An Open Letter to Mr. Salcido of El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera California

Dear Pico Rivera School District,

One of your teachers – Mr. Salcido, of El Rancho High School – recently went viral on Facebook making disparaging remarks about the United States Marine Corps, after one of his students wore a Marine Corps sweatshirt to school. The student taped Mr. Salcido’s comments.

I would like to formally challenge Mr. Salcido to a debate. I spent four years in the Marine Corps Reserve, and another four on active duty in the Army. Based on Mr. Salcido’s comments, I must be one of the most uneducated idiots in the world for having spent two tours of service, in two separate branches of the military, and then to have left the military without so much as a pension. As such, I am sure Mr. Salcido can prove his point, in front of an audience – and online – on stage against an actual Marine. I was also an enlisted man, which should further assuage any fears Mr. Salcido may have in matching wits against me.

I do not want Mr. Salcido to walk in blind, so I will give a little background on myself. I am a two-service veteran, with twenty four years experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium-to-large manufacturing companies. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Networking and Telecommunications from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA with an emphasis in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. I am currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University. I am a published poet and essayist, as well as the Editor in Chief of the blog, I am the author of the book ‘The Way Forward: Lean Management,’ and am currently working on my second book, which has the working title, ‘Lean Governance’.

I’m a bit rusty at debate, but I was a debate champion in high school, many years ago. I suggest an unmodified Lincoln-Douglass debate format, with no moderator other than someone to keep time.

I would love the opportunity to meet Mr. Salcido so I can better understand how weak and uninspiring our military really is, and how dumb the members and veterans of our armed forces really are, myself included. Perhaps we can have dinner, and then have the debate in the auditorium of his High School. Being a Marine, I would prefer to debate him on his own turf, so I can embarrass him in front of his students, his friends, his family, and his colleagues. I want to leave no stone unturned – I want to expose Mr. Salcido, publicly, as the intellectual fraud he is.

Some topics that I might suggest include:

Are members of the military (and veterans) less intelligent than are members of the overall population? I will take the no position and Mr. Salcido can take the affirmative position.

Resolved: The United States should disband the military. I will take the negative position, and Mr. Salcido can take the positive position.

Are members of the military (and veterans) incapable of receiving an education? I will take the negative position, and Mr. Salcido can take the affirmative position.

Is the military necessary? I will take the affirmative position, and Mr. Salcido can take the negative position.

Does the United States have the most powerful military in the world? I will take the affirmative position, and Mr. Salcido can take the negative position.

Mr. Salcido may have some ideas for debate topics as well. I would love to hear them.

If Mr. Salcido accepts my invitation, I will open a gofundme account, and ask my fellow veterans to fund the trip. This will also likely lead to a fair amount of interest in watching the debate among veterans.

If you could forward this challenge to Mr. Salcido, I would appreciate it, as I do not have his e-mail address. To be completely honest, I would appreciate it more if you could fire him for cause. Having a high school teacher denigrate our armed forces to his students, and having him berate a student for wearing a Marine Corps sweatshirt to school – frankly your entire school district should be embarrassed and ashamed of this conduct, and particularly when one considers that Mr. Salcido’s right to say such things stems from the sacrifices of more than 683,000 men and women who bravely gave their lives defending this nation, as well as the countless millions more who served our nation with honor and distinction. Who is Mr. Salcido compared to these many millions of brave men and women?

Luckily, while someone has a right to say pretty much whatever they want, they also can be held accountable for what they say. Mr. Salcido said these things to students who look to him for knowledge and inspiration, and who are far too impressionable to be subjected to such willfully hateful lies and deceit.

If you will not do the honorable thing, in firing Mr. Salcido for his comments, then please allow me to do the honorable thing, in making him look as dumb and naive, in front of an audience, as he claims I must be.

I will thank you in advance for your prompt attention, and will look forward to your reply.

One final note – I am posting this e-mail, along with your e-mail addresses, on Facebook, and on my blog. I will do everything I can to bring as much attention to this situation as possible, and will encourage my followers to do the same. I will use the hashtag, #debatemesalcido.

Oh – And I want to stress again that I would have copied Mr. Salcido on this e-mail directly if I only had his email address. If you could forward it to him on my behalf, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again,

Wallace Garneau

PS: Feel free to visit my blog:

This letter was sent to the following e-mail address, at 11:00 AM EST, on January 27, 2018.  Feel free to reach out to them too, asking them to accept the challenge.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

You can see the videos of Mr. Salcido at the following link:

And use #debatemesalcido on Facebook and Twitter!!

Update – A viewer was kind enough to give me Mr. Salcido’s e-mail address.  I just forwarded the letter directly to him.  His e-mail address is [email protected].

Update – I have now sent this letter to the Pico Rivera city council, of which Greg Salcido is a member.  Thank you to those who suggested I do so!

134 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mr. Salcido of El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera California”

    1. Thank you
      Mr. Wallace Garneau for this outstanding letter.

      Thanks you for your dedication and service to our Country. 🇺🇸

    2. Yeah I’m an idiot too. JD and licensed attorney, Marine Vet too – I’m such a loser. To this rather elite teacher – go ahead, come out of hiding. There are a few million patriotic Americans waiting to meetvyou.

      1. Thank you Mr. Locke for your service. It makes me feel very proud of a US Marine Vet for all your achievements and support. Semper Fi!

    3. As an Ivy League educated military mom of an active-duty Army soldier, Salcido’s remarks are highly offensive. Clearly this teacher needs to return to school! Does he feel DACA and Latino soldiers – perhaps former students from El Rancho HS – also compose “the lowest of the low?!”

      Mr. Salcido apparently failed to consider GI Bill money that defrays the cost of higher learning; freeing these young men and women of college loan debt!

