The Modern Left, and the Volcano God

In the pseudo-political religion known as the ‘modern left’, liberty is the cause of oppression, and the Volcano God of climate-change must be appeased at all times.

Sadly, the people who most need to read this article are going to stop now. I could try to get them to read a little further by being subtle, but I have done that in the past and found that it makes no difference. This article is designed to be a full broadside into the lunacy of the modern left.

The first piece of this puzzle is identity politics, which is a big part of postmodernism. According to identity politics, every society is composed of identity groups, with some groups being more dominant in that society than are others. Dominant identity groups will oppress less dominant groups, such that you end up with a diamond-shaped caste system in which one group has total power at the top, one group is totally oppressed at the bottom, and everyone else is arranged somewhere between these two extremes, based on how more or less oppressed they happen to be.

The only solution to this caste system (according to the modern left) is to pull a moral and intellectual elite out of the caste system, and to give them totalitarian powers over every aspect of the human condition. This group of elites will act as a modern-day nobility, oppressing the groups at the top of the caste system, while elevating the groups at the bottom, until all groups are at the same level. Since making people free again would only lead to the reemergence of the caste system, the moral and intellectual elite must maintain power forever.

Freedom, to those who believe this, is the cause of oppression, and totalitarianism is the solution.

If you do not agree with this view, then that is crystal-clear proof that you are not a member of the moral and intellectual elite, and you get no seat at the table. You are unworthy of having a voice, and are treated with scorn.

This is, of course, a religion. The so-called ‘moral and intellectual elite’ are a priesthood, and those who disagree with them are heretics.

The modern left now tells us that unless we give them the power they crave, right now, we are all going to die, which brings up the Volcano God aspect of this pseudo-political religion: climate change.

There is no question that the climate is changing, and no question that mankind has had, at the very least, a localized impact on the climate. From this fact, modern-left politicians (the priesthood of their religion) have taken flawed climate models with incredibly wide margins of error, and made failed prediction after failed prediction of what our future holds, based on only the very worst possible outcomes from the most flawed models.

You can click here for a real-world look at the actual science behind climate change, and if you want to go beyond climate change to see the same flawed techniques used in other scientific fields, you can click here.

When one side in a debates starts with ‘97% of scientists agree’ (and if you read the article linked above you will see that 97% of scientists do NOT agree), and then gauges not only political policy, but also scientific research on how well it fits in with that supposed ‘97%,’ you know you are dealing with religion. Religion starts with conclusions and then back-fits data, whereas actual science starts with the data and makes conclusions that fit it. It should be clear that the modern left is doing this backward, starting with its narrative (which for all practical purposes is akin to its bible), and gauging scientific research’s validity based on how well it fits. This is the exact same thing the Pope used to do when people still thought the world was flat.

You cannot tell the modern left they are wrong, as doing so gets you called a heretic (aka ‘denier’), ending any further discussion.

Mankind is, sadly, returning to its most primal state, where the volcano-god (global warming) is hungry, and the only way to appease it is through the human sacrifice of our own well being.

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