Hatred and the American Left

Has there ever been a time in American history where the Democratic Party was not based on hate?

The Democratic Party split from Jefferson’s Democratic Republicans, with the Republicans breaking off to fight slavery, and the Democrats to defend slavery. The Democratic Party was quite literally founded on hate.

After the Democratic Party lost the Civil War (and it can be called a war between the Republicans and the Democrats just as easily as a war between the North and the South), the Republican Party ended slavery and became the party of the Civil Rights Act. The Democrats fought the Civil Rights Act for 100 years before it was passed after the longest filibuster in our nation’s history, by – you guessed it – the Democrats.


After the Civil Rights Act passed, the Democrats created American Apartheid under the name ‘The War on Poverty.’ I call it ‘American Apartheid’ because it was modeled directly after aspects of Apartheid South Africa added following WWII. The African American community has been absolutely destroyed by The War on Poverty, with the percentage of black children being raised without fathers going from less than 30% to more than 70%. American Apartheid was born directly out of Lyndon Johnson’s hatred of black people.

You might remember, incidentally, that a part of the massive release of documents related to John F Kennedy’s assassination (shortly after Trump took office) were documents suggesting that Lyndon B Johnson may well have been a member of the KKK…

After passing American Apartheid, the Democrats changed to hatred of all things American, and all things Republican, ironically blaming the Republican Party for Slavery, Jim Crow, and all of the harmful effects of the War on Poverty. The Democrats of the past thirty years have been running on hatred of freedom (particularly economic freedom), patriotism, the American Flag, The Enlightenment, and our founding values (the only bad one of which – slavery – was their fault).

Hate, hate, hate, and hate…

Today’s Democrats are running on hatred of Donald Trump – and little else.

Democrats claim to be for change, and yet they never change. All they do is hate.