      Salcido also needs to be reminded that he LIVES in a country PROTECTED by those he is so willing to condemn.

      Shame on him!

    4. I would pay to see that debate. As a retired Navy (21 years) Senior Chief Independent Duty Hospital Submarine Corpsman with a B.Sc. from George Washinton University, MBA from Breanu University and and an MPA from Valdosta State University I find his comments both repulsive and ignorant! He disgraces the title he says he earned as “Teacher”, an otherwise most esteemed profession! I have served with many fine enlisted sailors and marines who went on and fulfil vital roles throughout our society! I also know oif many that were never given the chance to continue living because they needed the call to serve our country and paid either the ultimate sacrifice or were severely disabled! So Mr. Salcido, as we say put up or shut up! Personally, I think you crawl back in your hole and quiver In fear at the thought of meeting true warriors and Americans! Your kind always do! You are no teacher, just a coward!

    5. I am a retired Army Sargent 22 years active duty ,i also served in Iraq and Afghanistan , I have a Associates Degree in HVAC systems , also known as Environmental Technology , i also hold a degree CNST ,Computer Network Systems Tech. I attended school in the Pasadena school district , I currently live in Colorado , i own my home and run a small business with my wife of 15 years . the Military provided with many opportunities and opened doors for me, As an educator this man should be encouraging our youth to explore different career fields and not be belittling them on their choices . Just remember those that voted you in your office ,some of them could be veterans ,and next election you might not have your job,, btw , i am 58 years old and i graduated with 3.9 GPA ,,,,i hardly call myself mentally challenged ,,

  1. Mr Salcido and I use the term Mr loosely, just got schooled. Thank you Marine Wallace Garneau of the United Staes Marine Corp for your service to our Great Country.

  2. I guess me being an Army Vet makes me retarded, but I do also have a Bachelors Degree and also a Masters Degree, how many degrees does he have and I am a Army Veteran from the 2004 & 2005 OIF & OEF, maybe we should take him on a small tour so he can see what is like. It seems to me you are very naive Sir and keep our military comments to yourself, I really hope you apologized to him and his family.

  3. Thank you for your service!!! As a VERY PROUD mother of an active duty US MARINE, this “teacher” makes me sick to my stomach!!!! How dare he!!!! He has the right to say as he wishes, but his words come with consequences….good luck with this “teacher”!!!! 😡😡😡😡

  4. Lawsuit time for this “Educator.” He has been placed on leave for assaulting a male student and making inappropriate remarks to a female student previously. I think at this point the school should be held responsible.

  5. I would definitely like to follow this situation. I don’t expect this debate to actually take place because this teacher’s comments lead me to believe that he is the very definition of a coward. However, I’d love to hear him back down and claim how his comments were “taken out of context” or how he has been unjustly mischaracterized. Please keep us posted!

    1. The turd made the following comment on twitter, “but I want my friends, family, and students to know we are fine and we respect the rights of free expression for all individuals” pathetic excuse for trying to justify his ignorance. He should be removed from his city council position.

  6. Mr. Garneau,THANK YOU for your dedication to our country, our military, & EDUCATING the “educator”! As a VERY PROUD mother of an active duty US MARINE, this “teacher” infuriates me!!! He has the right to say as he wishes, but his words come with consequences…. I highly anticipate this debate!

  7. As a veteran and alumni of this high school, I would donate to send you out there. There is more to this guy that you need to read about. I would love for veterans to come together and stage something at the next board meeting. Enough is enough with this guy. From what I have heard, there needs to be a whole lot of change in that district, starting with the board.

    1. Run him out of town; off the council, out of the state, do not leave any stone unturned to push this traitor from his perch and follow the acts of the “school board” very very carefully, especially you lawyers who can let us know in what legal world the district will operate.

    2. If there is a “next” board meeting with a veteran protest, I will gladly attend. I’m a 23 year USAFR veteran with deployments in Dessert Shield/Storm and Somalia.

  8. He clearly does not appreciate his freedom and I would guess he was also a coward.

  9. I’m a Marine brat, Navy wife of 20 years & now a MoM (Mother of a Marine). Plus my brother who died in a car accident in 1997 served 2 years in the Marines. And a long family history of military veterans, WW I & II veterans, etc. This teacher has some nerve to talk about our military. He’s definitely ignorant. I listened to all of the videos. I want to see the debate go live as well as him finding new employment, preferably maybe he needs to go to boot camp, get a taste of reality & get his ass kicked. Send him to Sierra or Iraq or Afghanistan. Let him physically see why we need our military. Maybe he’ll develop some type of compassion for our men & women who sacrifice their lives for our country. Oh & as far as the military & not earning an education. Newsflash Mr. Salcido, active duty goes to school for free without touching their GI Bill until they are discharged or retired. My husband earned his bachelor’s degree while on active duty (20 years in the Navy) using Tuition Assistance plus pell grants, then transferred his GI Bill to me which changed into the Post 911 where I earned a bachelor’s & master’s degree before my husband retired. I’d rather go that route then tack up thousands of dollars of student loan debt that’ll send me into bankruptcy. I wouldn’t be surprised if this teacher has student loan debt. SMH for this man’s heartless & ignorant statements to these students. I hope the debate takes place. I’m team Wallace Garneau!!

