Note to nation – The slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ refers to the ECONOMIC policies of laissez faire free markets, under which the United States became the richest and most powerful nation the planet has ever seen. It does NOT mean returning to the social structures of the past, which included institutionalized racism and sexism. It DOES mean respecting the parts of the American culture that still matter. It does NOT mean clinging to the parts of the American culture that do not make sense in the modern world. It DOES mean peace through the strength of our armed forces. It does NOT mean fighting more preemptive wars. It DOES mean an intense love of country, and a willingness to die, if necessary, to preserve it. We are all bridges between the past and the future. We inherited a great deal of good from the past, as evidenced by the fact that the lights come on at the flick of a switch, and that our homes are comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.  Our job is to build upon and improve that which we were given – not to throw it out like yesterday’s garbage. Our job is to be the best bridge we can possibly be – not to burn the bridge down. Those who hate America’s past are like conceited children who have forgotten to respect their parents. Their screams are nothing more than the tantrums spoiled children throw when their parents say ‘no’ to a candy bar in the check out lane. America has always been great, compared to other countries, but America has never been perfect. Since the 1960s, There has been a movement, not to perfect America by building more tolerance and understanding, but to destroy America because of a lack of tolerance and understanding in the past. It is as if our country has become a teenager, and in connecting emotionally to the fact that our nation has always been imperfect, it has rebelled against its past. The time has come for the nation to discover that the future so many on the left want is imperfect too, and in fact is in many ways that future is worse than America’s past. The solution to racism and sexism is to stop being racist and sexist – not to point racism and sexism in a different direction. The solution to an economy that for hundreds of years held some groups back is to expand opportunities for those groups – not to deny opportunity to those who have not previously been held back. The solution to failure is to learn from it so that we can be MORE successful going forward – not to jettison what has been successful because of failures along the way. Blaming the good for the bad is not wisdom. It is propaganda. Wake up, America! We have, as a nation, always fallen short of our ideals, but the solution is not to throw those ideals out. It is to finish the job, and to finally meet those ideals, together.  All of us. And hate will not get us there, no matter how it is applied. Unfortunately, we are going in the wrong direction.  Please watch this Prager U video on how the STEM fields are now starting to place political correctness ahead of the quest of knowledge, throwing the Scientific Method right out the window. Just as the Pope used to use the Bible as a backdrop against which scientific progress could not pass, so too we now use political correctness in the same way. If science says that men and women are different, and that attempts to minimize the cultural differences between them make the biological differences greater, in terms of, for example, the career fields people freely choose to pursue, the solution is not to learn from this, but to arbitrarily change the research so that it gives the desired outcomes. When legitimate scientists go against the politically correct narrative, we don’t even use science anymore to disagree.  We attack them, personally, and destroy their careers.
The message is clear: science is dead.  Not only that, but, ironic as it sounds, those who killed science call their political opponents ‘science deniers.’ The only thing we deny is the right of the left to kill the scientific method! Nancy Pelosi discusses a process she calls ‘the wrap-up smear,’ in which a Democrat lies about a Republican (such as Trump), and then the Democrats ‘merchandize’ the lie by writing about it in the press. Once the lie is written about in the press, Democrats can freely report it as if it were real. The Steele Dossier is one obvious example of the wrap-up smear in action. Once the Speaker of the House admits openly to lying about political opponents, and even outlines exactly how her lies work, why should we trust her, or her party, with anything? Answer: because much of the public is dumb. The military has two jobs: killing people, and breaking things.  The only other thing the military does is to train, such that it is always ready to kill people and to break things.  We experimented with women in combat in Bosnia, and then Iraq, and what we found was that our enemies can use such things as gang rape and forced impregnation to torture our captured wives and daughters, and that very high percentages of women choose to get pregnant once they are sent into combat – an out men don’t have. Have we learned from our failures with women in combat?  No.  Instead we have weakened training standards, culminating in the Marine Corps’ statement that it will integrate Boot Camp. I’m a Marine.  I went through Boot Camp.  I can tell you from experience that when we use the military as a social-experimentation lab, people die.  I can’t even begin to express how much of a mistake this is. The famous historian, Will Durant said, in his book, The History of Civilization, Volume One: Our Oriental Heritage, “All civilizations eventually perish, for as they become ever more civilized, they eventually find that there is a hungrier tribe still in the bush.”  We’ve retreated from rationality as far as we can afford.  If we allow liberalism to kill science, and to destroy our military, the end of our civilization will eventually follow.  Historians, such as Will Durant, used to try taking a clinical view of history, reporting as best they could on what actually happened in the past.  The saying that ‘History is told by the victors’ is incorrect.  True historians know that history is told three times.  First it is told by the victors, but later it is told by apologists who are hell bent on their own destruction.  Only after all of the emotion is long since dead do accurate histories begin to emerge, and even these have to compete with the histories of those trying to mold history for political advantage. Our schools do not teach history.  They teach virtue signaling instead, and often lie about history in the process. Our political parties have largely turned into single-issue parties, and the only issue out there is the hatred of the other party.  It’s hard to say exactly who started this.  I remember it first when Bill Clinton was caught having an affair with Monika Lewinski, and Republicans moved to impeach.  In spite of this, Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton were able to work together to build on the economic policies of Ronald Reagan (and anyone who doubts this needs to listen to Bill Clinton declare that ‘the era of big government is over’).  From there it got worse, with hatred of George W. Bush overriding political compromise, hatred of Barrack Obama in some cases becoming racist, and now, with Donald Trump as President, even the concept of justice is dead. It used to be that when there was a crime, we investigated to see who was guilty.  Now, we investigate the President to see if we can find any crimes to accuse him of.  That’s not justice.  That’s the kind of crap that goes on in third-world dictatorships. I suppose, to an extent, hatred has always been a part of our nation’s political framework.  Let us not forget that Alexander Hamilton died in a dual… The difference is that politics used to get personal between people, whereas today the hatred from the left is so consuming that it chokes out all other issues, and threatens the very framework of our Republic. Wake up America!  If we don’t get this under control and end liberalism’s stranglehold on our schools and media, our Republic is dead. And what replaces it won’t be pretty…

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