Joe Biden and the Politics of Decline

I’m going to tie three topics together in a way you have probably not seen them combined before, and after I do, I think you are going to have an ‘aha’ moment. If I’m right, and something suddenly ‘clicks’ while you are reading this, I’m going to ask that you share this article so others can have the same ‘aha’ moment. And share it quickly – we have an election coming up!

The first topic is that of unintended consequences.

There can be unintended consequences from any given course of action. Just as one example, take the Obama Administration policy of releasing families crossing illegally into the country, into the general population (with a hearing date scheduled). It sounds like a humane policy. I mean, who wants to lock up children?!?

Over time, border agents began to notice that they were seeing some of the same children multiple times. They eventually figured out that the cartels had created a whole new business where they would rent children to people crossing the border illegally – knowing that even if the people crossing were caught, they would be released into the population.

In other words, some people were crossing the border illegally, with children that were not their own. When these people got into the general population, the children were smuggled back into Mexico, where they could be rented out again.

The Obama Administration changed policies, and now we hold families crossing the border until we can verify that the children people are crossing with really are their children. The Trump Administration has maintained this policy.

We currently have hundreds of children who crossed with people who were not their parents. Some of these children may be orphans, but we have found many cases where children were abducted from their parents, by the cartels, in order to use them in this child renting scheme. Obviously, as we find parents, we return their children.

What’s really interesting is that the media is blaming Trump. The article linked above says nothing about the cartels renting children out – only about children being separated from their parents…

Another example of unintended consequences is displayed by looking at the relationship between crime and retail businesses.

Retailers make money by buying items from producers (or distributers), and then reselling those items at a higher price. Retailers don’t make any money sitting on things, so what they really want is for items to sell as quickly as they can replenish their shelves – a process called ‘inventory turns.’ In order to generate ‘turns,’ a retailer usually operates on thin margins.

Retailers also have costs they have to absorb, such as employee pay, electricity, and the cost of cleaning (a cost that has gone up thanks to COVID-19). These costs have to be rolled into the prices of everything that is sold.

When products are stolen, the store must roll the cost of everything stolen into the price of everything sold.

In high crime areas, retailers may use more security precautions to try and reduce levels of theft. This may involve hiring more security guards, the use of expensive anti-theft technologies, or a combination of those things.

All of these costs have to be rolled into the prices of everything that is sold, and because of this, retail prices tend to be higher in high crime areas than in low crime areas.

If the additional costs of running a retail shop in a high crime area are enough, it may not be profitable to run that business in that area, and retailers may close. Add in the costs associated with rioting, arson, and looting, and keeping retail businesses open in some inner cities can be a real issue.

Places like San Francisco, that decriminalize shoplifting (unless the amount stolen is above a given threshold) can expect to see retail prices explode, and to see more and more retailers going out of business. Defunding the police – anything that leads to an increase in crime will cause retailers in the areas where crime is rising, to close.

Let’s move on to topic two.

It is natural for both of our political parties to take credit for everything that goes well in our country, and to blame the other party for everything that goes poorly. When the economy was doing well, Trump said that it was his economy, and the Democrats said Trump inherited the economy from Obama. In other words, both parties took credit. When Covid-19 hit, our governors told us that unless we locked ourselves in our homes to ‘flatten the curve’, between 1.5 and 2.5 million people would die, whereas if we did lock ourselves away, we might have a chance of keeping the death count down around 200,000. Now, eight months later, Trump is taking credit for keeping the death count down to around 200,000, and the Democrats are blaming Trump for the total ineptitude that led to 200,000 deaths. Trump blames our Democratic governors for the economic fallout caused by Covid-19 (and our response to it), and Democrats blame Trump’s ineptitude for the need to keep the economy on ice.

Who is right, and who is wrong, isn’t important. Well – of course it IS important, but it’s not important in relation to the point I’m making in this article. Suffice it to say that taking credit for everything that goes well, while blaming the other party for everything that goes poorly, is business as usual in a two-party system.

Each party blames the other party, even for harm they cause themselves.