  10. First of all thank you for your service! I am a disabled veteran, my husband is a disabled veteran and our son is active duty Marine! We all have an education. We are a military family and proud of it. This so called teacher needs to be fired. That is NOT teaching, that is bullying! How dare he tell that young man what to wear to school. And his comments are are so out of line. I hope that the parents of that young man hear this and hire a lawyer. Also I feel that the teacher is on the verge of tresson and should be charged as a terrorist. Maybe we should call ICE and make sure he is here legally? I will bet you he will not debate you because he is too stupid to actually answer your questions. Please keep us posted and let us know if he does debate you and your go fund me page. I would be happy to give you some of the 939 dollars I make as a disabled veteran.
    Again thank you for defending our military!
    Lisa Wagner

  11. This idiot who proclaims to be a teacher should be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan, not as a soldier, but as a target for shooting practice. He must have a Masters & Doctrine degree in Stupidity and must consider himself to be a Great and Awesome IDIOT 😱😱😂😂👩🏼‍🚀👩🏼‍🚀👨🏽‍🚀👨🏽‍🚀🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. I would be happy to contribute donations to see this take place. Sadly I doubt Mr. Salcido is capable of a dialectic conversation and will resort to ad hominems. I realize this is a big word for us military folk.

  13. As a Marine mother I found it abnoxious and disgusting the way he talks about our military. What I really want to say about him is not appropriate and I won’t go down to his level. One thing I will tell that feces is that he messed with the wrong people. THANKS TO ALL OUR MILITARY FOR THEIR SERVICE AND MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU. SEMPER FI ❤️🇺🇸

  14. I’m a resident and veteran I will be at the next townhall meeting I hope surrounding area veterans attend and demand his removal of his positions

    1. Thank you. Many of us would love to be there from around the country to support you while your supporting us to have him removed. I hope he is not only fired but run out of town. I feel sorry for his wife and kid because unfortunately they too have to live with the consequences as well. If she is smart she will leave him.

      1. I’m giving a speech on February 21st to the Oakland County Libertarian Party of Michigan, and will live-stream it. If Mr. Salcido accepts my challenge, I’ll live-stream that too.

      2. I dropped out of school in 1966 and joined the Marine Corps in 1967, served in Vietnam 1968-1969. At that time you either enlisted in the military or waited to get drafted { unless you got deferments like the clown that sits in the oval office today}. People like you would have been “fragged” if you were in Vietnam Mr. Salcido ! You probably couldn’t survive over there in a heartbeat. Nuff said , Mando out !

    2. Please keep us posted on the outcome of this meeting. Very interested to see how the Council handles this.

        1. I think that before your actually debate him on his own turf, you should take some of that GoFundMe money and buy tee shirts with big MC emblems and hand them out to every student in the school.

  15. I don’t do this but as a mom I have no choice. My son is incredible human if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be the person I am today. He is allowing me to be a MoM with his decision. I wait every day for the mailman in hopes I receive his first letter telling me he is okay. Recruit training is the hardest, mentality,physical and intellectual Challenge our children can go through. He choose to be a Marine he choose to serve our country he choose to protect our Constitution rights. For this man to say it’s the easy way out or I want my child out of my hair turns my stomach. God Bless our military God bless my son and most of God bless this man who has no understanding of the children that sacrifice on a daily basis to protect his freedom of speech.

    1. Dear Melissa….my heart aches for you remembering the days I stalked our mailman in hopes of a letter from my recruit. It does get better, but probably not until after he attends SOI or MCT (which ever direction he is headed). Once they get their permanent duty assignment, communication is much better. By the time he’s on his second deployment, you’ll have it all down. You will soon be experiencing a moment of pride bigger than anything you have ever felt in your life–graduation! LOL! From one MoM (Mother Of a Marine) to another, hang in there…you got this! It is your duty to be strong so he doesn’t worry about you. These are all aspects Mr. Salcido is ignorant of. He doesn’t get that when one family members serves our country, the whole family serves in some way. He hasn’t just offended veterans and active duty, he has offended each and every family. I want to thank you for YOUR sacrifice, as well as your son’s. Semper Fi!!

    1. Many of us have served and died so this and a preponderance of other idiots can spew their”Right to free speech” or some variation of it . We have professors in all States that teach overthrowing the Government for whatever reason they are unhappy.
      It is a shameful display of ignorance.

  16. Well said FYI you might want to forward this to the Pico Rivera City Council since he is a current memeber if the City Board
    Also here is his email address
    [email protected]

  17. My Dad retired as a Sgt Major after serving 30 years in the US Marines. I KNOW what it takes to be a Marine, having witnessed it firsthand. It takes courage, respect, intelligence, integrity, and a willingness to sacrifice everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to proudly serve this country and those who live in it. The marine, or former marine, who authored this exemplifies what it means to be a United States Marine. He has the courage to step up and put forth a challenge to back up his words. He is respectful in his communication. He is obviously intelligent. Thank you, sir, for your service and for calling out this “teacher” for his flippant and dangerous comments about people who should be revered. Salcido should not be teaching anyone and should be given the chance to step up as a Marine for a week, or even a day. I don’t think he would last an hour.

    1. There are no “Former Marines.” Unless they are dishonorably discharged. I believe “Retired Marine” would be a more appropriate term. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi and God bless all of our military.

  18. My son served in BOSINA….in Iraq 2 times…TODAY….he is the boss of 70 plus men, in a government job retro fitting combat truck’s He did not get the job…where millions of taxpayer money is spent, by being stupid…I was a champion in debate in HS..I,will do research. and donate for you to go, it will be no contest….but my money..HE NEVER SHOWS.

  19. As an APUSH high school history teacher of 18 years and a disabled Untied States Marine combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm with a Master’s Degree from Claremont Graduate University, I am a bit astonished a historian and politician would be drawn into such a silly situation with a student. What was he thinking?

    1. He thinks he knows it all. The typical affliction of a certain political party and the entertainment industry, apparently. This troubled and misguided mindset has led him to argue with, and bully, children. I have seen it before. For some it seems the only way they can effect the sense of control and power they lost when their candidate failed in the election. It’s a very sad and pathetic thing to witness.

