On Nationalism and the Globalist Agenda

[Edit] There are two forms of globalization.  One form deals with economic globalization, and the other deals with the globalization of cultures and values.  This article deals with the second type.  Economic globalization is of course beneficial to the world economy. [/Edit]

I am a proud nationalist, and you should be too.  In spite of the left’s constant attempts to make ‘nationalism’ sound like a bad word, all a nationalist is, is someone who believes in nationhood.  Nationalism is the belief that different peoples have different cultures, that when we visit other countries we should experience and appreciate their unique culture, and that the people who live in a particular nation are the ones who should decide what that nation should look like and how it should function.  Culture of course changes over time, but the best people to decide how the German culture should change are the German people, the best people to decide how the Chinese culture should change are the Chinese people, and the best people to decide how the American culture should change are the American people.

The opposite of ‘nationalism’ is ‘globalism.’  Globalists believe that nationalism causes war, and that the best way to provide world peace is to take all peoples and mix them up such that every part of the globe has the exact same mix of peoples.  Globalists reason that in a nuclear world, war is no longer something that can occur, that differences between values and cultures between different peoples cause wars, and that if we can only break down those differences and make every square inch of the world the same, we can have a world free from war.  Their goal is to migrate masses of people all around the Earth until every country has the same mix of cultures, values, religions, etc., and every square inch of the world is the same.  At that point, globalists believe there will be no need for war.

If globalists are wrong, then what they are causing are countries that are at war with themselves.  If globalists get their way and are wrong, we will have a world where every nation is in a perpetual state of civil war.

Thus far, globalists have been proven wrong.  Some cultures blend well whereas others do not.  Relatively slow immigration tends to work, as those who immigrate assimilate into the culture.  When mass immigration occurs, on the other hand, those who immigrate do not assimilate, but rather try to make the new country more like the old one.  This is particularly true in situations where people are moving from one country to another for welfare benefits rather than opportunities to work.  As a general rule, when people immigrate to a new country because they want to become a part of that country, immigration works, and when people immigrate to a new country purely for other reasons, it does not work.  Globalists believe that given time, people who are forced to live together will find ways to get along, and that any conflicts related to differences in cultures or values are temporary.  I personally believe that people who are open to letting others live differently can get along, but some cultures, particularly those deeply steeped in religion, and when, for example, one culture is tolerant of homosexuality and another believes that all gay people need to be killed, it is difficult to merge the differences, and particularly when people are migrating in mass numbers, such as globalists want to occur.

Globalists deposed Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and tried to depose Bashar Al-Assad in Syria.  The result was the largest wave of human migration in world history, from the Islamic world into Europe.  Globalists in Europe, like Angela Markel, have been proclaiming that the Europe of the past is dead.  Angela Markel said that Germans will have to get used to the fact that the predominant religion in Germany will now be Islam, and that it is the German people rather than the Islamic immigrants who need to integrate.  Part of this integration was on display this past New Year’s Eve, where at major German celebrations the German government setup tents as ‘rape-free zones’ where women could celebrate under armed guard.  Swedish police are advising women against leaving their homes alone.  The mayor of Cologne told women that they need to stay away from any men they do not know unless they wish to be raped.  I can post stories like these all day long.  The bottom line is that Europe went all-in on globalism, and Europe is now in flames because of it.

I am going to come under fire for posting links to factual articles that show how Europe is being destroyed by globalism.  I will be called ‘Islamaphobic’ for mentioning the rape-free zones Germany now sets up for concerts and other festivities, and yet the rape-free zones really are Germany’s way of dealing with the waves of violent rapes occurring within their borders.  What Germany is experiencing isn’t abnormal.  Sweden is having the same issues, as is France, and as are other European countries that have taken in millions of refugees from Islamic lands, and what is crazy to me, as a nationalist, is that globalist world leaders have taken absolutely no criticism in the mainstream media.  Angela Markel and other European leaders have intentionally destroyed their own countries, with the help of the Obama presidency, and the criminals are the people who notice the damage these people have done.  Those leaders should be tried in the Hague for crimes against humanity, but instead they ban people from speaking against them and press on.

Globalists are liars.  Globalists work to actively suppress speech.  Their minions in the media create more fake news than real, and if you want to see just how bad they are, watch this explosive documentary, titled Media Malpractice.  The fact is that we are being actively and openly lied to, such that we have no way of knowing what the truth is anymore.  Everything we call news is really propaganda.

I question the authority of globalists to radically transform societies that have existed and evolved, in some cases over millennia.  Germany exists for the German people.  Sweden exists for the Swedish people.  Poland exists for the Polish people.  Iran exists for the Persian people.  Japan exists for the Japanese people.  Libya exists for the Libyan people.  We have no right to use war to move millions of people, like sheep, from place to place, radically changing the lives of both the people we herd and the peoples into whose countries they migrate.  Who will rebuild the countries these people have left after their best and brightest have fled?  How many are dying along the way?  What proof do we have that the mass migrations of millions of people will make the societies into which they migrate better?  Under what authority do globalist leaders assume the right to radically change the lives of those in entire nations?

One of the best things Trump is doing is that he is trying to get rid of the globalists that run rampant throughout his administration, and this is probably the biggest reason he is so hated.  The fact that America elected a President on the promise of going a different direction does not dissuade the globalists.  People who are willing to start wars in pursuit of their political objectives will stop at nothing, and though we have a President who fights against globalism, his administration is filled with people who actively seek to undermine his authority.  Globalists preach unity and tell the country that we need to come together, but then with every turn, they seek to pull the country apart.

I am not a globalist.  I do not believe in a global government, but rather believe that the sovereignty of each nation should come from the people who live in that nation.  I believe people should be free to immigrate, but that they should be expected to adapt to the country in which they decide to live.  I don’t believe in radical transformation, as I believe that each generation is a bridge that connects the past to the future, and while we can build upon the past and improve things for the future, there is still a tremendous amount of wisdom baked into our past, and that wisdom should be preserved.  I am sick and tired of people pretending that all cultures are equal and that multiculturalism is somehow a good thing.  All cultures are not equal, and the best people to decide what culture should look like are the people who live within that culture.  Migrating millions of people with the sole purpose of forcing a new culture on a people is sick and evil, and the people who are behind these mass migrations are the lowest scum on the face of the Earth.

I hope Trump successfully turns the tide.  Europe may already be lost, and Canada is right behind them.  America is rapidly becoming the only bastion of Western culture left.

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