The Election Cabal

Every American grew up learning that the United States is a Democratic Republic, but as Time Magazine recently told us, the 2020 election was decided, not by the American people, but by “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.'”

This ‘well-funded cabal,’ according to Time, did not ‘rig the election,’ but ‘fortified it.’ According to Time, it was Donald Trump who was working to ‘steal’ the election.

And what did Trump do that, to Time, constituted ‘stealing’ the election? He campaigned, and pointed out that having state Governors and state Secretaries of State illegally changing election laws with the express intent of helping one side win, violates the United States Constitution. Trump championed the United States Constitution by fighting those illegal election changes.

Campaigning and enforcing election laws now constitutes ‘stealing the election’.

And let us look at the changes that were made to ‘fortify our Democracy’.

Jimmy Carter headed a Commission on Federal Election Reform in 2005. This commission, headed by Democrats, said, “To improve ballot integrity, we propose that federal, state, and local prosecutors issue public reports on their investigations of election fraud, and we recommend federal legislation to deter or prosecute systemic efforts to deceive or intimidate voters. States should not discourage legal voter registration or get-out-the-vote activities, but they need to do more to prevent voter registration and absentee ballot fraud.” That commission listed a number of threats to American Democracy, and the leading threats were mail-in balloting, absentee balloting (when not absolutely necessary), and vote harvesting.

What changes did the ‘well-funded cabal’ push? Mail-in balloting, absentee balloting when not necessary, and vote harvesting The cabal also controlled our access to information, to deceive and intimidate voters, such that it was not safe to publicly support Republicans.

A ‘well-funded cabal’ pushed exactly what, fifteen years before, a Jimmy Carter led commission determined constituted the biggest threat to our democracy, and Donald Trump supposedly tried to ‘steal’ the election by working against what Jimmy Carter called the biggest threat to our democracy.

If someone actually reads Time Magazine’s article, what it actually says is that this ‘cabal’ was a group of ‘heroes’ who ‘saved American Democracy’ from the American people (who would have otherwise elected the wrong person). ‘Saving American Democracy’ involves taking the choice of who leads the nation away from the American people, and giving it to a ‘well-funded cabal’.

Based on this, let’s stop calling the United States a ‘Democratic Republic,’ and start being honest about what we are becoming – what we might call “Biden’s America.”

We are becoming a nation that suppresses speech, and that bans books.

We are becoming a nation that allows the economic elite to choose our leaders for us, and that then allows those rulers to rule us against our will.

We are becoming a nation that places political orthodoxy ahead of science, claiming the mantel of ‘science’ to forward political orthodoxy that in many cases takes stances that are the exact opposite of science.

We are becoming a nation with a press that acts as a mouthpiece for global interests who have no interest in the lives or values of the American people.

We are becoming a Super Power that has chosen to decline, and that is working with a hostile foreign power (China), to transition the world into one where that hostile foreign power replaces us as the leader of the world.

We are becoming a nation that has turned its back on freedom and liberty, for the promise of a free band aid and a few scraps of bread.

We are becoming a nation in which the majority of people under 40 have never had to struggle, and who have been taught to believe that abundance is misery.

We are becoming a nation that refuses to educate its children. Instead of educating them, we indoctrinate them, and then allow those indoctrinated children to demand that our colleges reinforce their indoctrination, such that they can have degrees based on being indoctrinated, rather than having marketable skills.

We are becoming a nation that believes in penalizing people for the color of their skin, in order to help other people based on the color of their skin.

We are becoming a nation that has rejected justice and due process.

We are becoming a nation that considers freedom the cause of oppression, and that has chosen to be oppressed by a ‘moral and intellectual elite’ in repayment of sins nobody alive today is guilty of, based on victimizations nobody alive today was subjected to.

We are becoming a nation whose leadership swears allegiance to a document they have no intention of following.

We are becoming a nation that has changed the definition of ‘racism,’ such that the rejection of racism is now considered the worst mortal sin a person can commit, and in which ‘anti-racism’ is racism against the groups it is politically correct to be racist against.

We are becoming a nation that champions hatred of our nation, and that repudiates patriotism as ‘extremism.’ Today it is patriotic to hate everything America has ever stood for or done, and extremist to love our nation.

We are becoming a nation that has flipped the words ‘hate’ and ‘love,’ such that what is ‘virtuous’ is defined by those who love to hate.

We are becoming a nation that labels all political opposition as ‘terrorism.’

We are becoming a police state, with intelligence gathering capabilities Hitler and Stalin would have drooled over, that can shut-down any organized resistance faster than resistance can organize.

We are becoming a nation of mask-wearing serfs, who refuse to label a virus based on where it originated (as is customary), even while labeling all of its variants based on where they originated.

We are becoming a nation that has flipped the use of law, such that we no longer look to see who is guilty after a crime has been committed, and instead that takes the people our overlords do not like, and then twists laws to try and find something to convict them of.

We are becoming a nation of apathetic, cowardly fools, who watched a fraudulent election, and who now – having been told by Time Magazine exactly who defrauded the election, and exactly how it was done – will willfully submit to our oppressive, unelected overlords.

I ask all patriotic Americans to join me in denouncing this cabal, and in demanding that we turn the nation back into a Constitutional, Democratic Republic.

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