It’s been almost a month since the media declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election, and most Republicans – 97% according to polls – still do not accept that Joe Biden won. That’s 71 million people. Democrats seem at a loss as to why Republicans refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden as President Elect, which is more than a little odd considering that the same Democrats who are up in arms that Republicans have not accepted the 2020 election results, never accepted the 2016 election results.

Before I get into facts Democrats will call into question, allow me to state a few that are incontrovertible.

First off, the evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop showed conclusively that Joe Biden made his family tens of millions of dollars selling the American people out to foreign powers, and often, as in the case with China, to hostile foreign powers. Now, let me be very clear in my accusations here. I am not saying just that Joe Biden is corrupt. Many politicians – most, really – are corrupt. Ilhan Omar paid her husband’s firm millions of dollars in consulting fees in the past election, while that firm was also taking more than $500,000 in federal bailout funds. That’s what you might call ‘run of the mill’ government corruption, and if Ilhan Omar can show that her husband’s firm actually provided the services she paid for, laundering campaign funds into her family’s pocket by paying her husband with them was probably at least quasi-legal.

Joe Biden went beyond corrupt. The technical term for what Joe Biden did is ‘insurrection,’ which is the same thing as treason, but without a declared war. Joe Biden is a traitor to the United States.

Now, I know that most Democrats are going to disagree with that statement, but they do so by ignoring the evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop – a laptop the FBI and DOJ have both authenticated as being Hunter Biden’s. And it’s not just his laptop. Hunter Biden used his laptop to backup his phone, and as a consequence, we have Hunter Biden’s call history and text messages – including one where he complained to his daughter that Joe Biden demands half of everything Hunter Biden makes selling out the United States. The information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was absolutely damning against the Biden family.

Our media refused to properly cover Hunter Biden’s laptop. Twitter initially blocked users from posting about it, on the grounds that hacked materials violate their terms of service. Facebook slowed to the sharing of material related to it, to reduce the spread of those materials. CNN made a conscious decision not to run stories looking into Hunter Biden’s laptop, and as a consequence of such decisions on social media, and throughout our mainstream media, 1/3 of Biden voters did not know about the scandal at all, and 5% of Biden voters said they would not have voted for Biden, had they known about the scandal – enough to change the results of the election.

Now, let me make an accusation against the mainstream press: I am accusing our major media houses of insurrection against the United States. Specifically I am accusing them of entering into agreements with a hostile, foreign power (China), in which that power granted our media houses access to the Chinese media market (both in terms of content created for the United States media market as well as content created specifically for China), on the condition that our media houses submit to Chinese censorship, both in China as well as in the United States.

All of our mainstream media houses are censored by the Chinese Communist Party, and China used that censorship to restrict access to information that would hurt Joe Biden. The Chinese government also used that censorship to propagandize the American public against Donald Trump.

The Democrats accused Donald Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election, and continue to say he did this even after three years of investigations failed to provide any evidence. We know for a fact, meanwhile, that China shut travel down between Wuhan and the rest of China, once Covid-19 was discovered, while leaving travel between Wuhan and the rest of the world open. China also lied about the spread of Covid-19, and had the World Health Organization spread their lies to the world China did not admit that Covid-19 spread human-to-human until after Covid-19 was verified to be in the wild within the United States, and China did this in an election year.

I accuse China of using Covid-19 as a biological weapon against the United States, while using their censorship over our mainstream media to blame the virus on Donald Trump, to throw the 2020 election.

I am not accusing China of creating Covid-19 in a lab. It is obviously a big coincidence that Wuhan has a lab specifically designed to study Covid diseases. It is also a big coincidence that Anthony Fauci had the United States fund the creation of that lab, after the United States government refused to fund such research here (it was considered too dangerous), and it is a coincidence that Andrew Fauci holds a patent for a Covid variation. Is it possible that Anthony Fauci and others in the ‘deep state’ colluded with China to release a biological weapon into the United States, to throw the 2020 election? Yes – it is entirely possible. But I don’t have evidence the back up that claim, so I am going to stop short of making it. What I will say is that had that happened, our mainstream media would not say anything about it.

It’s a bit US-myopic to believe China spread Covid-19 just to alter the US election. It is more likely that China realized that Covid-19 would harm it’s economy and wanted the virus to spread to the rest of the world such that their relative economic power would not change, but the United States is the only country with more economic power than China, and Donald Trump’s trade negotiations threatened China’s position almost as much as Covid-19 did, so while it is myopic to think China was only interested in attacking the United States to throw our election, it is naïve to think our election was not directly on their minds.

As for the election itself, there is ample evidence that hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes were cast in battleground states, but those votes were all mail-in and/or entered via thumb drives after observers had been removed from the rooms where counting occurred. Proof of fraud will not, however, change the results of the election, as from a legal perspective, it is not sufficient just to prove that fraud existed. You have to prove that specific ballots were fraudulent.

Imagine if there were two billion ballots cast. We only have 300 million people, so obviously the vast majority of those ballots would be fraudulent.

Now imagine that someone dumped all of those two billion ballots out on the floor and your job was to prove which ones were fraudulent.

With mail in ballots, once the ballot is removed from the inner envelope, it is impossible to tie it back to whomever mailed it in, so though you might be able to look at the two billion ballots on the floor and tell that most of them are fraudulent, you would have absolutely no cause to pick up and throw away any specific ballot.

Obviously the situation we are in was nowhere near that extreme, but Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani have hard proof that voter fraud occurred on a massive scale in battleground states. What they likely cannot do is to prove that any specific ballots are fraudulent, so from a legal perspective they likely have no grounds to throw any specific ballots away.