  20. Mr. Garneau, thank you for writing this open letter! Semper Fi from a fellow Marine who was fortunate enough to earn his Juris Doctor over 30 years ago thanks to the Vietnam Era GI Bill! I attended Whittier College, as it appears Mr. Salcito did, and I’m profoundly disappointed he is in any way affiliated with my alma-mater. That said, I find it truly unfortunate he’s in any leadership role and spewing his misinformed point of view to influence our children with his unpatriotic nonsense! He should be removed from his teaching position immediately and the good citizens of Pico Rivera should tar and feather him before riding is butt out of town on a rail.

  21. Instead of being ignorant, why don’t you take into consideration how the students that he has taught who love him dearly and have been fighting every single rude comment that has been made and this by far has been the absolute ridiculous thing our fellow classmates have ever read. None of you adults know how much of an impact he’s made on us. So please, do us all a favor and get your heads out of your asses and leave our community and teacher alone.

    1. I think we do know how much of an ‘impact’ he has made on you, and THAT is why we are so upset. He has not had a positive impact – he has hurt you deeply.

    2. As a matter of fact, that’s a great debate topic. Tell your teacher that I would be happy to debate the following resolution:

      Resolved: That Mr. Salcido should be fired, and should have his teaching certificate revoked, for both physically and intellectually harming students.

    3. Do not call yourself ” voice of Pico! You are not all of Pico! Print you name and all of the other names if you really believe in what you have said. What Mr. Salcido said to that student/class was poison. Plain and simple and that is disgraceful for anyone, especially a teacher!
      My name is Sandra Ross Reich, class of 84 ERHS. I also grew up in Pico Rivera, used to live on the corner of Washington and Paramount blvd.

    4. And this response is exactly the reason this vile teacher should be fired. Sorry students, you have been poisoned by false teachings and you cannot even compose a letter without resorting to crude language and rudeness.

  22. My email to the chief of the school district:

    Mr. Aguilera-Fort,

    I’m writing this as one of the “lowest of the low” as one of your high school teachers, Mr. Salcido, would refer to me. I simply wanted to convey how disturbing it is to hear of such ignorance based bias from one of your secondary school educators in one of your classrooms.

    I’m of the third consecutive generation in my family to serve in the U.S. military. My grandfathers serve in World War 1. My father served from 1942-1967. I served 1982-2004. After a career in the U.S. Navy, my father ended a second career when he retired as the City Engineer of a city of more than one million in population. During his second career (post military service), my father ensured my mother and his six kids received post-secondary educations. We have 13 higher education degrees among us. My father was an intelligent and successful man and certainly not among the lowest of the low.

    In my second career (post military service), I am an executive officer for a large logistics management organization. During my second career, I too have assured my wife and three children received post secondary educations. Between them they have six degrees. One is a public school teacher/educator and would be shocked by the videos of Mr. Salcido disparaging those who choose to serve in our nation’s military.

    Mr. Salcido is rightly entitled to his own thoughts and opinions regardless of how ignorant or biased his thoughts and opinions might be; however, he is not entitled to push those biases in the classroom, and you should not allow or empower him to do so.

    There is much which must change in our nation, and education is a large part of enhancing and facilitating that change, but that education must rise above petty and incorrect biases against any group or against any honorable profession or endeavor.

    I ask you to take Mr. Salcido’s lack of judgement in the classroom very seriously and that you act accordingly.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    William Hudson


    1. Well said, Sir. Thank you for your service and for protecting every US Citizen- although this POS does not deserve it.

  23. I would also like to challenge this man. I have 15 years in the Army without a completed degree plan. Maybe he would much rather deal with someone without a degree to prove his point. I will say that I studied Philosophy and Lincoln-Douglas debate in Northwestern University at the age of 16. I competed in numerous high school and college level forensics competition, to include State and National Championships. I am a strategic analyst in the Army and have published Army Doctrine that the force uses to train and educate future heroes.

  24. As an alumni of El Rancho High School and a 3 generational member of the Armed Forces (Grandfather WWll Navy, Father Vietnam Era Army, Myself Air Force) B.A. Computer Science. I support your challenge to this so called community leader and teacher – knowing how these people are and the cowardice they hold with their tough talk to children, he will not accept your challenge to debate. These people have big mouths and no backbone these are the enemy collaborators during difficult times (if you know what I mean).

  25. I sent this email yesterday to the school’s principal. This guy needs to be fired!

    Hello Mr. Vasquez,

    I viewed the viral video of your teacher Gregory Salcido. I trust that he will be reprimanded for his insulting words he used against our military. He’s heard cussing in the video and demeaning our military and making his students feel stupid if they are choosing this route as a career path. My son proudly serves and is very intelligent speaking 3 languages and my brother is a retired USMC pilot with a degree in mechanical engineering…they could intellectually run circles around this guy!

    He has no business teaching our young…this is shameful! Good for the student who videoed it…hopefully he doesn’t get in trouble, but that seems how the educational world seems to work.

    I hope he is at the very least written up and made to apologize to this classroom of young impressionable minds. Sad sad world if he is not and does not have to do this!


