Left Wing Extremism

We all agree on the point where right-wing extremism goes too far. The only debate is over whether or not ‘right wing extremism’ is truly ‘right wing.’ Conservatives reject identity politics in all forms, and the white supremacist and white nationalist groups that are often touted as ‘extreme right wing’ are also almost universally socialists, making it hard to call them ‘right wing.’

But be that as it may, we all agree that such groups are evil.

I would say that the real ‘Right Wing Extremists’ are those who border on being anarchists. Luckily their numbers aren’t much higher than are the numbers of white nationalists and white supremacists the left likes to call ‘right wing extremists’ (but that the actual right wing rejects).

How about left wing extremism? Hitler killed six million Jewish people and about twelve million people total. Everyone agrees that this was evil incarnate (whether or not he was truly ‘right wing’ is another matter – the right rejects him and fascism is a form of socialism). Stalin killed far more than that. I have never seen the number of Jewish people killed by Stalin, but he killed between 20-40 million of his own people, and that does not include the 14-20 million Ukrainians he killed.

How is it that Stalin gets a free pass?

Incidentally, Elizabeth Warren is running on a platform of fascism.

How about Mao? Mao did not kill any Jewish people, but only because China did not have any. He did kill between 100-200 million Chinese people.

How about extreme Islam? Many on the left are attacking Trump for standing up to Iran, after Iran had one of its Qud militias attack our embassy in Iraq (Qud forces have been attacking American forces in Iraq for more than 15 year).

Did you know that it is the official position of the Ayatollah of Iran, that he wants to kill every Jewish person on Earth? The Iranian people have a ‘the Holocaust did not happen’ art contest every year, that is half ‘there was no Holocaust,’ and half, ‘we can kill more Jews than Hitler did.’ Iran’s position is not that Hitler did not kill six million Jews, but that doing so was OK, and the Ayatollah vows to do better, if given the chance.

And the left supports this guy. I mean seriously – if you are on the left, what are you thinking?!? You are afraid of Mike Pence because he is too religious, but you are OK with the Ayatollah getting nukes?

The big question in left-leaning news sources (such as CNN) is whether or not the drone strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was in violation of International Law. Somehow, the question of whether or not Iran’s Qud forces, which operate as militias and terrorist organizations outside Iran, violate International Law, does not get asked. Let me answer that: the very existence of the Qud forces is in violation of International Law, and the attack Soleimani orchestrated on our embassy in Iraq was an act of war. Killing Soleimani could not have possibly violated International Law, but to the DNC, political attacks on Trump are more important than the safety and security of the United States.

I actually had someone on the left tell me yesterday, in a Facebook discussion, that our country would be better off with the Ayatollah as President, than with Donald Trump. And other people agreed with her.

I cannot debate such idiocy. It’s too stupid to even merit a response, and yet many on the left actually think this way. Is that not ‘too far’?

How about Che Guevara? People on the left like to sport his image on tee shirts, forgetting that he killed entire towns of people – every man, woman, and child – for not being supportive enough of Castro’s revolution. We’re talking like Old Testament brutality. After the revolution succeeded, and the numbers of people to kill started to drop, Che Guevara was given a cabinet position. He resigned and went to Central America, where he could continue to kill in larger numbers. Che Guevara is treated like a hero on the left, but in reality he was a mass murderer who enjoyed killing in large numbers. Che Guevara enjoyed killing children. Is wearing his likeness not going ‘too far’?

The left is like, “Hitler was bad. Let’s blame him on conservatives,” and in the meantime, FDR had a bromance with Mussolini before WWII, and those leftists who are not fascists support the only ideology on Earth that has proven to kill in even greater numbers.

Stop. You probably CAN kill more people – enough leftists have proven capable of that – but we’re sick and tired of your death cult and it is time to stop.

How about ANTIFA? People on the left excuse them, but they use violence to suppress whomever they consider ‘Nazis,’ and unless you are a communist, you qualify. They hate the police, free speech, free markets, anyone who votes Republican, etc., – and they believe that they and they alone have the right to use violence for political ends. ANTIFA originated as the brown shirts of the German Communist Party, and our ANTIFA differs from the original ANTIFA only in that they are nowhere near as effective as the group they emulate. The left excuses ANTIFA as if they are the new Boy Scouts, when in reality they are the largest terrorist group in the country, and if ANTIFA ever figures out which end of a gun the bullets come out of, we are in real trouble.

