China, Biden, and Nullification

One of the most popular articles I have ever written was titled, “Virtue Signaling and the Indoctrination of the Left.” As of today, it has been read by more than 15,000 people on Global Liberty Media, and at least another 5,000 on The Daily Libertarian. What I did not know, when I wrote it, was that the propaganda in America was not just directed against the political left. The political right has been propagandized as well.

Another of my more popular articles was titled “The China War,” in which I show how, after the fall of the Soviet Union, a growing China used the greed of our media houses to continue, and expand upon, what had been Soviet propaganda in the United States.

Since then, I’ve written other articles outlining China’s influence on the United States, and it’s control over our press. This article will tie those other articles together. The reader will understand that the world may well be staring down the precipice of a Chinese age, in which the Chinese Communist Party will be the loudest and most controlling voice on the world stage. Such a world would be a dark place indeed, which is why patriotic Americans need to work together to prevent China from usurping our role at the head of the world stage.

I wrote an article on the inner workings of the deep state, in which I showed how the deep state runs the country, somewhat independently of whomever we elect, and about how Donald Trump represented an existential threat to the deep state.

The fraudulent election of Joe Biden may well represent the end of The China War, and if it does, then China won. I’m going to back off on declaring China the winner, and at the end of this article, I’m going to suggest a way we might regain the winning hand.

Propaganda works like a vaccine in that it creates ideological antibodies that immunize the propagandized against facts. Our country has become propagandized.

Propaganda is nothing new in America, either.  The nation was largely built on it.

Arguably the most effective piece of propaganda in American history, was a pamphlet, written by Thomas Paine, called ‘Common Sense.’  Before that pamphlet, there was a rebellion over taxation, but there were no calls for independence.

I’ve read ‘Common Sense’.  I’ve also read a few biographies of Thomas Paine.  Common Sense makes a number of brilliant arguments for self determination, and those arguments are a big part of the reason I believe in federalism, which is the belief that each state should have a lot of autonomy (as per the 10th Amendment).  Simply put, government is most responsive when it is most local, and the actual people who live on a given piece of land are the best equipped to decide how they should live.

What was unique, when our nation was formed, was the concept of a free press.  A free press did not equate to an honest press, but there was no central control over the propaganda being written, and as propagandized as many of the news sources were, collectively all of the facts made it into the public sphere. The public was informed.

That is not true today.

Today, our media is controlled by a few giant corporations, and those corporations exist to make profit.  Those corporations are also global, and they realize that China is a larger media market than is the United States.

These media houses have contracts with the Chinese Government underwhich they can produce content for the Chinese market (and also have access to the Chinese media market for material produced for the American market), and in return, they agreed to submit to being censored by the Chinese government. The consequence of this is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) provides direction for all of the propaganda our press creates. With only one side of each argument making it into the public sphere, our public is no longer truly informed. We believe, rather, what China wants us to believe.

You can tell who has an idea of what is really going on simply by asking people if they know who Fang Fang is.  Most Americans do not.

Fang Fang, aka Christina Fang, is a Chinese spy whose job was to recruit members of Congress as Chinese agents.  She was sleeping with Eric Swalwell, and likely other members of Congress. How much of Congress Fang Fang got to is hard to say, but you’ll note that the Speaker of the House is defending Eric Swalwell from critics.

Sun Tzu wrote, in the Art of War, that if you control your enemy, you control the war.  China controls their enemy (us), and they even control the enemy within their enemy, which is to say that they control the one piece of our mainstream media that acts as a voice of opposition. That voice is, of course, Fox News.

Fox News prevents the creation of a true voice of opposition by giving us a controlled voice of opposition to coalesce around, and Fox News began showing their true colors on and after election night. Now Fox News’ viewership is down 40%, opening the door for alternative (hopefully legitimate) voices to emerge.

In a nutshell, our media is an enemy of our Republic, our public is propagandized by a hostile power, and now Joe Biden, whose family has been given tens of millions of dollars by the Chinese government, is going to be President of the United States.  In the meantime, members of Congress, including Eric Swalwell, are agents of the Chinese government.

And none of that will be reported by the mainstream media, in spite of the fact that all of it is true.

About two years ago, I predicted that the political globalists in our country had passed their high water mark, and I said they knew it. I predicted that the left would try to end our Democracy, and now through the use of a fraudulent election and a propagandized press, the left has done exactly that.

So what can we do? At the Federal level, I’m afraid I don’t think we can do anything. There are some honest members of Congress, but they are too few, and too far between, to turn the boat around. Our Federal Government is on the wrong side – and now that we no longer have legitimate elections, the Federal Government is gone. If we are going to regain our Constitutional Republic, it is going to have to be done by the states.

I wrote an article calling for the States to resist, in which I recommended the use of nullification, at the state level, to resist Federal overreach under a Biden Administration. A number of people said I was dreaming – that a Convention of the States is the better mechanism.

I do not believe a Convention of the States is viable, for a number of reasons. One is that I think Democrats at the Federal level would successfully prevent it from convening, even if enough states voted to convene it. Another reason is that a Convention of the States would essentially craft a new Constitution, and I don’t think they can do a better job than did our founding forefathers. A third reason is that I don’t think a Convention of the States would address the root problem of a Federal Government that simply ignores its defining document. I mean, seriously – if the Federal Government will not abide by our existing Constitution, why on Earth would we think it would abide by a new one? Perhaps it would for a while, but encroachment would invariably occur all over again.

Nullification does not, by itself, solve anything. What it does do is to bring conflict to the forefront. The only time nullification has been tried was in 1832, when South Carolina passed a bill nullifying what it thought was an unconstitutional tariff law. The Federal Government, under Andrew Jackson, responded by passing the Tariff Act of 1832, along with the Force Bill, authorizing Andrew Jackson to raise an army and invade South Carolina.

South Carolina nullified the Tariff Act of 1832 as well, bringing the disagreement to a real head. Vice President John Calhoun was a vocal proponent of nullification, and Andrew Jackson threatened to have him hung, but in the end, John Calhoun did not hang, and Andrew Jackson did not invade South Carolina. Congress, rather, passed the Tariff Act of 1833, which alleviated South Carolina’s concerns, and the crisis ended peacefully.

Now, if South Carolina could force changes to a Tariff Act by nullifying it, what could ten or twelve Republican-controlled states force? What could 26 Republican-controlled states force?

At the very least, ten, twelve, or 26 Republican-controlled states could force a national conversation on the role of the Federal Government under the United States Constitution, as per the 10th Amendment, and could force the Federal Government to take steps that would break China’s censorship of our press. We do not allow our own government to censor our press, so it makes no sense whatsoever to allow a hostile foreign power to do so.