    Michelle Peterson
    Mom of a Marine Semper Fi

  26. well said wally:) I served as a “green light” team member back in the bad old days of the cold war. many folks will never know what that service entailed as it was verboten to acknowledge that we even existed. that being said, if this pogue salcido accepts your invitation to dinner, be sure to serve him up the standard ration of grunts everywhere, a box of crayons:)! semper fi marine ! (btw, I speak 6 different languages, not bad for a moron I guess)

  27. Actually – we do not need to remind him what a POS he is – this video says it all , send him to the sandbox . There is no apology that can take care of this nor can we ignore this idiots rant
    . Even if you beg for mercy let us not be merciful, he will only beg for mercy because he knows his behind is on the line. Put him behind enemy lines oh wait he is with all these remarks he’s just met the enemy. Who am I to judge – I am just proud Marine mom. Semper Fi

  28. Thank you for service and thank you for standing up for all the military who are fighting for our freedom. My son was and always will be a Marine and now he is in the army. My nephew is in the Air Force & right now he is away from his family! This teacher deservers to be fired and I hope you shows him who the dumb shit is. No class room should have a teacher that teaches hate like this teacher is teaching these kids! He should be fire and stop before it gets out of hand,

  29. Thank you for your service! I have a Navy daughter that is currently deployed on the Vinson and she joined in 2013 at the age of 24. She went and got her college degree before the Navy. For Gregory Salcido to say that anyone in the military are dumb shit really made me upset. It’s scary that he is also a high school teacher. A lot of the Navy moms will be calling and emailing their concerns.

  30. I am the founder and CEO of Bridges 4 Heroes, Inc., who reach out and serve our Veterans in need. I am also a proud Navy daughter of a decorated WWII, Vietnam and Korean Veteran. My father served as a Chief Petty Officer in the U. S. Navy and was well respected among his peers. He served 25 years in the active Military and 23 years as a Civil Servant at Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Unit #365 and retired in 1993 with a full pension and then some. They called him “Mac”. Mr. Salcido should be ashamed of himself. He has shown such ignorance in front of his El Rancho High School students, that I am embarrassed for him. I was born and raised in Boyle Heights, grew up in Montebello and currently reside in Whittier. My father owned the home that i grew up in while my mother was a homemaker. My father made enough money while in the military to own a home, and raise his children well. So Mr. Salcido should be stripped of the opportunity to continue to teach the children of the United States such falsehoods as he seems to be uneducated himself and portrays himself as the enemy. My uncle, Sgt. Ernie Bustamante served in the US Army as a gunner and went down in New Guinea in 1946 and was recovered in the late 1980’s. We brought his remains home and buried him in Arlington Cemetary. I come from a family of decorated warriors who fought and died for our country so that Mr. Salcido could teach freely as he does. Mr. Salcido has chosen to teach such lies about the Military that he is a disgrace to those who fought and gave their lives for his freedom. I ask Mr. Salcido to apologize to all of the Veterans and their family members as well as his students for his conduct and to find another job that does not allow him to teach anything ever again. I thank and applaude the student in which had to hear what Mr. Salcido had to say about the USMC and our Military in general and for standing up for what is right. You, young man are the future of our Country and the righteous one, not Mr. Salcido. Thank you for sharing this post.

    Kathleen Lohran
    Daughter of a Navy Veteran
    CEO & Founder Bridges 4 Heroes, Inc.

    1. Kathleen, off subject…my grandfather served in WWII and was also a gunner in New Guinea, his name was Frank Bustamante! I don’t think they were related, but I thought it was cool to read the similarities. Thank you for what you do for our veterans. God bless!

  31. I am an alumni of El Rancho High (1962) and the mother of a Son retired from the Air Force, as well as a Grandson currently serving in the Air Force. I have to say this is an insult to our Country, and should serve as an embarrassment to El Rancho High School. This teacher should be fired immediately!

  32. As a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant, I would say this individual was likely refused entry into a branch of the Armed Forces. Sounds like a sore loser who has accomplished a lot less than many veterans.

  33. Thank you Sir! My parents were both Navy, and because of amazing people like them, you and the many writing here, I did not serve.

    As a child, I witnessed Soldiers returning from Vietnam Nam at the SanFran airport. Idiots dressed as hippies spat on them. As a kid from North Dakota, along with my younger sister and brother: we were truly shocked. What happened next blew us out of the water: my Mom chewed-out the hippies like there was no tomorrow. My Dad finally corralled her, and not a peep from anyone. My Dad offered a dozen or so young Soldiers lunch. Quite the experience.

    While I doubt Mr Sacido will come anywhere close to you, his Supervisors has better heed your words. I’ve read another Councilman’s response and he feels that it’s a Freedom of Speech issue: what an intellectually deprived person.

    That you all for your Service and for standing up, again, to show all what’s right with America. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  34. In all my years I have never heard a more ungrateful ignorant ass! Go kick some ass Wallace!

    Robert Sobchak
    USN MM1/SS

  35. Those that can and will. Will serve, the POS that’s can’t or won’t, will teach. You can thank us later you POS. US Army 1972 -1974

      1. Yes, be careful with that comment Abel. I know plenty of military veterans that are now teachers, and current teachers that are still active.

    1. Careful. I served in the USMC and have been a teacher for 25 years now. Don’t start running down teachers because of this one POS.


  37. Thank you sir for your service and for challenging this so-called teacher. I hope that you get the opportunity to do just that. I am the father of a Sailor serving on the USS America (LHA 6) and this has a been a very sore subject for me all weekend since I first heard about it. I just shared your letter on my Facebook wall.

    Just as a side note, I’ve been an engineer working in the automobile industry for coming on 30 years with my first 10 at General Motors (starting in Kettering, OH). I have worked with hundreds of your fellow GMI / Kettering University alumni and still do with many of them.


    James Zehnder

  38. Wallace, First, thank you for your service to our country! Second, thank you for taking a stand against this person who spewed his garbage to his students. Leaving now to locate your page. This guy won’t accept your challenge, he doesn’t have the guts. If he should, I’m proud to put my money on you. AZCM(AW), USN (Ret) 1977-1998

  39. Mr. Garneau, so proud of you. If he has the guts to debate you, I hope someone tapes and publishes it. God bless you.