How long are we going to excuse the largest terrorist group in the country, just for being incompetent? Do we really want to see what ANTIFA looks like if they get their act together?

I had a waitress recently who had a hammer and sickle tattoo behind her ear. You have no idea how tempted I was to write on the check, “I would tip, comrade, but it would only project the power of your capitalist oppressors.”

As is, I tipped generously, as I always do, but the fact of the matter is that the left considers it cool to sport images representing the most murderous ideology the world has ever seen.

How do we know when the left has gone too far? What are the markers? Where is the shame?

The markers are obvious. Once you want to use government to restrict the freedom of a people (any people), you have gone too far. Right wing extremism (or, more accurately, what the left attributes to the right wing as extremism) is evil because it aims to restrict the freedoms of non-white people. We all agree that these groups are evil and vile. But what about groups that want to restrict the freedoms of other groups? If someone votes for someone you do not agree with, or says something with which you disagree, is it OK to bash them in the head?

Is it OK to physically attack off-duty policemen, or off-duty members of our military? Is it OK to treat them like enemies when they are on duty? Is it OK to pretend that white supremacy is somehow normalized when you can fit a KKK rally in the back of a Ford Fiesta, and is it OK to blame the entire conservative movement for groups conservatives reject, who hold views (like socialism) that are only popular on the left?

Perhaps more to the point, is it OK to reject the freedom of 330 million people because one person wears a white hood?

Newsflash: Were there never a Democratic Party, there would BE NO KKK!! The KKK used to march into the DNC every four years in full regalia. STOP BLAMING CONSERVATIVES FOR YOUR OWN FAILED MOVEMENTS!!!

Is it OK for one political party to constantly lie about the other one, and then to violently oppose the other political party, based on the lies it tells about it? Here is a hint – if you are too far on the left, that’s what you do, and if you are a left-wing moderate, you parrot the idiocy of the extremists.

And I, for one, have had enough of you.

Left-Wing Extremism in Germany

The role of government, in the American experiment, is to maximize the freedom and liberty of the people, and by ‘the people,’ I mean all of the people.

The United States welcomes more legal immigrants than any other nation on Earth. Is it really a sin to ask that we know who they are, and that we screen them to make sure we are not letting in criminals? Is it really a sin to call MS-13 members ‘animals’?

Is it really a sin to ask that immigrants assimilate?

The left is normalizing homelessness and crime. Where is the outrage? California has so much vagrancy that entire classes of disease we once eradicated are making a comeback. In what world is that OK? Does America really need a new plague?

Is the cure for heroin addiction really to give out free heroin? Really?!? I, for one, can think of better ways to spend my tax dollars than to buy drugs for junkies.

And yes – I just used the word ‘junkie.’

The left elects people who belong in loony bins. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been promised a major cabinet position by Bernie Sanders. Can you imagine her as Secretary of State? My mother tells me that I should not be too hard on her, as she is young and will learn. My thought is that maybe she should learn BEFORE people give her the reigns of power, but many on the left will vote for people like her in the hope that they become less crazy after they are elected.

What on Earth are such people thinking?

Virginia is actually thinking about using the National Guard to go door to door, confiscating legally purchased firearms. The only problem is that the National Guard has said they won’t do it, even if ordered, but the government of Virginia really does think it is OK to declare war on its own citizens.

In what world is that OK?

I’m sorry, but the left has gone too far.

Someone has to call out the lunacy that has become our political left. Someone has to say, “You know what – all of this garbage you are peddling, it’s NOT all right, so just stop.”

And I mean it. If you are on the left, stop. You have no idea just how stupid you have become.

This is a real world, and the consequences of real political actions affect real, flesh and blood human beings. We need adults running the show, and I’m sorry, but those of you on the political left no longer qualify.

If you are thinking about voting for a Democrat, please do us all a favor and shoot yourself in the head. Your party is a dumpster fire. Short of that, at least stop polluting the political landscape with your idiotic outbursts. I never cared about your feelings, and I am sick and tired of having them forced down my throat.

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