The election changes that led to massive mail in voting and massive fraud were illegal. No state legislatures enacted those changes, and as per federal law, only a state legislature can do so. Courts cannot. Governors cannot.

In Michigan, the election violated at least four laws – it is illegal to mail out absentee ballot applications to people who have not requested them, it is illegal to accept absentee ballot applications without a signature (i.e.: online), it is illegal to use drop boxes to collect mail in ballots, and it is illegal for anyone other than the state legislature to change election laws. All of those things happened.

But what is the legal remedy? Answer? If the state certifies the election results (which they already did), there is none.

Specific people could go to jail, should a Biden DOJ decide to prosecute the people who put him in office, but unless someone can pick the fraudulent votes out of a pile, there are no legal grounds to throw out any specific votes, and no legal remedy to force states to change their election results.

As for the thumb drive votes.. They were loaded to tabulation machines at the county level and cannot be tied to any specific precinct, so again – though we know those votes are fraudulent, short of a full manual recount, there is no legal remedy to remove them.

The way the fraud was done, there is no way to pick out specific fraudulent ballots, even though we have a pretty good idea how many of them there were, and with runoff elections in one of the fraudulent states deciding the Senate, we have no reason to believe that massive fraud will not occur there as well.

Let me wrap up everything that happened this year in a neat little bow, just so you can see how fraudulent the election was. We started the year with one of the strongest economies on record, and a Trump reelection looked pretty certain. China was making major concessions on trade with the United States. Suddenly, Covid-19 hits. China might not have created Covid-19 in a lab (in a lab we paid for), but they did everything possible to ensure that Covid-19 made it to the United States, and the rest of the world. All talk of trade negotiations stopped, and the media, which China censors, blamed Trump’s handling of the disease for the fallout of the disease. Democrat governors then used Covid-19 as an excuse to make illegal changes to the way the election was conducted such that massive levels of voter fraud were possible, and then the Democratic Party conducted massive levels of voter fraud.

Keep in mind that when the disease first hit, we were told that unless we ‘flattened the curve’ we would see between 1.5 and 2.5 million deaths in the United States. If we ‘flattened the curve,’ we were told, we might be able to keep the deaths down around 200,000.

How much propaganda does it take to convince a people to shut down an economy in the hopes of keeping the number of deaths down around 200,000, and then later to convince the same people that a death rate that had previously been called the ‘best case scenario’ was now rock-solid proof of the complete ineptitude of the President’s response? We have just seen the answer to that question.

Suffice it to say that China used Covid-19 to throw the 2020 election (and to ensure that the whole world suffered rather than just China), that our mainstream media was complicit, and that the Democratic Party was, if not also complicit, then at least very opportunistic.

Even if Joe Biden was just being opportunistic, we were still hit with a biological weapon (that it may have occurred naturally is irrelevant based on how China helped Covid-19 spread), and the Democrats aided and abetted China in pressing that attack into an election win, such that China can now negotiate trade with someone who has already sold the American people out to China for money.

Between Hunter Biden’s e-mails, the Covid-19 timeline, and all of the evidence Sidney Powell has released into the public domain (via her lawsuits), there is a mountain of evidence supporting everything I just said. Our election was thrown by a biological weapon, which killed more than 282,000 Americans (and more than 1.5 million people globally), and threw the entire world economy into the toilet. Our election was thrown by Chinese censorship of our press, and by a political party that colluded with China to throw the 2020 election, and that committed massive voter fraud to ensure that their efforts would be successful.

One of two things will happen next. None of the state elections will be reversed, based on the impossibility to determine which ballots are the fraudulent ones, but it is possible that several states will be forced to de-certify their elections, and that Joe Biden will not have the electoral votes to win. This would throw the election to the House of Representatives, where each state (not each Representative) would have one vote. 25 states have more Republican Representatives than Democrat Representatives, and 24 have more Democratic Representatives than Republican Representatives. Michigan is tied. The House would then presumably vote 26-23-1, and Trump would be President. The Senate would choose the Vice President, with each Senator getting a vote. Mike Pence would presumably be chosen.

The other thing that could happen is that the courts do not force states to de-certify their elections before December 14 (when the Electoral College electors are chosen), and Joe Biden will become President. Should that happen, the election changes that defrauded the 2020 election will become permanent, and we will never have a valid election again, at least at the national level.

And to make matters worse, you have actual facts, and then you have what the body politic considers to be ‘facts.’ In four years, we will have had four years of the media telling us that Trump’s allegations of voter fraud were disproven in court. That is not a fact. The courts are deciding that there is no remedy – not that fraud did not occur. But the body politic will, going forward, accept fraudulent elections as legitimate, and I do not believe we would ever, under those circumstances, see a Republican President again.

A Joe Biden victory marks the end of our Democratic Republic.

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  1. I do not see a mention of trumps moving millions Of campaign dollars to his properties. Im sane and do not believe your conspiracy theories, as I believe in hard evidence and In our Supreme Court. Biden is my president and you are the treasonous one.

    1. You are certainly allowed to believe all of that, but the only thing you said that the facts bear out is that Biden will be President. I’m very careful in making only factual claims I can prove, so whether or not I bring up conspiracies, they are not theories. Our Supreme Court, and our other courts, have not heard any of the election court cases. Our courts have a long standing practice of not getting involved, and in this case they all declined on procedural grounds. None of those cases said that there was no evidence, or I sufficient evidence of fraud. They declined to hear the evidence on procedural grounds.

      But you are free to believe whatever you want. Unlike you, I believe in natural rights.

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