    Pat Weiser
    Daughter and neice of decorated war veterans

  40. His remarks are racist toward other cultures and it could be considered a form of bullying towards the young man wearing the sweatshirt. So why is this person allowed in a classroom?

  41. What a disgrace! He needs to be held accountable!! #erhsdonsclassof85 #libtardgsalcido #picoisashithole #picobornandraisedsogladimgone

  42. I would love to see the debate in a front row seat! I am an alumni of that high school. I am the daughter of a man who served in the Marines. I was born in a naval hospital. I am the granddaughter of a man who served in World War II in the army attached to the first division of the Marines. And, the mother of my three sons who’s father served in the Marine Corps. I have two bachelors degrees and have recently sought out in being commissioned as an officer in the Navy nurse corpse because my whole life I have felt I have a duty to serve.

    1. El Rancho high school football field is call Veteran Stadium. There is a plaque located in the stadium with a list of names El Rancho high school students who lost their lives during Vietnam. My uncle’s friend one of them. During my time spent at the high school it had an outstanding ROTC program and promoted great respect for our country. Mr. Salcido does not reflect El Rancho high school values!

  43. I’m a lawyer, and although I disagree with Mr. Salcedo’s denigration of the military, and perhaps his use of the classroom to advance his position on the military, his right to convey his ideology, I believe, is protected by the First Amemndment. And to Fire Mr. Salcedo would surely invite a lawsuit–I know I would file one on his behalf for such a firing. My grandfather gave the ultimate sacrifice on the Korean Peninsula fighting for America (and I served for a shirt period in the reserves), and especially the First Amendment–so that the Mr. Salcedos of the world could express their opinions. And I stand by his right, even though I do not stand by his convictions pertaining to the military–though he offered some collateral comments that I think are interesting and perhaps deserve some thoughtful and insightful response (e.g., the applause for a killing machine and the inherent aspects of our culture attributed to that applause). What I am disturbed by is what appears to be, perhaps, racial denigration, particularly towards the Vietnamese, seemingly as to their physical stature, and their culture (e.g., throwing rice…”)–to say nothing of the fact that Vietnamese fighting force was a formidable force that defeated the French, and did not lose to the Americans (with the help of Russian artillery and American weapons–not rice).

    1. Mike – I am no lawyer, but I know for a fact that my employer has a policy of allowing free speech only as long as it is not made in any way that reflects upon my employer, and I am very confident that this policy is in accordance with the law. As such, while you might file a lawsuit against a school system for firing Mr. Salcido, I am very confident that you would lose. You are likely a very skilled attorney and might find a lower court that would agree with you, but Mr. Salcido’s claim to wrongful termination would only pass muster with the Supreme Court if there was something specific in his contract about it, and even if there was, then I would call the fact that Mr. Salcido is also on the city council of the city that signs his contract, a clear conflict of interest that nullifies that provision of his contract.

      Let him have free speech in a debate. Tell him to debate me!

      1. Hi Wallace:

        Please note nothing in my opinion herein should be construed as legal advice or legal opinion, and should not be relied on therefore. In any event, thank you very muchc for your comment, and first of all–let me apologize for spelling Mr. Salcido’s name incorrectly. With that in mind, I agree with you whole heartedly that a debate is perhaps a proper forum for the stance Mr. Salcido is taking–and the opposition to hat stance; and I have no doubt, Mr. Wallace, you would represent the opposite view strongly and formidably. I do respectfully disagree with you, however, regarding the First Amendmeny issue, though, admittedly, there may be a limitation on its use specifically within the classroom. I would need to research that issue if I was involved in such a suit. It would not likely take more than 2 hours to see what the courts have decided in similar cases. But, as you (in my opinion) correctly alluded to, and as I readily consent to, the First Amendment has limitations, as the US Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes stated a century ago in Schenck v. United Stares (1919) that First Amendment speech is not universal. As a collateral issue, your employer’s contracting around First Amendment speech is also interesting, as he/she is engaging in what is called “prior restraint” (of speech) and may or may not be defendable in a court of law. Note that many rights cannot be waived by a contract…yet, not having seen this contract, I express no opinion on whether or not I believe the wording makes it enforceable under California law. Cheers!

        1. Mike – The first amendment makes it impossible to arrest someone for most forms of speech (with a few exceptions, as the Schenck case shows), but that does not shield someone from the consequences that may stem from what they say. If I told my manager to go f herself, I would expect to get fired. Actually in my case it would be so out of character that she’d probably be more concerned than angry, but you get the point. You CAN be fired by your employer for saying things, and particularly if you do it at work.

          As a lawyer, I am very surprised you do not know that.

    2. Counselor, please do not confuse your credentials for being right. In any given case, 50% of lawyers lose.

      There is more than freedom of speech here. I do believe that schools can have policies against cursing in classrooms. He did that. A teacher certainly shouldn’t be bullying. There’s a strong case that he targeted a student and his family based on how they honorably and legally serve as well as demanding that the student “better net wear that in here”. Unless the sweatshirt violates a dress code, the teacher seems to be out of bounds here. This history teacher is also teaching from a place of arrogant ignorance instead of fact, so it could be surmised that he is simply bad at his job. The “lowest of the low”, can’t get into the military. The military academies are among the most selectetive institutions. Ivy League universities have ROTC programs, putting minds greater than Gregory Salcido, into the military. In 2015, 15 Forbes 500 CEOs began their adult working life in the military. I’d say this history teacher is deficient in the historical misinformation he’s teaching.

