Cultural Marxism – Created by Angry White Men

One of the great ironies of Political Correctness, Critical Theory, Post Modernism, and Cultural Marxism, is that these concepts all came from angry white men in France and Germany.

The roots of Postmodernism sprang up from a bunch of angry white men as a part of the French Revolution, under the first government (called ‘The Directorate’), on the notion of there being no such thing as ‘objective truth’. All this did was to give the mob the excuse to start lobbing off heads. They lobbed off the heads of the nobility, anyone with ties to the nobility, anyone rich, and eventually anyone who did not like having so many heads lobbed off. Eventually even the leadership of The Directorate lost their heads, and the people of France, none of whom were beyond the reach of the Guillotine, were very happy to see Napoleon Bonaparte end the rule of Post Modernism.

Cultural Marxism has its roots in Germany after World War One, where a bunch of angry white men lamented the fact that the Western World was so wealthy that even the proletariat wanted to keep things relatively as they were. These angry white men wanted to destroy individualism, and realized that to do so meant destroying Western Civilization. The concepts of White Privilege, of the West being a patriarchal society, of Western nations being evil – all of that came out of Germany after being baked up by angry white men.

Today we are told that there are no objective truths, but rather than we each have our own truth, and that all facts only become real when they are observed. Observation is subjective, and so facts are inherently subjective as well. That in a nutshell is Post Modernism. It blends in very well with Critical Theory and Political Correctness, which says that the dominant group in a society (white men in our case) always oppress everyone else if left free, that only oppressed groups have the right to discuss their oppression, and that any member of an oppressed group who denies their oppression is a traitor to their group. Freedom becomes the cause of oppression, and the only way to have freedom on any scale is to submit to the oppression of an all inclusive state.

The three beliefs all blend together into one neat, tidy, Cultural Marxist package.

Think of the irony that only people who are not white men are allowed to have a voice, but that they lose their voice as soon as they stop parroting the angry white men from France and Germany who made all of this stuff up.

If you are an ethnic minority, a female, a gay or trans person – anyone on the left who believes they are oppressed by a patriarchal, white society and culture, I would like you to to consider at least for a moment – before you chalk it up as “Wally’s truth,” and unimportant based on me being a white male – that YOUR ENTIRE BELIEF STRUCTURE comes from angry white men, and as soon as you think for yourself – as soon as you question the orthodoxy of those angry white men you blindly follow – you lose your voice.

At least those who believe in freedom and liberty, who still adhere to Western Culture and Western values, will let you have free expression, rather than silencing you for having any modicum of creative thought. We want you to have YOUR voice, whatever that voice may be. The left will only let you parrot angry white men from France and Germany who are long since dead. If you want proof of all this, simply take a step off the reservation of thought you are in, and watch the heads around you explode in anger.

If you really do want to stop parroting angry white men, you have to start thinking for yourselves, and that means giving up on Post Modernism, Political Correctness, Critical Theory, and Cultural Marxism.

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