each supposed case of racism, one quickly finds that most of the lies are inconvenient truths, and that most of the acts of racism are anything but. China, however, learned from Joseph Goebbels, and repeats, through our media, that Trump is a liar and a racist, until in the eyes of the American public, China’s lies become true.

Trump is trailing different Democrats, in some cases by what the media calls ‘historic margins,’ but really, it is anyone’s guess who will win the election. What is clear is that this election is a decisive one in the Chinese war against the United States, and that the decisive battle will not be fought in the South China Sea, but at the American ballot box.

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3 thoughts on “China: The Enemy Within”

  1. What too many in the EU ad the US fail to recognize, our real adversary is not Russia, but China. China can do almost anything without real blow-back from the West. The premier of China declared himself “President for Life”, so he doesn’t have to respond to any audience except a few of his own kind who support him. China does a clever job at taking control of countries through uneconomical loans. Its much less expensive than waging a war, plus their PR is positive. What Trump is doing should be applauded. Their biggest enemy is an economic strangle through exports. Americans fail to see how they are despised in the East, from the Russians to all the way the Philippines.

    1. Xi Jinping also has to worry about those immediately under him, who might want to replace him, but other than that, you are absolutely spot-on!

  2. Anytime a dictator is in power, he/she must be looking over their shoulders. For now we don’t know who is trying to un-lodge him. However his greatest nemesis is President Trump. I may not agree with Pr. Trump of his method, but in full support of what he is doing. Only President Trump is able to make changes in China. Fortunately he has the fortitude and stamina to see through the much needed action.

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