      1. Hello Mr. Daly:

        Please note anything written hwrein is merely ably opinion, and not legal advice or a legal opinion, and therefore should not be relied on as such. That said, I think you bring up very good points, but please note, my opinion was based only on Mr. Salcido’s military speech, and not on his other actions or speech (e.g., use of arguably racial slurs…). As such, I don’t disagree with you that there may be some other issues involved here that show Mr. Salcido is a wrongful actor. As I conceded to Mr. Wallace, free speech is not universal, but in policing speech, the rules against it must be the most narrowly construed–as mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus, if one wants to restrain free speech, they must do it in the “most” narrow possible way. That said, cursing may be a part of speech that can be limited if done in the most narrow of limitations. As a similar matter, Mr. Salcido may have also engaged in suppressing free speech (the shirt) by telling the young student not to wear it (words on a shirt have long been held in he courts to be speech). In the end, as noted above, my opinion was not revolving around any of these other issues, as I readily concede Mr. Salcido may be engaging in wrongful conduct (e.g., possoble racial slurs, suppression of free speech…)–my opinion was only centered on his speech as to the military.

        1. You are confusing arresting someone for free speech with terminating someone’s employment for free speech. There is a world of difference between those two things.

  44. What a shame! He is no better than people that come here and hate this country yet enjoy it. Love it or leave it. Keep your personal opinion to yourself, dont brainwash impreshionable young kids! You should be fired! Our military is what defends your rights here yet you trash them?

  45. When I read the article about Mr. Salcido’s rant against the military, I had to stop everything that I was doing. I am a military Iraq war veteran. My family also has a history of serving in our military both in peace and in war time. I have many friends who have served with family history of military service. I know what it is to serve both in peace time and in war. People who are not exposed to the military do not have an understanding of the lifestyle. There is no fault in that at all and I do understand that. People simply do not know what they do not know. People who join the military come from all walks of life with varying degrees of education. Does the level of education that one enters the military with determine if they are a good person or not? The military provides its members with specific job training that makes our military the best military in the world. The military is a community with its own set of rules, laws and etiquette. It does not matter if a person has a general education diploma or a PhD because the rules apply to every single solitary service member.

    While MR. Salcido is expressing his freedom of speech to his classroom full of young minds, his speech is extremely offensive but constitutionally covered. With that being said, his speech is extremely offensive to those who have served, those who have given their lives for his freedom to degrade the United States military, those who currently serve, those who have been physically wounded, and those who have been mentally wounded while in service to our great country.

    If Mr. Salcido was a member of the military and had this mental disorder that is present from his viral video, the military could seek grounds to dismiss his service and return him to the civilian sector. Example: Mr. Salcido demonstrates anti-military sentiment. His command seeks to counsel/reprimand him on this issue. Mr. Salcido is ordered to behavioral health (Military Psychologists) to determine his state of mind. Once they determine his state of mind is detrimental to the mission of the military, he would be deemed to be unfit for military service. Mr. Salcido would be provided a military lawyer to facilitate the separation of military service paperwork. If he chose to fight this decision, his military lawyer would move forward on Mr. Salcido’s behalf, working to attain whatever it is Mr. Salcido wished for. If, during this process Mr. Salcido fell and hurt his knee, he would see the military doctor that would take x-rays of his leg, provide treatment and attain a level of care that would be sufficient to treat Mr. Salcido’s injuries. Recap: Military Psychologists, doctors and lawyers would be attending to Mr. Salcido in this time frame. Is this really the lowest of the low?

    Strategic planners at the top level of the base are ensuring that the military members under its command are safe and secure from outside threats. This entails forming and retaining partnerships with local law enforcement and state officials. This all conducted on a base that is secured by men and women military police who keep order and peace. The same bases where military families are going to school, working on the base, living their lives. The military veterinarian takes care of the family animal when there is an issue. The base maintains order, peace and decency because everyone on the base has a similar belief that we are all doing something good and we are all a part of something bigger than just ourselves.

    To suggest that our military members are the lowest of the low is not only appalling but it shows a deep ignorance on Mr. Salcido’s intelligence about military members and the various jobs they hold. This person is teaching at your school. If this same sentiment was spouted about a particular race that he did not like or was ill informed about, what would the reaction be from the community that was offended? I am sure the reaction would be much more belligerent than the reaction from the military community.

    If Mr. Salcido understood the military, he would know that it has tremendous education perks. Personally, I have received enough free education benefits to attain my Master’s degree strictly from my military benefits and not one dime from my own pocket. Many military members strive to better their lives and retain a level of achievement that they may not have reached without joining the military. My military service was entered in a state that offered education benefits after the military benefits were exhausted. I currently have no need for those extra education benefits. As I currently understand it, I can transfer those education benefits to my children. Now my children have ample amounts of college benefits when they are of age. This is all because of my military service.

    The military provides free services to military personnel in a way that relieves any hardship while in service. This gives military members a peace of mind so that they may focus on their actual military job.
    When the time comes that a military member is sent to a war zone, there is no comfort anywhere. The military family is affected because they do not know what the outcome will be of their loved one. Every day, they think about getting a phone call from the military saying their loved one has died. Unfortunately, many families have had that unthinkable phone call. They have had to live with the tremendous sacrifice that both they and their loved one have made in service of our great country.

    Mr. Salcido, if you had any heart you would challenge military veterans and current military service members to debate your views in person. Your view is one sided. A debate would be seen by your students, school and city. Let the people see for themselves the level of your conviction to your beliefs. A History teacher that hates our military? You should know that if it was not for our military you would be speaking Japanese and German.

    I have no respect Mr. Salcido. He lives in a bubble where he thinks he is free to do as he wants. He thinks the world revolves around him. The true world is outside of his bubble.

