How Doctor Fauci Killed the Country

Dr. Fauci told Congress today that he blames states’ opening too early for the current surge in Coronavirus.

It’s actually Dr. Fauci’s fault.

Dr. Fauci is right that states opened too early, but they opened too early because they closed too early, and could not stay shut down forever.

The whole country shut down when Covid-19 hit New York, Detroit, and a couple of other early hot spots, based on Doctor Fauci’s advice, and based on those who said we should listen to doctors only, and no one else.

Really, only New York, Detroit, and those other early hot spots should have closed. Everything else should have stayed open, and watched with vigilance.

As Covid-19 spread, other hot spots were bound to emerge. New York, Detroit, and the other early hot spots, should have started to reopen, and the new hot spots should have closed.

Closings (and reopenings) should have followed the spread of the disease, across the country, and within each state.

The solution to Covid-19 was never to close the whole country at once. It was to close those areas that were getting hit. As the virus passed through those areas, and hit other areas, the first areas should have reopened, and other areas should have closed.

Instead, governors across the country listened to doctors – and ignored economists – and we shut down the WHOLE country all at once, including areas that had no Covid-19 cases.

States stayed closed as long as they could, but as economic necessity forced at least partial reopenings, those areas that closed before Covid-19 showed up, were suddenly ill equipped to deal with the outbreak.

And who caused that ‘one size fits all – shut it all down now’ hysteria? Dr. Fauci, with help from the mainstream media, and from giddy Democrats like Bill Maher, who have been asking for a recession for years, in the hope of unseating Trump.

I get it. It’s an election year, and these people can blame Trump all they want, to help Biden win the election. But now they have blood on their hands, and they will have to live with that whether Joe Biden wins the election or not.

Ironically, a great many people are calling for us to shut down the entire country, including in areas Covid-19 has already peaked in, all over again.

In the meantime, teacher’s unions are making a number of demands related to the Fauci-inspired shutdown:

1) They do not think online instruction is effective. Many students lack the discipline, and many teachers lack the technological skills, to make it work. As such, the teachers unions are saying no to online classes.

2) They do not want in-class instruction, as even though Covid-19 does not spread effectively among children, the teachers are afraid some of them might get sick.

3) Some teacher’s unions, such as in California, say they will not go back into classrooms until police forces are all defunded, and reparations are paid to those teachers seem to think deserve them.

Ok. Cool. Let’s close all public schools entirely, and give parents vouchers they can use in private schools. As we do that, we can sell our public schools to charter school companies, and use the money to keep our economy afloat.

Boom! Everyone is happy!!

Speaking of reparations, communist organizations, such as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA (which are really two wings of the same organization) are making full use of the pandemic to riot and loot. Dr. Fauci has inadvertently helped create a communist revolution. For those who want to know what is really going on, I’m going to tell you…

According to the writings of such Frankfurt School luminaries as Karl Korsch and Gyorgy Lukacs, socialism would not take hold in the West, based on the enlightenment values (and resulting cultures) prevalent in the West. Their solution was to end the enlightenment, and to turn Western nations, and particularly England and the United States, into identity group mobs, which would eventually fight one another violently in the streets. Our societies would devolve into bloody tribalism, separated from civil war only in the sense that it would be chaotic and anarchistic (no armies), and we would then welcome a socialist takeover as a means of ending the violence.

The Frankfurt School began formulating this process almost as soon as WWI ended, and most of the Frankfurt School thinkers migrated to the United States when Hitler rose to power, where they went first to Columbia University, and then spread out around the country. They called their technique ‘the long walk through the institutions,’ and though they did not believe they would live long enough to see their dreams come to fruition, we are nonetheless witnessing the fruits of their labor.

Our Balkanization was their idea, and the mobs are espousing their values, verbatim.

Another key component of Cultural Marxism was to hide in plain sight. The indoctrinated masses were not to know they were indoctrinated. Cultural Marxism would, rather, be taught to the masses in pieces. As long as all the pieces are in the mob, the mob will coalesce around Marxism, even if nobody in the crowd knows that this is the goal.

Those who wish to become leaders of the new Marxist order, it was assumed, would read the works of the Frankfurt School writers – works that are available for anyone who wishes to see them. The Frankfurt School leaders correctly assumed that the vast majority of people would not bother, and that their writings would be dismissed by the masses as wild conspiracy theories.

Frankfurt School thinkers, and their ideological offspring, have been writing about all of this, in stark detail (and keeping track of their progress), for almost 100 years. 2023, in fact, will be the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Frankfurt School…

Thanks to Dr. Fauci, the Frankfurt School may well realize it’s final goal, on or before it turns 100.

People are asking what we should call this 33% drop in GDP. My friend, Patricia Anthone, coined the perfect phrase, based on the fact that the economy did not contract on its own. It was, rather, literally turned off by our governors, in response to COVID-19.

We should call if the Great Suppression.