Beijing Biden – Foreign Policy For Sale

The article I’m linking at the end of this write-up is critically important. The Biden Team is discrediting the STORY about the Biden family’s corrupt profiteering off of Joe Biden’s time as VP, but it is being very careful to do so without directly discrediting any of the DATA from Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

The Biden campaign’s message is that Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Burisma Holdings have already been investigated, and the investigation found no proof of criminal behavior, ergo – there was none.

That was fair enough before Hunter Biden’s hard drive emerged, but now we have relevant emails, text messages, bank statements, and other pieces of hard evidence implicating, not only Hunter Biden, but the WHOLE BIDEN FAMILY in a massive conspiracy.

Note I stopped short of saying ‘criminal’ conspiracy…

One thing to remember – and this is true of the Obamas and the Clintons too – is that we are talking about lawyers who were also career legislators. These are people who know the law inside and out, who know where the loopholes are, and who know what they can get away with, both in terms of not actually breaking the law, and also in terms of what specific evidence NOT to leave in order to avoid getting caught while breaking the law.

Is there going to be enough evidence to put Joe Biden in prison? I’ll leave that to prosecutors to decide.

The real question is whether or not there is enough evidence to disqualify Joe Biden from being fit to serve as President of the United States, and there absolutely is…

For those who do not know what happened……..

Hunter Biden has had an on again, off again relationship with crack cocaine. During one of the periods where Hunter’s addiction to crack cocaine was flaring, he spilled water on his laptop, and brought it to a repair shop.

Hunter, being strung out on crack cocaine at the time, never went back to get the laptop. The laptop was fried, and Hunter could not be bothered to pick up the carcass. Eventually, the laptop became the legal property of the repair shop, and though the laptop itself was fried, the hard drive inside the laptop (where all the data is stored) was still intact.

The repair shop guy contacted the FBI, and the FBI decided to take a copy of the hard drive, but not to take the hard drive itself. At that point, Rudy Giuliani’s law firm took an interest in the hard drive. Eventually the FBI came back with a subpoena to take the hard drive itself (having seen what was on it), but by this time the hard drive was in the possession of Rudy Giuliani’s law firm, and while a computer repair shop owner might be easily swayed by an FBI subpoena, a big New York law firm is not such an easy target.

My guess is that the repair shop owner knew that Hunter Biden’s hard drive had value, and contacted Rudy Giuliani’s law firm before he contacted the FBI. Rudy Giuliani is a very smart lawyer, and he would have known that he could not take possession of the laptop until after the FBI had a copy, without bringing the contents of the hard drive into question. Giuliani was very carefully preserving the chain of custody of the data on the hard drive.

The reason Hunter Biden keeps coming up, incidentally, is not because he was the primary go-to guy in this policy-for-cash scheme. He may have been, but we do not know that. Every piece of foreign policy Joe Biden touched, from building houses in Iraq, to Burisma Holdings, to China and Russia, the Biden family made millions and millions of dollars on, and it was not always through Hunter.

And let us not forget that Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said that “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” How likely is it that this is because Joe Biden was far more concerned with his personal interests, than with the interests of our country? Now that we know Joe Biden was selling our country out, suddenly what Robert Gates said carries a whole new context.

The reason Hunter keeps coming up is because, thanks to his on again off again addiction to crack cocaine, Hunter Biden was often careless, as in the case of this hard drive.

The New York Post is about to release an article outlining what it found going through Hunter Biden’s bank records from the time period where his father was negotiating trade and foreign policy with the Chinese government. Hunter Biden was selling billions of dollars worth of hedge funds (in a business venture that also included John Kerry’s step son, and the nephew of the famous mob boss, Whitey Bulger) to the exact same Chinese officials, at the same time his father was negotiating American policy with them. According to Rudy Giuliani, who has seen those bank records, some of the money went directly to Joe Biden without being laundered.

What will the American people do with this information? That is a good question. It’s still breaking news, and Beijing Biden was still ahead the last time polls were conducted.

The question now is simple.. Does America hate Donald Trump enough to put a traitor in the White House?