Modern Morality and the Political Left

I often say that on the political left, tolerance of immoral behaviors has become the only moral value, and though I believe this statement to be true, it is also an oversimplification. As a consequence, I want to take a few minutes to discuss the emerging morality of the left.

Before I do, I want to be clear that I’m talking about the modern, radical left, which is increasingly becoming mainstream. I am not suggesting that all Democrats believe this – though if you are a Democrat and you don’t, you might want to check your party alignment…

According to Judeo-Christian tradition, morality comes from God, and though America has never been, strictly speaking, a Christian country, we have been a country of Christians. Even today, more than 70% of Americans consider themselves Christian, and 93% of Americans were raised with traditional Christian values. Another 2% are Jewish. 95% of all Americans live in what are, culturally at least, Judeo-Christian households.

There is a longstanding principle in America regarding a separation of Church and State. The Constitution prevents the establishment of a state religion, and makes it illegal for the government to prevent the free exercise of religion. The concept of a separation between Church and State comes from a Supreme Court case in 1878: Reynolds vs United States. The court was actually quoting Thomas Jefferson, who spoke of a “wall of separation between Church and State.” Jefferson, in turn, was quoting Roger Williams, who wrote in 1644 about “the hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world”. Roger Williams, in turn, was referring to the philosopher John Locke, and the concept of a Social Contract – a concept that was instrumental in the creation of the United States Constitution.

The point is that the concept of a separation of Church and State is a long standing Enlightenment value.

The Enlightenment emerged out of Christian nations, and that while religion itself was to be separated from the state, our founders did not believe in a separation between church and culture, nor between culture and state. As such, while religious dogma has no place in law, nor in government, religious values, to the degree that they represent the culture of the people, do.

And 95% of us were raised with traditional Judeo-Christian values.

We are not a Christian nation, but we are a nation of Christians, and we should not be afraid to act like one. Western culture, and Western values, rock.

But on to the morality of the left.

According to Karl Marx, morality is inseparable from the class struggle, making the proletariat justified in any actions it might take to win against the bourgeoisie.

According to Leon Trotsky, the proletariat was not to act individually against the bourgeoisie, but as a collective, through the Communist Party. Thus, the PARTY on the side of the oppressed was suddenly justified in doing anything necessary to win in its struggle against the bourgeoisie. Also, according to Trotsky, any member of the proletariat that did not follow the party line verbatim was a traitor to the proletariat, who would then be killed.

Ask our African American conservatives about the concept of being a traitor to the cause…

Trotsky’s beliefs helped to form Critical Theory, and Critical Race Theory is but an extension of that applied to the United States, using forms of supposed oppression based on race, gender, and sexual orientation, more so than class.

Today’s Democratic Party sees itself as the party fighting for the oppressed, against the oppressor. The oppressor would be the United States of America, represented by the Republican Party.

If you ask Democrats, they will say that they love our country, and are trying to preserve American Democracy. They will then denounce everything our nation has ever stood for or done. Democrats claim to support our Constitution, but it does not take a long memory to remember the same Democrats saying that Neil Gorsuch’s belief that the Constitution should be interpreted based on what it actually says, represents a threat to the Constitution. That’s akin to saying that the Constitution is unconstitutional, and if someone’s sense of ‘supporting the Constitution’ involves ignoring everything the Constitution says, I’m calling foul…

What Democrats really believe is that morality is inseparable from the struggle against oppression. The Democrats believe they are on the good side, and that this makes them the good people. Republicans, by extension, are on the wrong side, making them vile and evil. As such, anything the Democrats do is justified as a part of winning the class struggle.

Why doesn’t anyone care that Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Joe Biden conspired to use the powers of the Executive Branch to ensure that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, and then, upon failing, used the powers of the Executive Branch to weaken or destroy the incoming Administration? This should be the single greatest political scandal in American history – and all of the evidence that this happened is now public – so why doesn’t anyone care? Joe Biden is one of the primary people guilty of this, and he is poised to become our next President. Why doesn’t anyone care?

