Yes – America IS a Racist Nation!

America may be the most racist nation on the face of the Earth, and there is nothing we can do about it, even though virtually everyone in America hates racism. We are racist today, and we will remain deeply racist for the foreseeable future.

The reason we are so racist may surprise you. It is because we cannot agree on what the word ‘racist’ means, and have created alternative definitions that guarantee that everyone qualifies.

Let’s start with the left’s definition of racism, which is ‘prejudice + power’. One might look at that and say, “I get that power makes prejudice more harmful, so that sounds OK,” but consider that the left also says that we all have at least subconscious prejudice, such that prejudice can be assumed. All that leaves is power.

On the left, whatever group is in power is inherently racist, and there is nothing they can ever do about it. In other words, if you are white, you are racist, and if you do not constantly apologize for your evil whiteness, you are a very vile racist who must be opposed by any means necessary.

On the political right, we have this little thing we like to call ‘the dictionary,’ and in fact, I keep a copy of the American Heritage Dictionary, on my desk. It defines ‘racism’ as “1. The notion that one’s own ethnic stock is superior. 2. Discrimination or prejudice based on racism.”

Let’s look at the left’s definition of racism again, based on the dictionary definition of that word. To the left, white people are in power, and we all have at least subconscious prejudice, making all white people racist. We all agree that racism is evil, so that leaves the notion that white people are evil.

If white people are all evil racists, then the Caucasian ethnic stock can be said to be inferior, based on the racism inherent in it. The left then discriminates against those who hold racist views.

Now let us consider the dictionary again:

1. The notion that one’s own ethnic stock is superior.

2. Discrimination or prejudice based on racism.

According to the dictionary, anyone who agrees with the left’s definition of racism, is racist, based on the left’s definition of racism being, itself, deeply racist.

This brings up a legitimate question: how can the left, and the right, possibly talk rationally about racism, and what to do about racism, when we cannot even agree on what the definition of the word ‘racism’ is? That question actually downplays the problem, so let me rephrase it. How can the left, and the right, have a rational conversation on what to do about racism, when the definitions we use make us view each other as racist?

We do have one piece of agreement when it comes to racism, which is that we should do everything within our power to oppose it. To me, that means writing this post, and denouncing the political left as the racists they are. To someone on the political left, that means doing whatever it takes to prevent anyone from ever reading this blog post. I, in fact, have no problem engaging the political left on this very issue (nor on any other issue), and I just received my latest threat on Facebook today, which read:

“Wallace your Progressive Manna From Heaven, so is that sociopath in the White House and the GOP,, when libertarian alt right opens their mouth they get hip checked in their backyard by their neighbor, or cornered at a baseball game.. just got to face it you ain’t got the chops to be on this thread .. Wallace you’re like trying to debate a tongue-talking Christian.. which I’m sure you do every Sunday.”

The emphasis is mine, but the poor grammar is copied verbatim. My comment that preceded this threat? Here it is – you’ll find this highly illustrative of just where the political left has gone:

“And <name withheld> – Let me enlighten you on one more little secret… The reason you hate me so much is that you know someone is going to read this thread and think, ‘That Wally guy seems reasonable to me.’ In other words, I might just take someone who generally aligns with your way of thinking, and make them question that way of thinking. Someone might look at the definition of ‘racism’ and realize that if ‘prejudice + power’ is the definition, and prejudice can be assumed (since we all have at least some unconscious bias), all that is left is power, making racism a simple matter of hatred toward whatever group happens to be in charge. Once someone realizes how that definition actually works, the dictionary definition starts to make sense again.”

As you may have guessed, the thread this occurred on is also the inspiration for this article. What you don’t know is what started the conversation. The OP was as follows (I’m withholding the name of the person who wrote it):

“In regards to the 2nd Amendment. There comes a time when societies evolve socially and intellectually. This natural phenomena brings change for the better of one’s country. The laws which gave birth to a country need to be revisited from time to time and changed when they are in conflict with a societies safe progression. One of my face book friends with whom I totally disagree with <note: that would be me>, once posted a question, asking who would be willing to take up arms against our government if a socialist candidate were to be fairly elect president. He then went so far as to suggest that the creation of the 2nd amendment was written for this purpose specifically. I beg to differ.”

The OP went on to introduce a speech Thurgood Marshall gave when the Constitution celebrated it’s 200th anniversary. Thurgood Marshall was no fan of the U.S. Constitution, once saying, “The Supreme Court must have the courage to creatively interpret the Constitution, to become the legislature of last resort, willing to do whatever the Congress either cannot do, or will not do.”

The article this Facebook friend was referencing as a call to arms against socialism (I actually said ‘communist’) can be seen here. Now, I’m fairly confident that anyone who reads what I actually wrote can see that I was not calling for a civil war, but was pointing out that we are, in many ways, already in one. I was like the Robot in Lost in Space, yelling, “DANGER WILL ROBINSON!” And yes – our country is in a dangerous spot.

Racism came up when I pointed out that those on the left, and those on the right, have largely lost any common ground, upon which to have a rational discussion. Patriotism is defined by the left in such a way, that those who hate everything our country has ever done, or ever stood for, qualify. On the right, that is the opposite of patriotism.

We live in a country where the right and left both consider the other un-American, anti-Patriotic, bigots, who are worthy of derision and scorn, and based on the definitions each side uses for those words (which are not the same), both sides are correct. If you are on the political right, then to the left you are a racist, un-American, anti-Patriotic bigot, to those on the left. The left will look at their definitions and say, “Yup – that’s you!” If you are on the political left, then to the right YOU are a racist, un-American, anti-Patriotic bigot. We will look at the dictionary definitions and say, “Yup – that’s you!”

Our nation has entered a very dangerous phase in which we both agree on what words are evil, but no longer agree on what those words mean, and in which we define those words such that those with whom we disagree become the very evil we despise.

We have lost any semblance of common ground. We have no shared values, no shared facts, no shared definitions (meaning no shared language) – we have absolutely nothing we can base a rational political discourse on.

If we cannot find some semblance of common ground (which IS what I am calling for), then we are at a political impasse in which one side is simply going to have to force its will upon the other, and I’m not an extremist for saying that, because it’s the truth.

I’m sure someone is going to disagree with this post. If you are one of those people, I ask you to find either a faulty assumption I have made, a faulty fact, or some set of facts I have omitted that would prove me wrong. Doing so would be a way of opening a constructive dialog. I won’t hold my breath for that though, as the left won’t bother trying to debate me. The left can’t debate me, and that’s not because nobody on the left is capable of debate, but because there is no common ground to base a debate upon. As a consequence, I already know what the response to this post will be: hatred, insults, and threats.

Such is the racist state of America today.