The third topic is Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory ‘teaches’ that race is the most important factor in a person’s life, and that there is more difference between racial groups than there is within them. From there, Critical Race Theory creates an invisible specter named ‘Systemic Racism,’ that can be blamed for pretty much everything.

There is nothing more racist than the belief that there is more difference between racial groups than there is within them, so by forcing our schools and corporations to ‘teach’ Critical Race Theory, the Democrats are quite literally ‘teaching’ us to be racist – and then they are complaining about the resulting racism.

That’s the three topics. Now I’ll tie them together to give you the ‘aha’ moment I promised.

The two examples of unintended consequences were both culled from today’s news headlines. In addition to being great examples of unintended consequences, both examples are also being used by the left-leaning media as proof that ‘systemic racism’ is real. To the left, systemic racism is leading to both the caging of children, as well as to the creation of ‘food deserts’ where grocery stores do not exist.

Now, I don’t doubt that a lot of left-leaning voters really do believe that the supposed caging of children, and ‘food deserts’, are examples of systemic racism, endemic to the United States. ‘Racism is a part of our DNA’, was how Barrack Obama put it. Ask yourself, however, if you think Barrack Obama is unaware of the true causes of the ‘caging of children,’ or of ‘food deserts’. I outlined what the true causes are above, and I think it would be pretty hard to deny those causes. Barrack Obama is a bright guy…

One of our political parties is intentionally implementing policies that are causing tremendous harm to real, flesh and blood people, and is then using the harm those policies cause as proof of ‘systemic racism,’ so that they can call for more of the same kinds of harmful policies. One of our political parties is quite literally trying to destroy our country.

Someone is going to say that Democrats aren’t intentionally destroying the country, but are just following the narrative they hear in the news. For the vast majority of Democrats, this is undoubtable true – you will not hear me argue that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is smart…

But someone wrote that narrative.


Paul Krugman is not dumb. Robert Reich is not dumb. Nancy Pelosi is not dumb. Hillary Clinton is not dumb.

Joe Biden? OK. I’ll give you that one. Uncle Joe was dumb even when his brain still worked.

But Kamila Harris is not dumb.

Many of the talking heads in our media are dumb (Chris Cuomo comes to mind), but people wrote what the talking heads are saying, and when all of the talking heads are spreading the same lies, someone is writing those lies.

Who is writing the lies?

I have a whole article about how China ties into this. I call it The China War. In a nutshell, if Time Warner wants to be able to produce media for the Chinese to watch, they have to also let the Chinese government censor CNN. China has more people than we do, so selling out our country to China is a good business model for Time Warner (and yes – it really is that simple). We won’t let our own government censor our news, because that would be bad, but we let a hostile power do it…

I get why Time Warner is selling us out. They are doing it because doing so is profitable. But why are the Democrats selling our country out? Are they too doing it just to make money? The Clinton and Biden families have certainly made a lot of money, but is that the only reason?

Is the left trying to make us a communist nation? If so, then why did they choose Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Accountable Capitalism’ (which is actual fascism) instead of Bernie Sanders?

The Democrats claim to be anti-racist and anti-fascist, but their nominee will institutionalize both. The left has separated words from meanings (in a process I call the War on Words), such that they can stand against the words, while implementing the meanings.

China gave up on actual communism after the Soviet Union collapsed. What China has today is a cross-breed of communism and fascism, where the means of production are centrally planned, and most businesses are fully owned subsidiaries of the Chinese Government. My guess is that if we elect Joe Biden we’re heading that way as well.

The left is not going to share power either. When Robert Reich calls for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to “erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe,” he’s talking about taking direct action against the Republican Party, in order to turn us into a single party system, where dissent is almost as welcome as it is in China.

As in China, your credit score will be based on your loyalty to the one-party system. Speak out, and you won’t be able to travel, or to buy anything.

Joe Biden will make us a vassal state of China, and we’ll go along with it because our media will tell us to do so.

If you can tell me I’m wrong, do so. I’d love to talk about this with you. Hell – I’d love to be wrong! If you don’t think I’m wrong, remember that there is an election coming up, and SHARE THIS ARTICLE. It is very important to the future of our country that the Democrats lose.