    Because of my service, I have given up blood, sweat, tears. Because of my service, I have faced hardships, encountered life and death situations, and been scared beyond belief. Because of my service, I’ve been to the brink of death and back. Because of my military service, I am a better man now than I ever would have been without my military service. Because of my service to America, I hold a sacred spot for her.

    My patriotic duty did not stop when my military service ended. I will be a patriot of my country until I take my last breath. I am not alone in this.

    “Free men serve our military in preservation of our freedoms, enemies use freedom to destroy our society, military and government”

  46. Send him to Iraq! Give him a taste of what it’s like to loose your freedom that our service men are so relentlessly fighting to keep. Not forgetting the families of these men and women that serve our country. God bless you all for all that you do even for the idiots like this teacher/council member/coward!!

  47. Spent three years in Marine Corps. Semper Fi. Thank God they are on our side. Oh, and I was stupid enough to earn a masters degree .

  48. And we wonder why our children are being robbed of an education; why our country is under attack by a combination of subversive leftists and just plain stupid people. Why on earth any school would allow for this sort of behavior is beyond belief. It simply demonstrates that entropy rules and that we can never take our eyes off the ball…The USA is a fragile thing needing much protection from the vile and the corrupt.

  49. There should be a lawsuit filed against the district and “teacher on behalf of all the servicemen/women for slander/defamation of character.

  50. Thank you for your letter. Thnk you for your sevice. I am willing to donate if this comes forth. I will also pay the price for a front row seat. I am saddened by this individyullual pushing his beliefs on a student, trying to take away his rights by saying to him, to never wear that shirt again. That right there is Bullying by a “teacher”
    My grandfather, father, brother, uncles, and friends have served and some are serving at this present time and I’m disappointed and extremely pissed off that this individual would say something like this.
    I grew up in Pico Rivera, my mother still lives in our family home and he soured our city.

  51. Such an awesome and much needed response!….Ty sir from all of us deplorable and patriotic service members!…

  52. Sir, I have only one thing to say to you: Thank you for being “always faithful.” My “poor and uneducated” old Dad was a WWII Marine who served from Pearl Harbor to the Occupation of Japan and a good many of the battles in between. Most all of the things I am, he built in me, including my love of country, willingness to sacrifice myself for it if need by and my knowledge of how to run a business, which he taught me late in his life and I did not appreciate until after he was gone. Warmest Regards, David Dixson, US Army 1983-1988

    1. Thank you, Mr. Garneau, for your letter. You might also include the fact that the great state of California houses at least 10 Marine Corps bases, including Camp Pendleton, MCRD San Diego, Miramar, and Barstow. These, along with other branch facilities, make the US Military a major economic driver in the state. If Mr. Salcido’s views are the norm, I’m sure many other states would love to host bases. However, I believe that Mr. Salcido would quickly realize that he benefits directly from these “ignorant people”.
      Semper Fi, Brother
      Karl Kleinhenz

  53. I have two Associates and a Bachelors in Avionics and Aeronautical Field. Served in the Marine Corps, Air Force and retired as an Army Aviation Warrant Officer. I currently work with a major cooperation as the Senior Aviation Manager. My daughter graduated from the Air Force Academy with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and is currently working on her Masters at Boston University in Computer Engineering. Yeah, we sound like a bunch of pretty stupid people that can’t make it in life.

  54. I’d love to see this debate happen – and perhaps a sliding scale donation at the door – with proceeds to organizations of your choosing – I’d humbly suggest considering Team Rubicon, Team Red White and Blue, and/or The Mission Continues. I’d also be willing to bet any of them would have member-volunteers willing to come perform a service project in the neighborhood of the school.

  55. Wallace,

    Thank you for your well crafted letter, and for calling out this poor excuse of an American.

    An education is the most important thing I believe we can give our children, but this education does not come alone from us as parents, but from the greater communities that we live. When an educator chooses to no longer teach unbiased material, but chooses to preach their personal biases, it ceases to be an education, but indoctrination to the teachers personal beliefs.

    As tax payers, this is not what we are paying for.

    I am a retired member of the US Military, and married to a school teacher, and I know that most educators, like most public servants including those of us in the military, do not openly support political positions in our uniforms or in the day to day aspects of our jobs. Many jobs are like this in our society.

    Educators owe it to their students to give them the facts, and let them make their own decisions. This is how we prepare them for life.

    I’m grateful to the young man wearing the Marine shirt who had the strength and foresight to record this incident and to spread the word so that this so called teacher may be held accountable for his reprehensible behavior.

    I only hope that the El Rancho Unified School District makes the right decision in this man’s future employment, as they owe the right decision to their students and community.

  56. I look forward to this debate. Sadly cowards rarely accept challenges such as this because is exposes them for who they are. I am also one of the “lowest of the low” individuals. I served 14 years in the Infantry and served in Iraq. Oh I also have Bachelors degrees in Occupational Safety and Health, Public Safety and Emergency Management, and a Masters of Science in Leadership in Disaster Management. I’ll complete my Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health in May. I would love to have this uninformed academic tell me how I am uneducated.

  57. Semper Fi Wallace Garneau. First off, this living being expressed his weakness and ignorance to those who he can only influence (the young and less educated…children in their young life). He himself would not withstand the mental and physical torture of Marine boot camp, or from any other basic training from any other branch of service. I laugh at weak minded individuals as such, that think the military is for the less educated. It does sadden me that parasites like this exist in our school systems. If I had a chance at making any law in this country, it would be to fire anyone disrespecting the military in schools, and/or in public. These brave women and men in our military are reasons we have our great freedom. For those of us who have served, had love ones who served, and for those who gave the ultimate price (May you rest in peace)…God Bless you all and God Bless America. As for myself I’m not going to let the weak parasites like salcido spread his illness without saying something.

    Kevin H / North Carolina

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