I’ll answer that. Nobody cares because Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Joe Biden are seen as some of the good guys fighting against the oppression of our state, and as such, anything they do to win is acceptable. They broke more laws than I care to count, including committing what amounts to an insurrection, but it’s all cool because they did it in the name of goodness and virtue. And yes – they really believe that. The mainstream media won’t even report the story.

Once you separate morality from actions, and apply them to people instead, the concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are gone. Morality becomes a question of “who are the witches, and how do we kill them?”

Who are the witches? That’s easy. We are the ‘bucket of deplorables’ – the Republicans. And you will find that the Democratic Party is only limited in the actions it will take against us by what Trotsky would call “outdated models of right and wrong that no longer apply to the class struggle.”

To further weaken Western standards of morality, leftist thinkers have created the concept of ‘moral relativism’, in which all morals are considered to be a part of culture, and all cultures are considered equal . Under this belief, any concept of morality being universal is gone. Morality becomes a construct of man, and the concept that the morality of one person (or group) can be imposed on another person (or group) becomes immoral. As a nation, we end up with the morality of the lowest common denominator, which is to say that we have no morality at all.

The tolerance of immorality has become the only moral virtue.

During the Russian Revolution, Trotsky would walk into villages that he decided were not supportive enough of the Communist cause, and line up all the villagers. Ten percent – maybe twenty percent if he was in a bad mood – would be randomly selected and shot, including innocent women and children. His followers celebrated such brutality based on the moral courage required to commit it.

Let me say that again, in case it did not fully sink in.. Trotsky would walk into Russian villages and commit wanton acts of murder against 10-20% of the people who lived there, and his followers celebrated him for having the moral courage to commit those acts of murder.

Imagine Trotsky’s acts of murder in your head. Imagine everyone in your town, village, or neighborhood, all lined up in military-style rows. Trotsky and his men walk down the rows, counting. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten – step forward.” You are in line with your family, and one of Trotsky’s men is walking down your line, counting. You try to see if you can tell what your number will be, but you don’t dare look to the side, and in the meantime Trotsky’s soldier is coming. “Eight,” he says, as he walks past you, but before you can count your good fortune at being spared, he says to your daughter, “Ten – step forward.”

And just like that, your daughter has been sentenced to death. What did she do wrong? Nothing. She is being murdered for the sole purpose of creating fear.

Those who were told to step forward are then taken out of formation (including your daughter), lined up, and shot in the front of the head, right in front of you.

Trotsky did exactly that, in towns and villages around Russia, over, and over, and over again. And he was considered a hero for doing it.

Is murder immoral? I’m sure most of the people reading this would say yes, but Trotsky’s followers believed that murder required moral courage.

Did the people who tried to murder a fleeing Kyle Rittenhouse believe murder to be immoral? Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot in the arm while pointing a handgun at Kyle Rittenhouse, said that his “only regret was not killing the kid and hesitating to pull the gun before emptying the entire mag into him.”

What, exactly, was Kyle Rittenhouse guilty of? He may have been guilty of open carrying while under age (Grossenkrutz was carrying concealed with a felony record), but that was not why the mob wanted to kill him. Kyle Rittenhouse’s real crime was that of trying to preserve order against a communist mob, which made Kyle Rittenhouse a supporter of the oppressive state. The mob viewed any actions it took against the oppressive state, and by extension against Kyle Rittenhouse, as acceptable – including murder.

The mob wanted to murder Kyle Rittenhouse for being proudly American. And the mainstream media excuses them…

Today’s Democrats do not yet have, by and large, the sense of ‘moral courage’ needed to murder proud Americans systemically, but they do believe the ends justify the means. Eventually, a true believer will emerge with the ‘moral courage’ to commit the wanton acts of barbarity ‘necessary to win the class struggle once and for all’.

Will this person be Joe Biden? Of course not. Joe Biden can’t even find his car keys.

My money is on the Justice Democrats. They are the true believers, and if we do not have the moral courage to stand against them, this country is lost.