States Can Resist!

What can we do to resist the Joe Biden Administration should Joe Biden attempt to ‘end the era of shareholder capitalism,’ and to do some of the other unconstitutional, fascist things he has promised to do? As individuals, nothing, but states can and should refuse to cooperate with the Biden Administration whenever the Biden Administration does something unconstitutional.

States can and should tell the Dspartment of Justice to go f itself when the DOJ tries to get involved against local and state law enforcement agencies. States can and should refuse to implement HUD policies relating to local zoning laws. States can and should refuse to cooperate with federal agencies that go too far, and should refuse to allow federal authorities to enforce unconstitutional laws within their state.

The only thing the Federal Government can do is to stop giving that state federal tax dollars, but states can and should retaliate to that by making it illegal for people within that state to pay federal income taxes, and then to refuse to cooperate with the IRS in enforcing federal income tax laws.

If one state does this, it would be a major thorn in the side of the Federal Government, and the Federal Government would probably be able to apply enough pressure to get that state back in line, but what if ten states did it?

Imagine the impact of the Federal Government losing all tax revenues from Texas, Florida, and other Republican controlled states. The Federal Government would have no choice but to back down.

Our representatives at the federal level are not going to fix our country. If we want to restore our Constitutional Republic, actions to do so will have to occur within our various state governments, which have the power and authority to nullify unconstitutional laws and actions within their jurisdiction.

And if the Supreme Court rules that something that is CLEARLY unconstitutional, is constitutional, individual states should ignore the Supreme Court, and continue to treat unconstitutional laws and actions as unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court is NOT the highest authority in interpreting the Constitution of the United States. The PEOPLE are, and it is about time we take that role back by telling our state governments to stand up to the Federal Government whenever and wherever the Federal Government goes too far.

I’m not talking secession. I’m simply saying that the individual states can and should resist anything unconstitutional the Federal Government is doing, or that it may try to do in the future.

We can use the process of nullification to restore our Constitutional Republic, and it is time for us to do so.